Silver Lake traffic accident victim identified

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A  female pedestrian who died after being struck by a car on a Silver Lake street Friday night has been identified as 24-year-old Ashley Sandau of Canyon Country, according to an official with county coroner’s office. Sandau died from her injuries after she was hit by a westbound car on Rowena near West Silver Lake Drive.  Police said Sandau was not in a cross walk when she was hit, and the driver of the vehicle showed no signs of being  under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Sandau was working as a marketing coordinator while finishing her master’s degree in Integrated Marketing Communications  at St. Bonaventure University in New York,  according to her LinkedIn profile. A professor at the New York college, which posted a notice of her death, said Sandau came to the school from Germany, where her father was in the military. Sandau was a runner, swimmer and soccer player in college, according to a sports website.

“Ashley was one of our brightest student,” said Pauline W. Hoffmann, Dean of School of Journalism and Mass Communication  at St. Bonaventure. “She was an honors student and a cross country runner at our Division I school.  She was a complete delight to have in class and was certainly an asset to our program.  She will be sorely missed.  This is such a tragedy.  Our thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends at this difficult time.”


  1. maria cervantes

    Wow this is so devestating , my heart goes out to the family .

  2. Ashley is in heaven now but her father Shelly Sandau is who we need to pray for right now. His daughter was his life.

  3. A real tragedy. But also a poignant reminder to all: Walk to the corner and use the crosswalk. And only cross with the light. Do not dart out in midblock. On all streets, but most especially on a commercial thoroughfare like that section of Rowena and most especially in the dark.

    • As someone who grew up in Glendale, even crosswalks aren’t safe places to cross. I am noticing how so many drivers do not pay attention in LA to pedestrians. There isn’t much that can be done though for people jaywalking. This is a sad incident no matter who was at fault.

    • This is a real tragedy. But also a poignant reminder to all: look outside of your front window when you are driving. Don’t text while driving, and don’t drive at reckless speed. Only drive when there are no people walking in front of your car. If you see someone walking in the street, don’t speed up. Just chill out, hit the breaks and wait for them to cross.

  4. Ashley was a friend of mine from Germany. She was such a smart, hard-working and caring person. We are all going to miss her so much. I also knew her mother and she was very united with Ashley. Such a great mother too. My prayers go out to Ashley and her family. RIP.

    • Ashley was my sister’s best friend. They’ve been together since before I started school. I remember riding around the neighborhood on my tricycle and watching Ashley and Alex come off the bus after school was out. When I finally entered school myself I would always brag to my friends about how I knew Ashley and I thought I was so cool to have a friend in high school. I’ve known Ashley for as long as I can remember, and I can’t believe she’s not here anymore. I miss you, Ashley. R.I.P.

  5. Our prayers go out to Ashley and her family. Her dad is my friend and from everyone here we send our condolences to Shelly and his family. My heart breaks for him.

  6. Sad News. My thoughts go out to her parents and friends.

    In all honesty,drivers need to pay attention regardless if pedestrians are using a crosswalk or not.

    Drive with precaution always.

  7. Ashley will be missed. All of us who worked with her are saddened and in shock. Our thoughts and prayers are with her family at this time. She is flying with the Angels now. Rest in Peace Ashley.

  8. i’ve crossed in that exact same spot, countless times. I won’t anymore.
    Horrible tragedy……and my heart goes out to the driver, as well. I can’t imagine what that person is going through now, as well. The guilt must be horrific.

  9. I knew Ashley only a short time. She had a air about her that was kind, friendly and caring. I looked forward to our short talks in the parking lot while waiting for my wife after work . She was Young, Beautiful, and had the rest of Her life to live. My heart breaks at the loss of Ashley, whom I will miss Dearly.

  10. My deepest sympathy for Shelly and his family for their loss. My prayers go out to them.

  11. Tammy n Bob Cline

    I didn’t know Ashley personally, but I know her dad (Shelly), he’s a great person. Ashley is his whole world.
    My heart is deeply sadden. My prayers go out to Ashley’s family.

    R.I.P Ashley, you will be sadly missed.

  12. This is a wakeup call to slow down the drivers on rowena avenue. this street is an important part of our community and people need to cross the street to get from one business to another and to their homes. this is not the golden state freeway, it is a local shopping street. this street needs a road diet with one vehicle lane in each direction, bike lanes and a center landscaped median refuge island and high visibility crossings

  13. I love you Ashley. I never knew you as well as Alex did, but I have known you practically all my life. My only hope is that you’ll be eternally happy now and safe from all the hardships and hurt here on earth. I’ll miss you.

  14. She was a delight to have around, during soccer and in her mom’s class. Liz and Shelly loved her SO much, their only daughter. She’ll truly be missed, her DoDDS family loves her! My GOD speed your healing heart.

  15. This is heart sickening. A life struck down…so young…so talented.
    The event doesn’t ask for a rant. However, when dealing with a city were so many drivers are hopped up with their own sense of divine immortality, where arrogance and aggression on the road replaces civility, one cannot be surprised or shocked. my deepest sympathies to Ashley’s family and friends.

  16. I remember seeing Ash grow up in Bitburg and thinking then, she is going to make it all the way. She was always sweet and fun to be around, then we moved to England and Liz and Ash came to see the sights….it was such a great memory and I will cherish the time I had with her. My heart goes out to her parents…..they are in my prayers, but Ash will always be here in my memories! She will always stay beautiful and forever young…..

  17. Our thoughts and Prayers go out to the entire Sandau Family. One cannot imagine the pain of losing a child. It’s going to a tough road ahead for the family, especially for Shelly. But just knowing she is in Heaven right now gives hope of lives moving forward and remembering the Beautiful Soul of Ashley.

  18. Rowena is windy. As a driver, I don’t like driving on then right-hand lane. Partly because of pedestrians do tend to jaywalk to get to the restaurants and partly because people sometimes leave their doors wide open as they are getting in their car.

    Cyclists make me nervous, too. They can be hard to see and must ride in the middle of the lane to hold their space…but in a car, you come upon them fast (even if not speeding).

    Another problem area was Hyperion heading downhill towards Gelson’s/ Trader Joe’s. In the mornings, more than once I’ve seen cars run the red light at Monon. It’s like they don’t want to give up the momentum they’ve gained from their downhill speed and are in a mindless rush. As pedestrians, you must be mindful of this. Don’t cross just because the light is green.

    An improvement I have seen is that they finally disallowed parking along the Rowena reservoir. The right-hand lane simply didn’t have enough space for traffic and parked cars. I have had to move slightly into the neighboring lane to make room for people getting in and out of their cars. Now that parking is disallowed, this is no longer an issue.

    I don’t believe a road diet will work as it will only serve to increase driver frustration (already built up from the traffic they faced on Hyperion) which will bubble over into the occasional driver who will swerve into lanes they shouldn’t be driving in to get ahead.

    Yes, let’s agree on priorities here: Driver’s, please put safety before ego. Give up a little time to help ensure the safety of others. You’re not in a race.

    Pedestrians, if you’re going to jaywalk (and inevitably, people will), don’t assume that oncoming car you see is going to slow down/ stop for/ see you. Ask yourself, am I in shoes where I can run, if needed? Is it worth putting my life and corporal integrity at risk to save five minutes?

    All of us: Let’s single-task and complete the day with our bodies/ souls in tact.

    I, too, mourn with the community for this life cut short.

  19. I am the victim’s mother . I still can not believe this happened to my beautiful girl. I am heartbroken to lose such a wonderful, kind, loving soul. She epitomized all things beautiful. Rest in peace my baby. I love you.

    • My heart still breaks for everyone involved in this tragedy. Ashley was my student in Germany–one of the best and brightest ever–and her mother Liz Harte one of my good friends. I still grieve for all of them–and all of us who lost such a precious soul. I know she is in heaven, looking out for her mom and dad even now. We still miss you, Ash.

  20. It makes me so sad to hear of this. Its hard to believe something like this could happen to someone so nice.

  21. I also feel sorry for the poor driver, who thru seemingly no fault of their own, are now scarred for life with this tragedy.

  22. I remember Ashley from Germany. When I found out she passed, I was really upset. I have only met her a couple of times. Alex knows her more than anyone.

  23. reporters need to check facts because a lot of this is wrong.

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