Detour ahead for Silver Lake pathway

The many walkers and joggers who loop around the Silver Lake reservoirs better prepare for a longer route beginning in June.  That’s when a section of Tesla Avenue  will be closed to pedestrians to permit construction of a long-awaited sidewalk, which will fill an approximately 500-foot long gap in the pathway circling the reservoirs.   That gap had forced pedestrians to share the narrow street with with cars and trucks and has raised concern about traffic and pedestrian safety.  Beginning  on June 4,  pathway users will be directed one block north to Armstrong Avenue between Silver Lake Drive and Lakewood Avenue, said a DWP official at a Monday night traffic safety meeting. That detour will add about a third of a mile to anyone circling the reservoirs.

Tesla will also be temporarily converted into a one-way, westbound street during the construction of the six-foot wide sidewalk on DWP property, which is expected to be completed in about four months.  How will crews keep determined joggers and the baby-stroller set off of  Tesla?  A DWP official conceded “that will be hard to do” but the agency will rely on signage and work crews to inform pedestrians of the  pathway detour.


  1. A six foot sidewalk is going to be overflowing into the street on the first day. I like the budget idea others mentioned: Close the street to cars at both ends with bollards. Than the residents can just use Rokeby to drive in/out, and joggers have enough space to pass strollers and whatnot.

    • Today the DWP is working on telephone poles there, blocking half of the street as will occur during path construction. go to see for yourself what that looks like.. even when the cars come from just one direction the situation is very unsafe for pedestrians and workers alike. The road is too narrow for a construction zone and cars along with the regular walkers, runners and bicycles. Make no mistake, it will be impossible to keep the pedestrians and bicycles off Of Tesla, especially if the road remains open to traffic. This will create an even more dangerous situation with walkers and drivers confused and frustrated in the road together. It is likely that someone else will be hit like the woman who was hit by a car at Tesla and West Silver Lake the same week as the Rowena fatality, rolling her up over the hood, knocking out her teeth and severely injuring her. Close the street to traffic, or to traffic and pedestrians, but protect pedestrians from cars first.

  2. It’s about time! Just too dangerous with all the walkers/strollers/joggers (most with headphones on) and dogs needing a proper place to be other than IN the street. I don’t bother using Tesla as a driver, either.

  3. That extra 1/3 mile may give much needed help to some of those butts I see there.

  4. Corner Soul, exactly! It has to be significantly cheaper to install barriers and close it off to through traffic. And I can’t imagine any of the less than 10 residents on the road would mind having to use Rokeby if it means a more or less private roadway for them. It’s such a no-brainer. And it could be done tomorrow. Has anybody brought this up to the decision makers? Sure, it’ll get some complaints for people who want to drive through there and other home owners on the nearby streets will be impacted but I’m gonna guess that number is definitely a minority. And admittedly I’m one of the people who does drive down that road periodically.

  5. Close the street to pedestrians and not cars?! Sounds like a recipe for disaster.

    For one it’s much easier to divert cars. For another it’s doubly confusing to have it open to cars and not pedestrians. They should close it to through traffic during construction and close to pedestrians with flag people when necessary for safety.

  6. Get rid of the dogs.

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