Eastside Property: Prepare to pay the price if you want to be king of this City Terrace hill

Photo from Redfin

The $788,888 price tag on this City Terrace house could easily buy you two other single-family homes in the same neighborhood with thousands of dollars to spare. So, how can the owners of 1600 Steel Avenue in City Terrace- ask for such a lofty price? Apparently that’s the cost of living in a house that will make you “King of the Hill,” according to the Redfin listing.  Visible to freeway commuters below, the 20-year-old home looms over a barren hillside directly across the 10 Freeway from Cal State L.A. Inside, the King and or Queen of City Terrace will reign over more than 3,800-square feet of space, two master bedrooms and five bathrooms.


  1. For being built in the 90’s, you’d think the interior would look a little less “Queen Mary” meets “Motel 6”. Ick.

  2. Good luck. Huge but hideous.

  3. U-G-L-Y you aint got no alibi…you ugly!

  4. why would you even post this? completely disappointing and seemingly against everything you stand for as and Eastsider blogger. This house was clearly built by and intended for someone not from the US which is a beautiful thing in my mind. It’s what makes LA such a great place! If you’ve traveled at all you’d understand and not be so quick to judge. I welcome the diversity, especially in architecture. That being said, wouldn’t want to live in it. 🙂

  5. So what andrew211 is saying is “This house is so hideous that only a foreigner would want to live in it . . . not that there’s anything wrong with that!”

  6. NO! I’m not saying that. Dear god. I wouldn’t want to live in it because of the size. Guess I should have clarified. Once again, pay attention to the architecture. This is not traditional “Southern California” architecture. That’s my point. Nothing wrong with a little diversity. I embrace it!

  7. I was merely responding to those who initially called it “gross” and “u-g-l-y”.

  8. This is my kingdom.City Terrace.would die for it.respect it love it.
    The house is alot of money.but its a dream home.
    Someones dream.
    U wont b king or Queen.if your not real.
    Its not gross.

  9. Shoot – my home in the hills of City Terrace is better looking than this pseudo mansion! and it was cheaper!

  10. It’s quite te hideous mis match of architecture, and I’m glad that the Best Western in Prescott, AZ sold all their furniture, but you did have to buy ALL of it.
    For those who say you can’t appreciate this hideous piece of shit unless you’ve travelled’; well, I’ve travelled, and this is still an ugly, ugly, ugly house. The interior came from the midwest circa 1993 and the exterior is just obnoxious.
    I also live in City Terrace, and there are way more beautiful houses with character for a fraction of that price. BAAAAARRRFFFF.

  11. wow i just looked at the inside of this house, yukkkkkk, the outside looks better than the inside. I mean talking the god father or cyco on elm street,,, i heard that a big time mafia drug dealer owned it,,, no telling what went on in there,,, no thank you,,,,,,,,

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