Silver Lake tree is long on lemons

Silver Lake long lemon. Photo by Sandy Driscoll

Eight inches long in this case.  That’s the size of the long lemon (pictured above) that Sandy Driscoll of Silver Lake picked off her tree this week.  Said Driscoll:

I have a very prolific lemon tree in my backyard. Imagine my surprise when I saw this elongated lemon growing from the tree.

Doe anyone else have a piece of home-grown citrus that can top the Silver Lake long lemon?


  1. That is AWESOME! Thanks for sharing, Sandy!

  2. Christina Wong

    My lemon tree has been growing lemons that are “mooning” me. http://instagr.am/p/I2orR-N7XX/

  3. ya’ll are getting filthy! I like it.

  4. So many use of that great fruit! Not to squeeze too hard!

  5. That would be a great name for a Silver Lake bar: The Long Lemon. They could advertise in the LA Weekly (or on this blog). Here’s some free ad copy, courtesy of yours truly: “Come knock a few back at The Long Lemon – where you can find lemons of all shapes and sizes – cut and uncut. The Long Lemon – we won’t leave a sour taste in your mouth.”

  6. We used to get lemons like that one, but not nearly as long (also in Silverlake). Not your traditional oval or round shape…

  7. Showing off backyard fruit is kind of a sweet, old-fashioned thing to do. I like the “butt” lemon even better (hi Christina!) 🙂

  8. Hey James! I’m happy to donate my lemon to ‘The Long Lemon’. I’ve been looking for a good home for it!! (Love your idea!)

  9. You mean “dong lemon.” Sorry, too easy.


    Shame on you all for being so funny I had to laugh when I should be going “tsk!tsk!

  11. Since it is Cinco De Mayo, Sandy’s long lemon get a big smile from me. I am her sister that lives on the East Coast. Great comments and I would come to LA for the opening of the ‘Long Lemon’.

    Sister Mary

  12. An unexpected upside from the Cialis and Viagra leaching into the ground water.

  13. I love it. Think how easy it will be to zest……..

  14. Looks like the effects Fukushima are starting to show. Anyone got a geiger counter?

  15. my sister recently posted pictures of some really gnarly “lemons” growing in the backyard of her new house up north (from fb): http://bit.ly/KQXpxn

    i told her not to eat them… having the same thoughts as Dave above. they are growing next to an electric pole.. scary

  16. Looks like lemony Yoga poses!

  17. Loved all the comments, but I subscribe to the theory it was scared of heights — and was trying desperately to grow itself much closer to the ground!

  18. Wacky citrus in Atwater too: http://mlkshk.com/r/FPEU
    I think it’s some kind of mite.

  19. CJ and maybe even Mia, you probably have a Buddha’s Hand: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buddha%27s_hand

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