The rewards of turning in an Echo Park tagger

The City Council’s Public Safety Committee has approved a $1,000 reward to the person who reported a tagger at work on Oct. 15 at Scott Avenue near Mohawk Street, where large retaining walls are frequently covered with tagging and gang graffiti.  The City Council file reads:

The applicant, who lives in the City of Los Angeles, alerted the authorities after observing the subject’s action. This resulted in the subject being convicted.

It’s never a good idea to confront a tagger. But those who provide information that leads to the arrest and conviction for tagging or illegal dumping can apply to receive a reward from the city within 60 days of the incident.   The City Council has to approve the reward.


  1. Tagging is Not ART

    Taggers Sux and ruin communities!

  2. What more can we do to stop tagging and dumping, especially in empty lots. It super sucks! The interesting thing is I don’t think gang taggings are even done by gangsters.

  3. Wait a second… How much is the fine for tagging? If it’s less than $1,000 I smell a business model here…

  4. Art is in the eye of the beholder……

    • LOL some folks can rationalize anything. Gang tags are most certainly not art in the eyes of any beholder, even the taggers themselves.

      • So Says you. Who are you to say what art is and what art isn’t?

        • I would say if you survey 100 people 99 would say you are an idiot. Tagging is defacing property that doesn’t belong to the tagger.

          If you want to create “art” do it on your own property. My wall is not your canvas!

    • True True that!

  5. Anyone claiming a tag is art is really not being honest.

    • T that 5 year old scribbling on paper and says look mommy I drew a dog, house, or my family but to you it looks like scribbles and you agree but to him it looks like a art masterpiece. It’s art to the tagger or whoever is doing it unless they specifically say that that they are doing it to vandalize or for fame. Everyone starts out somewhere. A lot of people tag before they get murals up. You need to learn more about Street art then just looking at and saying that’s not art. Every piece has a meaning. Like some guy would would tag his best friends name in in Memorial or his friend that died of cancer.

  6. Yes I’m goanna get me a car with this

  7. I’m curious if the name of the person recieving the award becomes public record. Anyone know? I see gang taggers on a weekly basis. Could use the $$ but not putting myself on the chopping block. We live on the same block…

    • You should call the police regardless of whether there’s a reward or not. Leave an anonymous tip if you are worried.

  8. What?! I’d have so much money if I had known you can get $1,000 for turning in taggers. 🙁

  9. I hope it’s the culprit who scrawls “SLVK” everywhere, that guys busy!

    • I think it’s actually SL4K. And based on how different it looks everywhere, it’s gotta be a crew of imbeciles. They and NEG have fucked up more walls in HP than anyone else recently.

  10. It seams (for once) that all are are on the same side of this issue!

    The tags we see in our periphery are a low grade cancer on our mental well-being. It is a scourge we ALL should work to extinguish!


    Report the tagers. If you have a tag on your building, paint over it immediately! (tags draw more tags)

    Pride starts at the curb!

  11. There has been a massive amount of graffiti in that broader (HaFo-SaFo?) area in the past couple of months, even venturing up into the hills toward the reservoir.

    One property’s retaining wall, at Benton Avenue and Berkeley Street, has been tagged a painted over repeatedly — seemingly every few days — since February or so. It’s hideously scarring for the neighborhood.

  12. And don’t forget that it is perfectly legal to whack a tagger whilst in the act. (preferably with a doyer bat)

  13. mayberry mommy

    Missy I’m your neighbor. Want to start a petition to LAPD to request a camera on that intersection? I have no idea what that entails but I’m getting tired of the tagging on your wall too!

    • If it takes the city 3 years to paint a cross walk and there is a fifty year wait (not exaggerating that number) to have your sidewalk repaired…

      I’d say instead of a petition you should pass a hat around the neighborhood and put the camera up yourself.

      • I live 3 blocks from this intersection. My neighbors have started a neighborhood watch near your area. One neighbor has installed cameras (at his own expense) that cover much of our area. Through increased communication with our neighbors and with Al Polehonki of the Northeast Division of LAPD, we have seen some reduction in crime in our area. There is still the occasional tag and illegal dumping, but organizing our community is a great comfort to all who live here. And the cameras have caught criminals in the act.

        • Right In Front of Your Face

          We’ve been trying to pass the hat in our little bubble in the historic area and, Wow! that has been a fiasco. Half of the neighbors are into the idea, and the other half claim that cameras are an Orwellian intrusion on their right to privacy. Hence, nothing happens– except murders, tagging and daily theft, of course.

          Border Dude, please do share how you were able to start a neighborhood watch. It has been heretofore impossible to get our local intellectual bubble-dwellers to join in. It seems the idea is just far too proletarian. It might mean that they’d have to actually admit its not safe among the million dollar victorian mansions.

          I’m in contact with my SLO and he is supportive, but its the neighbors who just don’t want to get involved. Too busy writing scripts I suppose.

          • I’ve found it easier to ask forgiveness than permission.

            Get it done. The neigh- sayers will tag along once they see the benefits…

          • One of my neighbors, the one who installed the cameras, initiated the neighborhood watch. He and his wife got the contact information for everyone on our block and got the neighbors organized. Then, as far as I know, he contacted the LAPD and they brought out information kits to our first meeting and have attend the subsequent meetings. At the second meeting we received two neighborhood watch signs, one from Northeast Division LAPD and one from a deputy of Garcetti’s office who also attended a meeting. The police seem to be really enthusiastic about our efforts to organize.

  14. I got in a HUGE argument with a friend once who said tagging was art and it’s not defacing property if it’s public property. That’s ridiculous, it’s marking territory and it’s a sign of violence in the neighborhood. My neighbor literally had couple of taggers shine a flashlight in his face in attempt to intimidate him when they realized they were being watched. The neighborhood belongs to us, the tax paying homeowners, not these lazy turds. I call the graffiti hotline immediately when i see tagging and it comes up all the time on Allesandro and people are also very proactive about painting over it right away. That’s all we can do really is paint over it and hopefully get the message out that they need to move along.

    • There is a history of people shooting taggers in the act of tagging & having the law, to some extent, on their side. There have been many incidents. Would those who don’t consider graffiti to be art favor this solution?

      • Of course i don’t condone people going around shooting other people this is an absurd comparison. Considering it to not be ‘art’ doesn’t mean it’s okay to murder someone LOL.

        • Of course no one condones the murder of taggers or those who commit sins of graffiti previously tolerated in the formerly unhip but newly gentrified neighborhoods. It’s justifiable homicide that’s being discussed.

      • Easy does it Mortonie. We’re not making a western, here. We’re discussin ways to decrease tagging and vandalism. First of all, many of these taggers are talented with a creative albeit misdirected impulse to express themselves. Others are dense knuckleheads seeking notoriety. I’ve already witnessed a dramatic if not miraculous reduction of tagging of all kinds but particularly among gang members. I realize and accept that this is a contest of attrition. There is no magic bullet (no pun intended) just diligent and unrelenting dedication to erasing disrespectful tagging whenever and whereever it appears. It’s not wise to think in terms of a quick solution. Only in terms of foiling the practice of tagging at every turn withOUT increasing it’s notorious appeal by creating a category of taggers who are wiling to risk life, limb, and personal liberty to do it. Ultimately, anonymity is what all taggers fear most and THAT is the root cause that must be addressed by those who sincerely desire a solution to tagging. Otherwise, look forward to enjoying a lifetime of satisfied moments each and every time you watch tagging and its exponential potential for more being erased in your community. I know that I do.

  15. Right In Front of Your Face

    Art? Really? Gang tags are criminals marking territory, not art. If you’d like to see how this fantastical stupidity plays out, please check out the “real lives of Echo Park gang bangers” by tuning into YouTube and selecting a search for any of the following:
    ahtsgang, echo park cholos, osiriboys, temple street gang, etc. etc. There you will see a complete videography of gang members tagging your neighborhood and boasting about it. Reading the commentary attached to these videos provides a pretty good look into local gang life. Pathetic.

    I wonder if the police know about YouTube? Its so new, they probably don’t look there to solve crimes. (in my sarcastic voice)

    Mayberry Mommy, good luck with your video camera crusade, you’ll need it. I’ve been down that road (trying for 2 years) and all I can say is GET YOUR OWN camera. The police have limited numbers of cameras and unless they determine that your area has a “high concentration” of criminal activity, no camera will be installed. Each division has a limited number of cameras (approx 12 for the entire division). Those are only used in the areas that demonstrate the highest need. LAPD cameras are under 24/7 surveillance by a live person at all hours, that’s why theres so few available.

    It boggles the mind that police cameras can’t operate like private cameras: You only need to review the hard drive when an event has occurred. Right?

    Regarding the reward….. Hmmm, it took 7 months for the city council to approve the $1000 reward. That’s really standing behind your commitment to anonymous tips, ha! Absurd.

    • So, do you want to kill them or have someone kill them in your name? The residents have chosen over the decades to refuse to pay the extra taxes required to have a police force of suitable size to protect our huge metropolitan area. The police and sheriff’s department have always told us that the city/county is under-policed and that we should be armed to protect ourselves until they can get to us. Evidently, this applies to taggers in some circumstances. It comes down to put up or shut up.

  16. If most of you folks don’t like the Tagging, then why did you move to an area that was known for it’s Gangs and tagging? SMH.

    If you want a nice place to live you should think about moving out of Los Angeles County……

    • We moved to an area we could afford. It’s called gentrification. And eventually these scumbag taggers are priced out of the neighborhood.

      It’s just a matter of time.

    • Great philosophy Joe, why try to make anything better?

  17. Now, if someone could just get out dear friends at the Angelus Temple to clean up the graffiti on the eye sore that is that brown house on Park Ave. & EP!
    Better yet, do something with the house already!

  18. i know who the taggers are but i cant say who my name is or who i am i just know who they are

  19. Tagging adds culture to these neighborhoods. Los Angeles is known for it’s tagging. I remember growing up around these neighborhoods and all these taggers only wanted “fame”. It was all they had. Some of them became famous in the underground sub-culture. You guys really should think about moving to Glendale or somewhere else. Don’t b**** about this is the only place you can afford when your coffee shops sells drinks for ~$8.You’re not making the eastside any better. However, I am not talking about the gangsters or tag-bangers.

    • graffitti art can add culture, but the gang sign tagging that makes up 95% of the tagging in echo park is just vandalism. and even graffitti art should not be done to private property without the owners permission. if it is, expect it to get painted over. and the taggers who try and write over other artists murals aren’t adding culture either. just being rude.

      stop b****ing that your neighborhood is getting nicer. if you don’t like it, move to detroit.

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