Atwater man warns neighbors about burglaries

NeighborhoodWatchLogo.JPGAn Atwater Village man wants to alert neighbors of a burglaryt hat took place at his home on Monday, June 11. It was one of at least four Atwater burglaries reported within the last week in the area approximately between Glendale Boulevard and Fletcher Drive.  The resident who lives in the 3200 block of Glenhurst Avenue, said burglars entered his home on Monday between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. and stole cash, jewelry, laptop computer, iPod and a camera. “I thought it might be important to alert neighbors,” he said in an email.

Meanwhile, another burglary was reported on the same day in the 3600 block of Edenhurst Avenue, according to CrimeMapping.com. On Friday, June 8, two more Atwater burglaries took place, one in the 3700 block of FLetcher Drive, the other in the 3500 block of Madera Avenue, according to CrimeMapping.com.


  1. “…and stole cash, jewelry, laptop computer, iPod and a camera.” Whats with the whole ‘cash’ thing? Who the fuck has cash just laying around their house? Why would you be like, “lets go to dinner. Ok hold on let me put my cash away first…” I dont understand.

    • Who the F*** doesn’t have cash in their possession at home ?
      So when their is some kind of computer meltdown you are going to rely on ATM’S and computers to buy shit with ? Smart .
      You act like cash is an obsolete commodity.
      Plus , why the hell can’t you have anything you want in your house without some idiot coming in and swiping it ?

    • Fact no lie the people that are doing crimes eirther. Living. Homless less. Los feliz river near the griffithpark hore trail. Entrance. There med addict that steal people identy white trash that. Lied to me said my son anthony wasent in thete country his name dell. Sergio. All lied to my face said they havent seen anthony. Anthony g valdes son that was bullyed. By these people and there are using. Identy. These tweckers are using black magic santa muerte the city los angeles need to relize these same people are. Camitting crimes hollywood bike theifs in man hole all in the river island proof they use man hole to go threw on there bike to comittuit crimes i went man hole river end up under northeast poilce station and these crimnals have accseas to phone lines all the phone line are in there reach

      • The la river. Big man hchaeasy to go in flash lite and you can get to a street really fast then. Phone company has to go underneath. Street to hook up wires wifi Acces so crimnals are changing.

  2. They are walking around posing as people who put up flyers they walk up to your door and check if any one is home caught one trying to come in to my place yesterday called the cops they just let him go.

  3. I have caught a couple of thieves in atwater I am done calling the cops I will just beat them from now on.

  4. Even though it’s unlikely to result in an arrest, always report burglaries and break-ins. It’s important for them to be included in police statistics since that’s part of how resources are allocated — and it also serves as a public warning to your neighbors.

  5. Pinterest Criminals

    It would be great if someone could take photos of these Scumbags and post them.

    At the very least, it would give us time to take the safety locks off our guns.

  6. @ shadow park- how did they try to get into your place?

  7. the crim was trying to enter my back door I was in the garage lucky my dogs were in the house.

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