Burglars busy in Echo Park and Angeleno Heights

NeighborhoodWatchLogo.JPGBurglars have broken into at least five homes in Angeleno Heights and Echo Park during the past week, making off with everything from jewelry to laptop computers.  Two Angeleno Heights burglaries that took place on  Friday, June 8, on West Kensington Road are believed to be the work of the same suspects, who may have been involved in another burglary a few blocks southeast on Welcome Street, said  Fernando Prieto, a burglary detective with the Rampart Division.   A witness saw two male Latinos in their 20s walking across the lawn of one of the homes that was targeted during the daytime burglaries, Prieto said. Officers are looking for even young suspects carrying bags or backpacks to stash away stolen goods.

“These kids are looking to put something in their backpack and not be noticed,” Prieto said.

In one of the Angeleno Heights burglaries, three computers were stolen, he said.  Money, jewelry and an electronic game system have also been taken.

Meanwhile, north of Sunset Boulevard, which is patrolled by the Northeast Division,  two burglaries were reported on Monday, June 11 on McDuff Street and the 1600 block of Sargent Place, according to CrimeMapping.com.   Burglars also hit a third home further north on Avon Park Terrace.


  1. I’m home all day, usually angry, sometimes drunk and I live on this street. I will keep an eye out.

  2. They got my friends house yesterday on Parmer Ave. off Scott Ave. in the day. Lets keep an eye out for our self’s and neighbors.

  3. someone on sargent place also a couple days ago

  4. As I mentioned a couple weeks back on a thread about the break in at the boathouse.

    They tried to force opens doors at our house on W Kensington on 2 occasions- 2 guys, climbed a 6 foot fence at noon- both times someone was home and heard them- they climbed the fence and left.

    Our local police couldn’t even be bothered to talk about it or take any info/ reports. But now that they’ve hit 5 houses some detective acts like he’s on it- yeah right.

    I’ve learned, I’m looking forward to them coming back now.

    • No, actually there were a string of burglaries before the thread about the Boathouse incident .
      The police did make an arrest , and did take reports, and police reports on those incidents are on file @ Northeast .
      The guy was caught , his accomplice, not so unlucky.
      The detectives were on it .

  5. The Echo Park Security Association meets every third Wednesday at 2pm (Next meeting is 6/20) Meetings are held in the Echo Park Neighborhood Council Office & Community Center, which is located behind the Bank of America branch at Echo Park Avenue and Sunset Boulevard. Hope to see many concerned people next week. Lets organize people.

  6. someone came up into my yard a few months back and seemed totally surprised that I was here during the day. I started asking questions (while I happened to be holding a sawz-all in my hand), and they made a hasty retreat. called Select Patrol and gave them the run down. I suggest everyone sign up for Select Patrol. The police definitely take their calls a little more seriously than the average person.

  7. Yes there was an arrest a couple of weeks ago made by LAPD Dets. These suspects were targeting the same area bordering Rampart and Northeast Division. The suspect confessed to at least 4 burglaries…so let support our police instead of looking to bash them!!!

  8. We got our bikes stolen from our building, Saturday morning 6/3. Must be the same kids.

  9. Our home in Atwater Village was broken into Monday, June 11, 2012, it’s funny when a policeman, from Northeast, came to take our report he mentioned nothing about any other burglaries in this area. I also read in Glendale News that a man in Glendale walked in on 2 hispanic guys who where in his bedroom going thru drawers. Items taken as mentioned above… jewlery, cash and electonics…

  10. For those unfortunate ones who were broken into (or there was an ‘attempt’), it would be nice if you can give us some details on the what and how of it, so that the rest of us can fortify our own places a little better.

    @hmm> ‘tried to force open doors’: front and back doors? By kicking? Crowbar? Did the frame splinter?

    @marina b: Can you detail how they broke in? Through window they broke, then opened? or?


  11. An alarm system and a German shepherd. I think our house will be ok. I will be home a lot this summer so I will be watching my neighb’s houses like a hawk.

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