Glendale police sniff out marijuana operation near LAPD Glassell Park station

Photo by ilmungo/Flickr

Some of the neighbors near a Glassell Park warehouse  had grown suspicious about what was going on inside the building on  San Fernando Road and Tyler Street. Neighbors could never get the LAPD to investigate even though the Northeast Division police station was just down the road.  The police in neighboring Glendale, however, were interested in the building after an officer drove by the warehouse just outside the Glendale city limit and caught a whiff of marijuana. On Thursday, Glendale police raided the building  and seized 1,000 pot plants with marijuana worth an estimated $1.5 million, according to the Glendale News Press.

The story does not say whether Glendale police contacted the LAPD about the matter.


  1. guess that makes north east look a little lazy.

  2. Maybe I don’t understand how this works, but if the grow-op was in the Northeast Division, wouldn’t that mean that only the LAPD (or DEA) would be the ones raiding it? Does Glendale frequently carry out grow-op raids in Los Angeles? Or was this warehouse just over the line and the Northeast Division never had anything they could do.

  3. Sounds like a pissing contest in the making.

  4. Long Time Silver Laker ...

    Perhaps the Northeast Division simply decided to “look the other way” … it makes things kind of difficult when you bust the folks who supply your weed …

  5. Sounds like Glendale PD is going to have a massive case of the munchies.

  6. Isn’t san Fernando and Tyler in the valley?

  7. I, for one, am proud that LAPD have higher priorities other than a pot warehouse…and we all know the Glendale police have a history of being sympathetic to fascists….leave the potheads alone please.

    • i have nothing against potheads at all, and I think it should be legal (legitimately legal, not “we found a medical marijuana loophole to exploit” legal). BUT when you break the law, you run the risk of getting busted.

  8. San Fernando Rd and Tyler st are in the valley, there’s no Tyler st in glassel park

  9. It should be Tyburn St, not Tyler. Click on the intersection link in the story to see correct street spelling and location.

  10. Sorry these guys are not pot heads they are a large clandestine organization ie gangsters they are not growing pot in the back yard they deserve max jail time.

  11. Well they should check that red house on Echo Park and Scott ave, It smells 2 blocks away from there.

  12. I thought it was legal under the right circumstances? Why would anyone grow illegally? I i’m only talking about state law since these were state level police?

    • it’s legal if you have a medical use for it. even the pot shops are supposed to grow their own as a sort of co-op, with the clients helping. pot farms are operated by organized crime (as mentioned above), and they supply all of the pot shops. so even though pot shops may not cause an increase in crime in their neighborhoods, they fund outfits like 18th street. this whole legalization thing needs to get sorted out as it’s a mess right now.

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