Police seek suspects in Silver Lake nightclub stabbing

A person was stabbed early this morning following an argument on the dance floor of Los Globos in Silver Lake. The victim was in critical condition following the 4:20 a.m. stabbing at the Sunset Boulevard  club, according to a posting on the Rampart Division Facebook page. “Following an altercation on the dance floor, in which two males were escorted out by security, the victim was found lying on the floor suffering from two stab wounds to the abdomen,” according to the posting. An officer at the Rampart Division early this evening said the suspects remain at large but he had no update on the condition of the stabbing victim.

The violence took place after the club launched Disco Thursdays with a free party. “Don’t miss this, plenty of good times ahead,” said the club Facebook page.

Los Globos, which had traditionally catered to a Latino clientele, was purchased by club owner Steve Edelson last year. Since the change in ownership, the nightclub has extended its operations into the early hours, drawing new patrons as well as complaints from neighbors.

Today’s stabbing follows a shooting outside Los Globos last September. In that incident, one patron was shot in the leg as he was leaving the club, police said.




  1. Los Globos is bad vibes!

  2. at los globos?

    i never would have expected this!

  3. i bet someones starting to regret trying to gentrify that place!

    • They regret trying to gentrify a bar?

      Silverlake and Los Feliz are already gentrified – no body’s still ‘trying’ anything.

  4. That’s a bummer man. Hope the dude will be ok. Way to go 4am tweekers . Time for the pat down at the door from now on .

  5. steve edelson, the owner of los globos, is a certified scumbag. i worked for him over ten years ago. its no surprise that this would happen at one of his establishments. shut it down, man. obviously he doesn’t know how to run a club. if anyone cares, this is one of many, many clubs that he has run into the ground.

  6. More fodder for the residents in Silver Lake who are already complaining about the place. But as someone who lives next door to cute and hip twenty-something year olds, the last thing I want is for them to have nowhere to go on a Saturday night into Sunday morning.

  7. How could one hide a knife in skinny jeans?

    Oh wait, probably not a hipster that did the stabbing…

    Sleep with dogs you gonna get some fleas!

  8. you know what’s really annoying though is the stupid rotating ad that keeps making this screen jump … but i suppose getting stabbed would be a bit more annoying

  9. That’s pretty sad that everyone has to shoot and stab each other these days, especially when other people are trying to have a good time.

  10. I was at Globos a couple months or so ago and upstairs the clientele was NOT hipster by any means, unless you consider cowboy hat wearing, polyester shirt, cowboy shoes and for the chica’s, well how should I put it, hoochie style? Add lots of drinking and HEAVY grind dancing, it was quite a sight for the eyes.

    Essentially it appeared to be the clientele of Globo’s before the transformation. They appear to still coddle them on some(?) nights.

    So while it’s unknown what the crowd was on said dance floor during this stabbing, I wouldn’t just assume it was ‘hipsters’ who were involved.

    In the past Globos wasn’t exactly a place of tranquility. I would notice LAPD there quite often when passing by at night….

    • you’d rather assume it was the cowboy hat wearing heavy grinding clientele were involved then?

      whoever did it was a dick. period.

      • @el dandy40> Well, I certainly won’t assume that you could read my post accurately>
        “So while it’s unknown what the crowd was on said dance floor during this stabbing, I wouldn’t JUST assume it was ‘hipsters’ who were involved. “

    • Oh come on, who doesn’t love a hipster knife fight. It’s like West Side Story come to life. Except I can’t remember the last time there was a hipster knife fight…

    • FYI Rampart and North East had an excellent relationship with the former owner of Los Globos Juan Ribo. He actually sponsored a Police service station in the mini-mall where Cowboys and Turbans is located. However, he did not sell the parking lot near the club to Edleson, that’s one problem and I do not think Edleson has that same close relationship with the police department. Hopefully there will not be anymore issues in the club but I can almost guarantee the problems will continue outside the club for patrons and neighbors.

  11. It happened during Disco Thursday. See the line-up here http://sehablaeverything.tumblr.com/ so you can start your assumptions about the clientele now.

  12. I heard that Steve Edelson the new owner also owned Zen on Hyperion for years and that was a total mess.
    I know our future ” want a be Mayor” Eric Garcettis has all his fund raiser there, Eric and Steve must be good friends. The place and problems will go on forever.

  13. okay people, THIS is the Disco Thursdays event in question…Kitten Face, that post you found is inaccurate…and from November 2011.


    Speculate what you will…

  14. The upstairs bar closes at two so it was the downstairs. The disco thing was probably an upstairs event from the cover and flyer. The scene downstairs isn’t the hipster scene, though some wander in there for a taste of different flavor. I’m not surprised at a knife fight. This is a nice venue it would be nice to get the dirtbag club BS out of there and get some proper live bands in there.

  15. Black Elk from Portland played that night but at 7. Gram Rabbit played a couple of months ago at 9. Early shows, good bands then bail!

  16. Los Globos is in a part of the city that is very diverse and whenever people of such diversity live in close proximity there will be new interactions,misunderstandings,adjustments,new friendships controversy etc
    We try very hard to be good to our clients as well as our niebors and while we are open late on the weekends the club is 100% sound proof and we have a great security staff and camera system however without TSA like searches of all of our customers we could not have detected the pocket knife used during the senseless attack on one of our patrons last month
    Los Globos join the LAPD in seeking information on this crime against our patron and we pray for his full recovery.
    If you have information or comments please call the LAPD or our office @ 3236666669 is email us at clublosglobos.com

  17. The incident did not happen at The disco night, it happened at a late night event around 4am on Thursday morning, and the disco night starts at 10pm on Thursday evening, I believe that this is the source of confusion. I ask that any press that is writing an article on Los Globos contact one of us directly. The office number is 323.666.6669, my email is mitch@clublosglobos.com.

  18. For the record. I’m one of the In house booking agents at Los Globos. In addition to the facts. I have known Steve Edelson for over 23 years. He has been a dear friend, and mentor to me and a supporter of the local music since 1993. He gave me full creative control of an event I had at his venue at the time called “Hellsgate”. That event was called SOUL KITCHEN; which gave birth to acts such as The pharcyde, OUTKAST, Tha AlKAholics, DAS EfX, Psycho Realm, Funkdoobiest.
    I was then approached to become a booking agent at TAPESTRY Artists (International Booking Agency) where I was able to develop talent. He is a true music curator.
    My career in the music and film business is thanks to him. There will always be a few who may think his business savvy in the club business is unorthodox. So what. This is called America and the freedom to express music is allowed. Steve Edelson supports the local and national music scene better than most big corporate establishments.
    With that said. Silverlake has become a staple since the “The Garage ” days, even before Spaceland.
    I’m here to book viable and quality entertainment. It’s unfortunate what happened. I’m looking forward to meeting and booking new acts. And also very proud to be under his mentorship. PURO ARTE !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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