Sacramento or Temple City? Where will your stolen car end up?

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Reports of stolen cars in the LAPD’s Hollenbeck Division – which stretches from Boyle Heights to El Sereno – are so far running more than 40% above last year’s figures, according to a KPCC story about grand theft auto. Where do those stolen cars go? KPCC provides a break down of 16 vehicles that have recently been recovered after being stolen from the Hollenbeck Division:

Just in the past week, 16 cars that were stolen from Hollenbeck have turned up, 5 of them within the district. The remaining 11 were found in Temple City, East LA, Ontario, Huntington Park, Newton, and Northeast. Detective Debbie Guerrero said she’s seen stolen cars from Hollenbeck turn up in San Bernardino, Sacramento, and even Mexico.

Officers also provided advice on auto theft prevention, including this tip: “Don’t buy cars you see with signs in the window at the side of the road that seem to be too cheap to be true. They’re probably stolen.”


  1. My stolen car from Echo Park, was recovered in Las Vegas 3 months later

  2. Does anyone knowg what year make and model are being targeted?

    • I read somewhere recently… but can’t find it now (sorry)… that it is mid-90’s Hondas, Toyotas and Accuras that are stolen the most in Los Angeles. Apparently there is a big market for them and they are easier to steal because it was before auto-makers really started putting anti-theft devices/deterrents as standard equipment in them.

    • Yep. Mid 90’s Accords, Civics and Camrys for sure. My ’97 Civic was stolen from Hi-Fi and turned up in San Bernadino after just a few days. When called my insurance agent reminded her make/model of car it was, she actually laughed and said “oh, yeah, those are popular.”

  3. My car was just stolen this morning…1996 Honda and I just got it like 3 weeks ago, didnt event get a chance to do the title change and all that shit on the dmv. fucken assholes!!! I hope it fucks up on them cuz it over heats after 15 min or so…lol I was fixing it and during street cleaning this morning around 6 ish after I moved it, later in the morning it was gone… oh well temple city here I come…lol

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