Summer will be cut short at the Glassell Park pool

Swimmers arriving at the Glassell Park Swimming Pool have recently been greeted by an unwelcome sight: a front-door sign announcing that the year-around pool will close on August 12. Budget cuts will force the Recreation and Parks Department to close three year-around, municipal pools in Glassell Park, Pacoima and San Pedro for much of the year. Department spokeswoman Andrea Epstein said the three pools join others across the city that operate on a seasonal schedule, which means they will be open only when surrounding public schools are closed for the summer months.

Once August 12 comes up, the Glassell Park pool on Verdugo Road will close and be drained until the following summer. That means Glassell Park swimmers looking for  year-around pools will have to dive into the indoor swimming centers in Echo Park and El Sereno, according to a city aquatics guide.


  1. What a shame! So many children learned to swim in that pool and the cost was reasonable.

  2. Kind of nuts, since Aug and Sept are usually the hottest months. And yes, pools help keep kids in the nieghborhood out of trouble, I know the Echo Park Deep pool does.

  3. There should be a big protest about this. A petition has already been going around the Glassell Park swimmers, but it would be good if that became more organized.

  4. This pool is a treasure to the neighborhood. Absolutely and totally sad.

  5. Everyone can thank your state unions for this one.

    The unions elect (bankroll) the politicians, the politicians make the unrealistic salary/pension/benefit promises as quid pro quo and services like this get cut because the money goes to the pensions first.

    And what is Jerry Browns solution? Yes, raise taxes.

    Congratulations everyone! You got what you elected! YAY!

  6. Heather McCarthy

    This is really disappointing! I use this pool a lot & it’s one spot for kids to go to after school. Right now we’re having an obesity epidemic & gang problems & what do we do?! Close an outlet that helps prevent both! COME ON! We need to find cuts elsewhere instead of constantly taking away from our children!

    • Tell JB your governor that the state union contracts must be renegotiated now. Tell your mayor Tony Valare (Antonio Villaragosa) to renegotiate the city union contracts now.

      Otherwise get used to it because there will be more cuts just like this…

  7. This pool has been a safe haven for my nephews and nieces for years and keeps them from becoming rebellious and hitting the streets looking for something to do; which we know can turn bad. So please don’t let the pool close, rather look for alternatives to keep this pool open since it’s local to us.

  8. noooooooooooo! where can I sign a petition. i have a great memory of swimming in the rain.

  9. Please call your councilman immediately. Reyes will take over Glassell Park as of July 1 but this is a city issue so call all the councilmen! and you can call the mayor! They take these calls seriously!

    • What’s gonna happen when it’s Totally HOT after the Summer(in which it truly is), All these stupid Cuts is sooo awful. Cut some of the Meetings of Glassell Park & the’re pay. Well i guess that’s Glassell Park for you.

  10. https://www.facebook.com/events/453169931362726/
    Occupy Glassell Park swimming pool – August 12th!

  11. You have a vioce in keeping the Glassell Park Pool open year-round!!! Please support grassroots efforts to keep Glassell Park Pool as a year-round facility! Indeed we are organizing. Please sign the petition at the front desk at Glassell Park Pool.

    You can also call your councilman…Garcetti 323.478.9002, Reyes 213.485.0763, Huizar 213.473.7014, LaBonge 213.473.7004 or Sophia Pena Cortez, Superintendent, Parks & Rec 213.485.8744. Let them know you want this to stay a year-round facility. Additional contact info available on flyers accompanying the petition.

    You can also work w community organizers to share your support at an upcoming city council meeting. Stories about youth positively influenced by Glassell Park Pool, seniors who experience health benefits from swimming there, and other positive outcomes are welcome.

    Please drop by Glassell Park Pool for more info. The push is on. Awareness is growing. Your help is greatly appreciated. More to come!

  12. Update on activities to keep Glassell Park Pool open year-round!
    – Email daniel.andalon@lacity.org – he’s point person for the councilman’s office for this issue.
    – Check out SaveGlassellPool.com – a new website for organizing to fight for this community resource
    – Contact Wendy at 323.804.4456 i to get involved in saving this pool.

    • Thanks for posting the Coucilmembers’ contact information, REB. People should definitely voice their opinions about this issue. We elected these people, our taxes pay their salaries and the budgets they control–they work for us. I’m sure they had to consider many factors in making this decision but it seems like an extremely poor choice to close a pool that so many low-income and middle-class families depend on at the hottest time of the year.

  13. how much money would it take for the pool at Glassell park to stay open year round?
    We should know the amount, number, $$$ so we can try to get some deep pockets of LA ( athletes, actors, even corporations) to donate money to cover those costs

  14. I agree with everyone above. I’m barely 13 years old but I’ve been going to this pool since I was 5. Joining water polo, junior lifeguard and swim team have all become my normal year-round type of thing. I find it fun, entertaining and relaxing. Many other people probably agree. We can’t nor will we let this place close down without giving this pool everything we got. Without it we will have this empty void in the community. Please anyone who can please sign the petition and spread word of this. We can do this.

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