Two killed after car crashes into Boyle Heights taco truck

A motorist being pursued by CHP officers slammed into a Boyle Heights taco truck on Saturday night, killing two people who were standing near the truck parked outside a laundry on Cesar Chavez Avenue, ABC7 reports. The female driver, who was being pursued by officers after driving erratically on the 5 Freeway, exited the freeway and then plowed  into the parking lot of a Lucy’s Laundry at Cesar Chavez and Britannia Street before hitting the taco truck. KTLA said the two victims were women, one who was 19 and the other in her 30s.


  1. Sucks, Always the innocent….

  2. This is heartbreaking. My thoughts go out to their families.

  3. My condlences to the families, this is so heartbreaking.

  4. What Color was the car that plowed into the taco truck? Wondering What time in the morning this happened.

  5. That video footage of the mother of one of the girls that was killed is absolutely heart wrenching… What a horrible and senseless tragedy.

  6. I used to stop at that truck every sunday evening.

  7. what happen with the drunk driver? did she live? is she in prison? is she in for life?

  8. senseless waste, the police have the cars licenses plate why not just arrest them at home were they cant do any harm?

    • Man, I feel for the families and friends of the victims, but I feel for law enforcement, too: they’re damned if they do and damned if they don’t when horrible tragedies such as this happen. In a perfect world it would be great if the cops could just run a runner’s place and break off to meet the suspects at their homes, but what if home is in Acton or Santa Clarita and the drunk driver still gets into an accident after the cops pull back? People will be screaming at the police for letting them go. As to the license plate being such a perfect source of information: what if it’s a stolen car or a plate from another vehicle?

  9. I woke up yesterday to her mother speaking on the news….i can’t get it out of my head…… So senseless it makes me really really dislike drunk drivers

  10. I agree with Will C. The cops have a responsibility to attempt to stop this vehicle from being driven in the erratic way that the driver was driving. I was behind a truck once whose driver was falling asleep and i called the cops to come get him off the road. It is illogical to say “just let them get to their destination and then deal with them”. As bad as it may sound, dozens of cars piled up on top of each other on the freeway due to an incapacitated driver cuold have been much worse with even more casualties.

    now this lady will have to pay dearly for her failure to obey our laws and for failing to stop when cops asked her to stop.

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