Violence continues in the southern edge of Echo Park

Colton and Douglas Streets, Echo Park

The Eastsider reported earlier this month about the assaults, gunshots and other crime on the southern edge of Echo Park. While some residents are organizing a community clean up, the violence has continued south of Temple Street, according to recent police reports. On Monday night, there was a report of an assault with shots fired in the 100 block of Douglas Street, according to CrimeMapping.com.   Last week, on June 12, a shooting took place in the 1300 block of Colton Street near Vista Hermosa Park, according to the Rampart Division. An officer said no one was hit during the day time shooting, which remains under investigation.


  1. Ya, things here are tough south of the 101. I’m hoping we can find some answers soon.

  2. ERRRR!!!!!!!!! Capital punishment for anyone caught shooting a gun unnecessarily!

  3. still happens north of Sunset too: on Sunday there were a bunch of cops and ambulances for an assault with a deadly weapon on Fargo and Echo Park.

    • Didn’t read about this one… gotta love that intersection!

      • Jezzy H Christy-Christ

        most of these local crimes really go unreported by the media. i’ve personally have seen hundreds of crimes that never get any attention int he two decades ive lived here.

    • Is there more information about this incident at Fargo/EP?

    • That was a fistfight between neighbors that got totally blown out of proportion. Though there’s still blood on my stairs, which sucks.

  4. either get use to it or move. I”ve lived here my whole life since the 60’s. Mexicans have always warred with each other. These fights will never end.

    • Not a good solution. People deserve to be safe and those who feel the need to “war” with each other should be kicked out. They should move not the law-abiding people.

      • Im mexican have lived here since 66, and I or my family have never warred with anyone.
        We’ve raised college graduates own business and homes here and have our shit together.
        No Mexican’s don’t war with each other , idiots do !

    • NO, people should not have to “get used to” violence, PERIOD! All gangbanger idiots should be punished.

  5. This Garden of Eden’s reduced to short stumps, where life’s rough so cats carry clips full of short cuts, and their eager to show you the end, they bit the hand that feeds so many times there’s nothing left to extend.

  6. We just moved to this area a little over a month ago. It’s a special neighborhood, so it’s been tough to witness a few people holding an otherwise pleasant community hostage. Last weekend the tagging reached a frenzied peak with the Diamond St gang taking the lead. The Bob Baker Theater even got bombed. The next day neighbors (including EP pool employees) were out painting everything over. It’s a decades long cycle and from what I’ve heard the area has handled much worse. The post mentions a community organized clean up. Is there someone I can contact to find out more information?

  7. It sucks, but the gang activity comes with the territory when living in these neighborhoods. It was much worse in the 90’s and it’s hard to believe it will ever completely go away. There are too many generations of gang bangers that are holding grudges and will continue to look for revenge and “payback”.

  8. its real simple all gang members submit to a rfid chip with an explosive device in heads if they commit a crime the chip pops boom end of gang violence!

    • Jezzy H Christy-Christ

      lets make that better and just do it by socioeconomic status, all poor people get chipped and monitored then boom, if they dont do things right.

      • or we maybe we can put those chips in our elected officials. if by the end of their term they haven’t done anything to address important issues in their districts/communities they blow up.

        bye bye Tony V!

  9. The early release of over 50,000 prisoners in the state of CA isn’t helping. It is estimated that 15,000+ are returning to LA communities. LA natives like me know these areas have always had their problems. Hipsters need to be aware, Urban living has it’s problems!!!!

  10. @metster, just because you are mexican and don’t “war” doesn’t negate the fact that we are in a war zone envolving mexicans. I’m of mexican descent, my mom is from mexico i was born here. I’ve seen people killed in front of me many times and guess what… it was always mexicans. All you have to do is read stats from the crime reports… grow up.

    Just because some mexicans war doesn’t mean they all do but the vast majority are mexican. I’m sure the armenians will be next at the rate they are going. they are starting to use guns now(again read the crime reports i’m not making this up). What is so wrong with talking about what is really going on? Are you people so afraid of calling a spade a spade. It’s an almost CENTURY long war.

  11. Sadly I still have to continue living in Echo park. I really like spot I living now but the crimes kept continue. It makes me want to get out like NOW.

    • Fear not Niz,

      It’s been this way a long time. Life in the big city means that some people will get hurt.
      Statistically, you have a better chance of winning the mega millions…

  12. Niz, i’m trying to rain on your parade, i just find it funny seeing all these androgynous hipsters with money walking up and down the street with pink socks and popped collars like it’s a paris run way laughing on their 700$ phones. At some point you’ll realize that there are people that have been released from the likes of Pelican bay and they do not give a fuck about life. Always has been this way and looks like it always will be. Unless i’m missing some secret yuppy weapon like a gentrification parade/fundraiser that magically neutralizes some of the most sociopathic people on earth.

  13. FYI—
    Echo Park United Against Hate Crimes Town Hall Meeting
    6:00pm until 7:30pm Tuesday, June 26, 2012

    Co-Hosted By El Centro Del Pueblo, Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 721, Assemblymember Gilbert Cedillo, Los Angeles Councilmember Eric Garcetti
    Report by Captain Murphy, LAPD Northeast Division
    On May 24th, two young men who are longtime Echo Park residents were attacked and stabbed after the perpetrators yelled anti-gay slurs at them because they had a rainbow flag on their bicycles. The LAPD has categorized this incident as a hate crime based on sexual orientation. The perpetrators have not been identified or captured. We are calling on the Echo Park Community to declare that a hate crime against any one member of our community is a hate crime against the entire community.
    Join us for a community response that calls for acceptance, tolerance and education.
    Free dinner and childcare will be provided.

  14. three men just ganged up on a man on the freeway, left him unconscious after kicking hi repeated in the head after he was down… yep mexicans… a man was just beaten and suffered brain damage at dodger stadium…. you guessed it… mexicans.. Keep your eyes closed all you want but blood thirsty sociopaths claiming la raza run loose on the streets. BUt if you try and talk about in a calm, cool way…. guess what “datz racist!!!!!”

    Good luck with that yuppies

    • silverlakeguy, you might be the worst commenter on this site. Im a total sarcastic yuppie prick with more money in my checking account that you will have in your entire lifetime and my words and ideas placed here are a great example of my type. But you, you are an entirely different breed of fecal matter that has zero brain capacity for anything that goes beyond the edge of the porch of your apartment complex. You are piss poor at commenting, you have no talent for this, you are a blight on this sight and you make ink-printer-cartridge spam look like Shakespeare. Why don’t you go back inside and wait for your government check while we adults make fun of each others comments in a more intelligent, well crafted way that stings the soul, hurts the heart, our upbringings, heritage, and our beloved community that we all ultimately want the best for.

    • Since nearly 50% of the population of LA is Mexican- American/ Latino/ etc, a good number of criminals are gonna be Latino — as are a good number of schoolteachers, cops and small businesspeople. Get over it.

    • Silverlakeguy, I don’t know if you heard the latest news regarding the guy who was in a fight on the freeway with three Latino men; I’m not saying that they should have kicked him once he was down on the ground, but the guy who got his ass kicked was no angel – he was a willing participant, and he assaulted someone else in Long Beach in a (filmed) road-rage incident a few weeks earlier – so as far as I’m concerned, he deserved to get beaten. Anyway, he seems fine now, so they didn’t do any permanent harm.

  15. FYI On Thursday, June 28, Central City Action Committee sent all of its paint crews to Douglas. LAPD and the supervisors from CCAC including myself were there. Not only were they painting but 2 water blast machines were used to eradicate the mess of graffiti which has been adorning the street. Despite some grimacing from a few neighbors all went well.

  16. Dear readers and neighbors-On May 30th at 11:45 pm, I was assaulted at gunpoint in my car along sunset blvd and continued to the parking lot of House of Spirits.This man, who I have never met in my life screamed, “I’m going to kill you you F@@@#*ing Whore!” in a few different languages, as he pulled a gun to my head. The suspect is a 60-something, asian man, in a silver bmw. He has been identified by myself and by another witnesses. The detective assigned to the case has yet to make the arrest as the man seems to not be home when the police knock at his door. I am furious that law enforcement seems so lazy/uncaring/jaded/overworked/underpaid/corrupt??? when it comes to doing the work to pick these violent people up off the streets. I understand how nice people turn violent because now I want to hunt the man down myself.

  17. Meanwhile, i just received a letter from my landlord raising my rent the yearly 3% which i know is legal but given that there is a gang feud in the neighborhood, i think is a little fucked up.

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