$50,000 reward offered in Boyle Heights shooting*

20-year-old Frankie Velasquez was gunned down on the evening of May near First and Gless streets as he and a cousin walked to a Boyle Heights liquor store. Velasquez, who was shot multiple times by a suspect who walked up and opened fire, died a day later from his injuries. Police have not been able to solve the shooting, which is believed to be gang related. Today, the Los Angeles City Council approved a request  by Councilman Jose Huizar to offer a $50,000 reward leading to the arrest and conviction in connection with the killing.

Anyone with information on this case is urged to call Hollenbeck Homicide Detective Carillo or Alfaro at (323) 342-8959 or (323) 342-8956. During non-business hours or on weekends, calls should be directed to 1-877-LAPD-24-7 (1-877-527-3247). Anyone wishing to remain anonymous should call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (800-222-8477).

* This story has been updated with today’s City Council vote.


  1. No rewards!! Let these idiots off themselves …….

    • Nothing in this info says that the victim was a gang member. Plus, the idea that we should let thugs run around our community with guns killing each other is pretty stupid anyway. I’m anti-gang, but I dont want anyone to kill anyone. Or, at the very least, I dont want bullets flying around my neighborhood. Grow up.

  2. Proud Boyle Heights Resident

    OHH-DEAR, That’s blatantly racist of you and utterly disgusting that you hold no regard for human life. You have no basis to call anyone involved in this incident an “idiot” aside from the neighborhood and the name of the victim. Racist attitudes like yours offers nothing for the preservation of our community and is entirely offensive.

    • Aldo Thee Apache

      Err, no he totally has every basis for calling them idiots. These aren’t Rhodes Scholars in the streets firing guns at each other and innocent bystanders, they’re thugs.
      RE: racism, nice card trick. How does being anti-gang somehow equate to racism? I’m Latino and I hate gangs too, as do my Latino and Pilipino neighbors. Where does this put us in your racist fantasy land? The only thing that is hurting the community around here more than the gangs is the slovenly attitudes of gang-apologists like yourself, who pine for the good old days of drive-bys and urban blight. “Preservation of our community “, FO.

    • I am guessin that you are a proud mother of a gang member, why dost thou protest soo much?
      It is actually racist attitudes like yours to assume such an inference,
      and as for high regard for human right I assume your defense of gang that you hold there lives in reverence above the public at large while they only hold contempt for human life the proof my dear is in the proverbial pudding so to speak.

  3. unbelievably, on occasion bullets fired by gang members whizz past their intended target and hit innocent passerby so, no dear, we should probably try to stop them from offing each other. even if you do believe they should all be put to death.

  4. Frankie wasn’t a gang member , besides being a very loving caring person he was a great son, brother and father. We miss him dearly and want justice !!!! He had moved into the neighborhood only months before this happen he didn’t belong to any gangs he was wearing a dodger jersey and had just cut his hair that doesn’t make him a gang member. Theres many dodger fans out there wearing jerseys with shaved heads that doesnt make them part of a gang or okay to be shot at. He had a job didn’t live off the system and never did. He didn’t do anything to anyone. People in that neighborhood need to speak up tell the police what you see when something like this happens. Please if you know anything call the detectives PLEASE!!!!

  5. I knew Frankie beyond than just friends. He wasn’t gang related although he did dress that way. What’s wrong with having a gang of pairs of Jordans and dressing like s poiled kid. I hope the so called friends of the suspect get dragged by the money and burn out the suspect. He had just turned into a dad and he was a soul that will always be there for you. He was my friend. He is still with us. I hope we find the suspect and prove LAPD he wasn’t gang related which is what they believe. They DID NOT know him. & Oh dear do you know something LADP supposed to know? Stop being preachy and ignorant. You have no right to judge someone you never even knew! RIP Frankie Velasquez you will always be in our hearts. Since our guardian angel now I hope you give us clues to your suspect. We have hope..

  6. Please stop being ignorant it’s labeled gang related because the police believe it was a gang member or members who killed Frankie. If this had indeed been a case where Frankie was a gang member city council would not have approved a reward. Read the article again it labels Frankie as an innocent victim. Let’s stop bickering and help bring Frankie and his family justice. Someone out there knows something sad to say but it takes money to entice people to come forth rather than doing what’s right at no cost. I know Frankie’s dad well and he raised a good boy. Simply a victim of gang violence.

  7. Frankie was someomes son, brother, dad ect…ect! I’m sorry for the pain of those that love him and are feeling his absence. I didn’t know Frankie and I’m not saying he was a gang member or not…BUT… even if he was….DOES IT REALLY MATTER? It’s still a life that was taken. My son was shot and killed almost 14 yrs ago. He was only 18 years old. The police believed it was gang related ( he wasn’t a gang member )….meaning a gang member killed him. Because no one ” SAW ANYTHING ” the killer (s) have never been caught. I and all that loved him have never had closaure and are still trying to heal. PLEASE HELP THIS FAMILY FIND CLOSURE SO THEY CAN START TO HEAL. DO THE RIGHT THING AND CALL THE TIP LINE.

  8. I knew this kid and he was not a gangmember. If you dont live in boyle heights you shouldnt be talking. He was a young kid with a 6 month old child. They are not asking questions no more their just shooting so innocent people are getting killed. You people are ignorant and need to keep your comments to yourself. if you dont know please dont talk.

  9. Missing You !!!!

    May 5, 2012 Forever changed our lives we lost our beloved son, brother, father & friend FRANKIE J. VELASQUEZ to violence in Boyle Heights …. Something Someone has to help make a change there. Because 5 lives have been lost all in the same area just within blocks. All walk up shootings. Police say they aren’t connected because they didn’t used the same gun. It all started back in April and within 3 months 5lives have been lost it shouldn’t matter if they were gang members or not they are still someone’s son, brother, father. Our Frankie wasn’t a gang member but I’m sure our pain is the same. If this were to be happening anywhere else things would be different. How many more have to be killed so that Hollenbeck Police Dept can start doing their job. We want justice !!!!

  10. Yesterday 3 guys got shot in pecan park, the best think we can do is come together against crime in our city , I’m gonna work on set up something from my Church , we here in Boyle Heights ..

  11. I was one of the players playing futsal at Pecan Park, when the gunmen opened fire, we had to dive for cover as he unloaded more than 10 rounds. Not only did he not care about opening fire at 8pm at a crowded park where people were watching us, but he had no regard for the large amount of children there. I was no more than twelve ft from the gunman, he even turned back around to try and finish off someone who was wounded in the leg and ran onto our court. This is too much.. we need a zero tolerance for this. What will it take?

  12. My son Frankie was killed by a coward with a gun … these so call gang bangers don’t care who they shoot at …. and nothing is going to change because people that live in that neighborhood don’t want to say anything they see something and turn the other way…. not knowing that their family member can be next…. people say and make comments about what they saw but they aren’t willing to call or talk to the detectives…. There isn’t a day that I don’t miss or think of my son…. There’s nights that I even hear him calling out for me…He left behind a 6 month old baby boy and a family that loves him very much…. Please Help Us Get Justice !!! This has to stop … Today I’m asking for your helpplease call Det. Carrillo or Alfaro (323)342-8959 (323)342-8956 with any information you can remain anonymous PLEASE !!!!

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