Accident leaves car on Echo Park sidewalk

Photo by Vic Sage

A car veered off the street and on to a Sunset Boulevard sidewalk in Echo Park this afternoon. Vic Sage took the above photo at about 2:40 p.m. on Sunset Boulevard near Rosemont Avenue, where the car damaged a tree and signage on the north side of Sunset. It’s a stretch of Sunset Boulevard that has been dubbed the Mohawk Bend as the street curves to the south near Rosemont and Mohawk avenues. “The car is on the wrong side of the road and took out part of a tree, eek,” Sage said in an email.

It’s not clear what caused today’s crash or if there were any injuries.


  1. This happened right outside my window (yeah, yeah, I work at PETA). Two kids in the car got out, hung out for about 15 seconds, and then said something to the third kids kind of trapped inside, and then the first two took off running. They ran north up Mohawk and just kind of hung out there for a bit, and then went went on whatever that is at the top… Montana?

  2. I drove by shortly after this happened—the car took out a traffic light, street sign, tree and was wedged between a light pole and a wall. I asked a worker at 7-11 (across the street) what happened and he didn’t see the crash, but immediately after saw 3 people run from the vehicle–abandoning it at the scene. So thankful that nobody was on the sidewalk when this happened–it could have been horrible!

  3. that’s where I wait for the bus..thankfully I wasn’t there.

  4. Well, if everyone fled the scene — that certainly suggests something wrong was going on and that that distraction caused the accident — whatever it was.

  5. Henry, the fact that everybody fled the scene suggests that the car was stolen.

  6. Crappy driving?

  7. I seriously don’t get this stretch of Sunset. It’s not that difficult to drive on. Yes, it’s a tad windy, but not enough to suddenly wind up on the sidewalk on the opposite side of the road…or inside of Pizza Buona…or inside Lucy’s. I myself drive a tad distracted at times, but then I’ll hear the dividing strip bumps in between the lanes–or my hubcap will graze something–or someone will honk at me! The point is, you have to be Helen Keller to cause the accidents that have transpired around Mohawk Bend. Some drivers are goddamned idiots!

  8. Most people with half a brain slow down to 25-30 or so around the bend since it’s a blind corner… but there’s a lot of idiots out there who don’t think about pedestrians or cyclists or whatever, and just drive as fast as possible whenever they can. I think the city should just put up a traffic signal at the fire station. It might slow down commuters a little tiny bit, but it will prevent all these accidents and legitimize the unmarked crosswalk at Lucy’s/Mohawk Bend. Good design can prevent stupidity and tragedies.

    • I should say *help prevent* accidents — can’t make our streets fool proof obviously, but at some point the traffic engineers have to take responsibility for recurring problems as more than just flies in the ointment.

  9. LOL. This is very funny! Thank you for posting.

  10. The drivers fled the scene..they ended up finding a crack pipe in the car :/ end of story…

  11. they need to put a cross walk and light at mojawk and sunset. it’s impossible to make a left onto sunset. and the light would slow down the speeds around the bend. that might of saved the life of the young woman who drove straight into the concrete wall at lucy’s/starbucks a few years ago.

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