Anyone for a scoop of Brown Bread ice cream? Owner of Scoops to open Highland Park outpost*

Scoops, the East Hollywood ice cream shop, has attracted a strong following with such exotic flavors as Basil Goat Cheese, Brown Bread and Horchata Caramel.  Now, Scoops owner Tai Kim is preparing to open a new location in Highland Park. People familiar with his plans said that Kim will open a store and production facility in an approximately 1,200-square-foot storefront now under construction near York Boulevard and N. Avenue 51.

Some neighborhood merchants had heard that the owner of Scoops  had spent considerable time looking for a location on York, where several new cafes and restaurants have opened recently.

* Correction: A previous version of this post said that the owner Scoops Westside was opening the Highland Park store. That’s wrong. The owner of the original Scoops in East Hollywood is opening the new outlet.


  1. Is that where Verdugo pet store used to be? Looks like a big space.

  2. Gentrification is in full swing on the east side

    • don’t worry, Highland Park will always remain a place with horrible schools, high crime and no police presence.

      • such a cliché…Have you been there lately? certainly not as bad as Echo Park or certain area of Siver Lake..

        • Highland Park is such a no-brainer desirable place to live, especially in the hills. Crime? Do you mean like Reservoir Dogs? That was a bit of a boost to our reputation, like The Player was for South Pasadena. Those guns, that mayhem – we do that as well as anybody!

        • They said the same thing about silver lake and Atwater. The same thing is happening to echo park and highland park. Give it a few more years.

          • Happening to Echo Park ? hahaha .
            It has already happened. Long ago.
            Echo Parker since 1967

    • Yeah , nothing like gentrifying a neighborhood with an ice-cream shop.
      Oh the Horror………………

  3. No it is the space next to Italiano’s that used to be a massage place

  4. The ice cream trucks have some competition now.

  5. Scoops has the best ice cream, and they don’t charge an arm and a leg for it either. Love Scoops.

  6. See, dreams do come true!

  7. Yay!!! This makes me so happy!! Keep it coming, Highland Park!

  8. Wow, so excited! I love supporting local businesses and Highland Park is definitely coming up. Lots of home remodeling happening too.

  9. On a related note, I tried Oasis Ice Cream on Monte Vista the other day…it’s amazing! And the owner is so nice! I remember calling it Scoops Eastside, but I guess there will be an actual Scoops Eastside now.

  10. Oasis is south of York. Hipsters dare not venture that direction.

    • Jonellezonelle

      Why won’t the hipsters venture in that direction? Is it scary? Are there monsters near the ice cream?

    • I’ve been living SoYo before it was cool.

    • I live around the block from Oasis Ice Cream. Very interesting flavors…celery or beet sorbet? And yes, the hipsters have indeed ventured south of York. They are all over Highland Park now. They have art gallery openings on Monte Vista on occassion, and they shop at Figueroa Produce.

      I can’t wait for Scoops to open up on York!

  11. Jonelle by monsters do you mean cholos? I’m intrigued that these new “hip” places started to open up on York moreso than figueroa. Figueroa seems much more walkable and the architecture of the stores are much more appealing .

    • No, I do not mean cholos. I mean big hairy beasts with razor sharp claws and enormous incisors ready to tear you to shreds. You know, monsters.

      Seriously, what’s scary south of York?

    • Yeah, but York has bike lanes!

  12. (f)art district

    At a Highland Park bar the othe day, I saw a homie looking guy wearing a t-shirt that read, “Keep the Ghetto, Ghetto!”. I bet he is going to have to add a new teardrop tatoo expressing his pain as another ghetto staple falls to be replace with a gangsta’s worst nightmare…a gourmet, hipsterfied, ice cream shop.

  13. It seems that some folks are worried that Highland Park’s becoming a bit “vanilla,” while others welcome gentrification and hope to push out the “strawberries” near Figueroa and Avenue 52. Either way, it’s going to be a “rocky road.”

  14. Does anyone have a ideas on why Figueroa is lagging behind York on this latest upswing? On paper, seems like Fig would have more advantages than York including easier access to the Gold Line. Just wondering why York sprang forward so much while Fig simmers more quietly.

  15. MMR totally with you. Figueroa has the highland theatere that I believe should be remodeled. This can be highland park’s version of the vista. It could be because York is under eagle rock’s district?

    York is seeing some great places pop up. Nothing is popping on Figueroa other than gun shots.

  16. Exactly Tina. That’s what I am wondering also. Between The Highland Theater, Good Girl Dinette, Folliero’s, La Cuevita, Antigua, and the Gold Line station, it would seem like Fig has York beat…but that’s not the case. What happened on York that hasn’t happen on Fig yet??

  17. Cafe de leche was a big part of what set york along this path. i’ve been living in the area for 7 years. Also, york is a smaller area, fig has so many buildings that what has changed is overwhelmed by the rest that hasn’t. I think fig will change as well though. Would love Mr. T’s bowl to be like the echo or something.

  18. Dear Eastsider,
    Have you ever considered doing pieces on the people moving into Highland Park, Echo Park etc so we can sit around and say whether these people are any good for the neighborhood or not. You could put up their photos, address, where they come from, their income, job description and any other info of relevance to their public adoration or skewering. It is not a business that moves into a neighborhood that defines the area, its the residents socio-economic background and agenda that do. So isn’t it right that we should be able to comment on who moves in and out of our neighborhoods? This seems far more relevant than some ice-cream shop moving into HP.

  19. Pete south of York is where the gangbangers hang out. Someone was murdered on monte vista this weekend. Highland Park is changing for sure but there are parts that will never gentrify, especially parts near the 110.

    York is to highland park as Colorado is to eagle rock. Scoops is an awesome addition to the neighborhood.

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