City Council candidates flex their fundraising muscle

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Former Board of Public Works member John Choi has so far raised $110,000 in campaign contributions for his bid to become representative of  Council District 13, which includes portions of Atwater, Echo Park and Silver Lake. KPCC said Choi made public  his fundraising results after candidates filed financial reports with the city’s Ethics Commission on June 30.  Some other candidates are offering previews of their fundraising totals in what is often a show of strength that may or may not scare off other rivals and draw more financial support. KPCC reports that two other Council District 13 candidates – Josh Post and Alex De Ocampo – have each raised $50,000.

Candidates made some last-minute efforts to pump up their campaign contributions in time for the June 30 financial reports. Candidate Josh Post, for example, sent out this email on June 28

Are you tired of all of these political fundraising deadlines? We are too! However, in order to demonstrate viability, we have to show that we are able to raise a decent amount of money by June 30. We’re extremely close to our goal (so close that if every person who opens this email would donate even $10, we would reach it). Meeting this goal is essential to ensuring we have the resources necessary to win.

A dozen persons have so far filed papers with the Ethics Commission indicating they will run in next year’s Council District 13 race. Councilman Eric Garcetti is termed out and running for mayor.

Money is pouring into other City Council races, including in neighboring Council District 1, where Councilman Ed Reyes is termed out. Earlier this year, candidate Jose Gardea, who is Chief of Staff for Reyes, filed reports stating he had raised $105,000 last year. Assemblyman Gil Cedillo, who is also running for City Council, had raised $57,000 last year.


  1. It would be interesting to see how and where the candidates are getting most of their funding from. Small-but-many donations vs. large-but-few donations…. as well as donations from bona fide stakeholders with roots in CD13 communities vs. so-called “outsiders”.

    Looking forward to seeing their 460 forms.

    • I second this. Who are these candidates’ biggest donors?

    • well said Luis. It’s the support in the district that will make a diference at the polls.
      Many of these folks who raise “fast cash” are getting lots of large donations from outside the district and from special interests.

      Though raising some funds is important to help with outreach to the community, it is that outreach that ulitmately will decide who is elected. CD 13 is a diverse and politically active District, and folks will not be fooled by big endorsements and caches of campaign funds.


  2. Voters and the press need to know and report who is getting most of their money from the unions that are starving the general fund of monies to provide services to the owners of this City — the taxpayers.

  3. ” However, in order to demonstrate viability, we have to show that we are able to raise a decent amount of money…” This is what is wrong with the good ole boy political structure. First show me that you can be a whore, then we will throw you a bone! If you are looking to take out the politicians that have screwed up this city, why follow in their footsteps. For each dollar raised is a minute away from real Grass Roots campaigning. I’ll be voting for the guy that prioritizes a real Grass Roots movement rather than the guy that thinks he is winning because he can be the biggest whore. Haven’t we learned our lessons yet? And if it is an honest to goodness Grass Roots effort, raising money will not be an issue.

  4. Lots of carpet baggers running in the CD 13 race with absolutely no connection to the community and no record of community involvement. I guess it is the contest of getting stuck with the best candidate that special interest money can buy. Imagine how someone that has no connection with the community will respond to the locals?

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