Eastside Property: Echo Park corner can be yours for $1 million

Photo from Redfin.com

The two-story brick building at  Temple Street and Edgeware Road is one of those classic Eastside commercial structures that anchor countless street corners with a combination  of ground floor shops and apartments above.  Here, in the southern edge of Echo Park, the corner of the 1924 building is notched at the intersection to create a prominent entrance for George’s liquor store and market (In the 1930s, the Edgeware Pharmacy occupied the same space).  White glazed brick frames the windows and dresses up  a simple design. One of the two storefronts below is vacant  while there are four apartments above, according to the Redfin listing. How much will it cost to own this classic commercial building? The asking price is $1.095 million.


  1. Love that building!

  2. Grossest liquor store ever and right on the walk to school with all the fixings; homeless, drunks and garbage. Hopefully someone will purchase this crap box and create something of real value to the community. And for 1mil, it’s a good buy.

    • you forgot about the gangs. don’t leave them out of the equation.

      • New occupant of the liquor store has already cleaned it up quite a bit. Looks like he cleaned up the vintage cabinetry maybe left over from the old pharmacy. It’d be good to see Temple turn into something better here. There is some potential with mom & pop spots like The Park’s BBQ and the bakery.

  3. @KittenFace: This building’s a beauty, just needs a little TLC.

  4. Completely agree this building is beautiful!…..Great to see a potential to rehab this building. I’ve always thought Temple st. has some great & nicely scaled buildings and would be a nice alternative to Sunset Blvd. for shops. In addition to the beautiful 2 story brick structures such as this, there are some nice bow truss buildings and Spanish style complexes on Temple st. that stretch from E. Edgeware all the way to Hoover st. An Investor with vision could do quite well on this street since there are industries that have set up shop for the long haul on or near this strip. (Otis Booth Children’s Institute, Occidental Studios, EP pool, Old Rampart police/SWAT, Animators in the Giraffe Bldg just to name a few…) I sure hope the new owners do it justice. And yes, cheap for 1 mil considering its potential, very central location and proximity to downtown, K-town, SL & so on.

  5. I don’t think I’d ever purchase an unreinforced-brick building in Southern California – except for the land value. I wonder if it’s even possible to buy an earthquake-insurance policy on such a building. I don’t understand how such buildings are reinforced or how much it would cost, but I’m guessing it’s not cheap. There’s a reason such brick buildings aren’t being built nowadays.

    • Looking at the larger version of the building picture shows that some standard quake reinforcement has been installed — three each — in those decorative rectangular frames near the top of the Temple side, but oddly enough not (or at least not clearly visible) in the same areas on the Edgeware side.

  6. what the hipsters are gonna start moving up on that side of town to little by little trying to move out the raza!

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