Echo Park building goes from bland to bold

1933 Echo Park Avenue, a two-story apartment building,  was easily one of Echo Park’s most dreary looking buildings. For many years, the windows and doorway were covered up with heavy-duty metal security bars and grates.  Then, the bars came off the widows. Now, the front of the building has recently been painted in bands of blue and orange,  giving the building a rugby shirt-like appearance. The new color scheme is certainly bold but is it beautiful?


  1. Yes. It looks cool to me.

  2. Sorry, that ain’t beautiful. That is loud and tacky.

    I suppose someone tired, being as they went tot he trouble to paint it. Too bad they don’t have good taste.

    I’m going to have to make sure Im wearing my sun glasses whenever I go by there now.

  3. Well, for starters, it’s no longer dreary. Painting over rocks always looks tacky,though. Kind of looks like one of those tents they use for termite fumigation. But what’s up with the doors that look like they came from Fort Knox?

  4. That is not beauty!! Look at those tacky aluminum windows! Haha! What is good though is a building where it’s a color is other than that dreadful beige color on most LA buildings! Why doesn’t LA wake up and create a more colorful palette on architecture as is seen in other Mediterranean climates! Color on buildings would help disguise that dirty scum look on beige buildings like when it hasn’t rained in months.

    Think about it..

  5. Not that I want LA to be South Beach, but I’ll take anything over the typical stucco job I’ve grown to loathe in most of this city. What color options are there again? OH right, beige, tan, tannish-beige, brownish tan, dirty beige, and beigey-beige.

  6. Definitely better than before – but they should not have painted over the stone. That’s really bad – make the stone work, don’t paint over it like some brute!

  7. Bland to barf

  8. I love it…gorgeous colors.

  9. Is from lame to ugly really an improvement? Bleh! Looks like a barfy Chicago Bears house.

  10. good start. now needs some awnings and window boxes, and then big thumbs up.

  11. Definitely an improvement.

  12. I love it, invigerating! and for those that don’t like it, buy your own building and paint it the most beautiful color in the world.
    Thank God it’s not beige!!

    • *sigh* My honey and I have been trying to buy, but after six offers on on six different properties, we just can’t compete with the investors who have all cash in hand. 🙁

      • Six offers? That’s it? We probably put in 40 offers when we were looking 2 years ago before getting a place.

      • Get some cash and stop whining.

        • I’m trying! I’ll let ya’ll know when my yard sale is. I’m going to be rich.

          • Don’t give up! I put in over 25 in two years and lost every one. On #26, I went in without an agent, the seller’s agent was happy to take 6% from the seller (which made her fight for $$me$$), and I ended up with a house. If you do go that route, READ every aspect of the contract and know what you’re getting into. Good luck!

  13. I think it works…….good job at making a bold move!!!

  14. funny the apartment complex next to mine has gone bold as well.
    they painted one whole side bright orange and then slapped about 5 black boards at the top and painted the fence black. keeping the rest of the building white. it has a certain halloween feel to it.
    its not to my liking but im sure they’ll find 3 tenants.
    located across the street from micheltorena school.

  15. I’ve seen paintings like that in a gallery. Did they get a mural permit or are geometric designs not murals?

  16. Certainly better, but it would have been nice for the building’s new owner to put a little more money into the facade than just a new paint job.

    • You folks are certainly good are good at telling other people how much of their money to spend and what to spend it on.


  18. I would have gone with a big orange dot in the middle of the rectanglar building. There’s not enough horizontal for the stripe. And I really agree with Quill above, some plants in window boxes and awnings should be next. And that improvment will make this building much more ecological, shading the window glass and having some space for Urban Ag.

  19. Go Bears!! This is our year…..

  20. “A doctor can bury his mistakes but an architect can only advise his clients to plant vines.”
    Frank Lloyd Wright

    Let me suggest creeping fig and lots of Miracle Grow.

  21. I second Hillster. Cover that thing with plants.
    I don’t mind the stripe– but the colors look like they were picked out by color blind person. Too harsh.

  22. The paint scheme adds insult to injury.
    The injury being the windows and door.

  23. lipstick on a pig…..fugly!

  24. why did they only paint 2 sides of the building? sooo Echo Park.

  25. Barf!


    Stripped mural?

  26. Get some color in this hood. I agree with Matt. A little more pride from property owners in any form is welcome.

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