Police investigate fatal Highland Park shooting*

One man was killed and his brother injured in Highland Park  during an early evening shooting near Avenue 53 and Monte Vista Street. Police were  looking for the suspect who walked up to the victims and opened fire at about 6:20 p.m., said Sgt. Lisa Phillips with the Northeast Division.  The person who survived the shooting suffered an injury that was not life threatening, she said.

The shooting was the most recent to take place on or near Monte Vista  Street  in recent months. Residents “need to take back their neighborhood,” Phillips said.

There was a heavy police presence in the area hours after the shooting as police, some wearing helmets, blocked off streets during te search for suspects.

One resident said “there has been a lot of tagging lately that says ’53’  in the area where the shooting took place. We have never seen tags that say ’53’ before until recently.”

* Update on Sunday, July 8:  The victim who died has been identified as 24-year-old Pedro Morales; his brother, Charlie Morales, 22, is in stable condition, said Lt. Mike Menza with the Northeast Division. The suspects remain at large in a shooting that is being investigated as gang-related crime.


  1. Rest in peace primo..

  2. Anymore updates? Been hearing gunshots and sirens for hours? What the hell is going on… For real!

  3. Hope that neighborhood changes sometimes soon…..a dam shame.

  4. The one resident who just notice “53” tagged up in the area, must be oblivious to their surroundings or new to the neighborhood.

  5. stupid gang members

  6. That neighborhood will never change.  It’s ebb and flow.  Times when things die down a bit, but then it ramps back up.  I saw it first hand for 22 years.  It’s sad, but it’s a reality.  

  7. Rosehills 90032

    graffiti is like a fire if not controld it spreads into a wildfire”

  8. Is this the building that had a pretty serious fire 3 or 4 years ago? Too bad it didn’t get condemned and razed.

  9. What is the name of the slumlord presiding and profiting over this dump?

    • That’s a very rude thing to say ELNINBY I live in the apartment building you call a dump. It is not trash, there are families here.

      • Sorry Tommy. I’ve lived in Highland Park for 30 years and that building was a dump 30 years ago and still is. In the early 1990’s I heard firemen talk about hating to have calls there because of the rude drug addicts and gang bangers and filthy conditions. Sorry that families are living there. It’s way past time to get Ed Reyes and the city involved just like they did at that festering mess of a place on Drew St..

        • Excuse me CAROL you can go screw yourself. You lived in HP for 30 years but you never lived in this building so you don’t know shit. This is a beautiful building with really nice people that live here, yeah that might of been in the early ’90s but its not like that now. Besides the gangbangera that you say live here actually don’t. So don’t judge something based on 20 year old comments.
          EL NINMBY Yes, there is a manager on premises. Why does it concern you soo damn much

      • (f)art district

        It’s always the renters who cause the problems…this area has the highest density in the neighborhood. With all those people, you would think someone would know something, but la raza has to protect la raza from the man.

        • It is a fact (f)art.

          Cultures that come from other places where the police are as bad (or worse) than the criminals do not have the instinct as Americans to rely on the police. It is a shame but true. This is one of the reasons gentrification is effective in “cleaning up” an area.

          As a Latino neighbor of mine said ” Whites don’t tolerate what we used to tolerate, it’s gotten a lot better around here”

      • @Tammismami – Who is your landlord? Does he/she ever come around? Is there a manager on the premises?

  10. jody highlandpark

    There was a drive by there on memorial day too… so many little kids on the street too. Scary.

  11. jody highlandpark

    Also, if the suspect is at large, why the hell were the police there all day and well into the night with a helicopter shining down on the place, in full gear (helmets, etc)? They also evacuated the apartment building and had a bunch of the tenants standing on the corner of 54th.

  12. @ Jody- that’s why he’s at large, because they didn’t find him last night.
    @el ninby- the shooting did not happen in the apartments it happen on the street. Most of the families that live at the apartments are good people.

  13. and to think that “hipsters” are supposedly “scared” to go to the ice cream shop down there….

  14. jody highlandpark

    fair enough, but why the swat gear, helicopter, and isolation of the block if they weren’t going after a suspect? then again, they fled on foot so who knows?

    what i do know is yet another got arrested yesterday afternoon in that building. at least the police are paying attention now. maybe the gang members won’t get the chance to exterminate each other.

  15. If u don’t know highland park you shouldn’t say shit. just because It was in front of those apartments doesn’t mean the people in them did anything. Family makes the home not the building. This man had a family. Brothers, a mom ,a dad, babies. No one should have to lose someone so early. I’m so sorry this happened to u Peter and Charlie. Rip

  16. They definitely need to demolish that building.

  17. RIP compadre , you will forever be missed .

  18. Hmmm. Who woulda guessed this would be gang related?

  19. Police just caught “a” murder suspect in this case.

    • The murderer has been found and captured. It’s sad because the person that was killed was not a gang banger nor a drug dealer. He was a hard working man, brother, cousin, and a father. None of you know what really occurred. He was shielding his baby brother from the shots being fired. He took all the shots to his torso and one hit his brother in the shoulder. It’s a sad story.

  20. All three of those dudes are from the same gang let’s just say he beat them to the proverbial punch

  21. But his brother is a gang member

  22. Peter was NOT a gang member, people are too quick to judge,you
    Guys don’t even know him. This is an innocent life taken &the gang member. Daniel F.Aguilar was caught &He was from the gang Highland park, so get your facts straight before you say ignorant comments about Peter, let him rest in peace now & it’s sad his children’s life’s will be forever changed just because of a selfish ki. But. Only. God can judge. . Rest in peace Peter! You got justice .

    • Daniel is not from highland park gang. He is a member of the cypress park gang. Peter the homicide victim was not a gang member, but his brother charlie was an active cypress park gang member. Charlie was sent to teach Daniel a lesson over a drug debt. Daniel spotted the two brothers walking monte vista searching for him and decided he would teach charlie a lesson. Fortunately for charlie his brother peter try to neutralize the situation by stepping in front of the gun when Daniel pulled it out. This was an internal gang beef that resulted in peter getting killed for his brothers gang affiliation.

      • Why did Daniel do it it is so pathetic that gabg members have to use guns their little wimps what ever happened to usin ur fists I’m guessing that Daniel was a wimp.i hate that they use violence to “fix” a problem I seriously dislike this.I think it’s horrible that my cousin was killed because of a idiot that would probably die in jail like the nothing he is.I’ll miss u Peter u’ll always be my favorite cousin u live through all of us in our family. I’m sorry if a offended anyone I’m just still angry that my cousin is gone while his kids are still little and so innocent and so was he.Why did Daniel kill my cousin he had a choice n I guess he wasnt thinking about who he was messing with.but anyway I’ll miss u Peter I can’t believe ur really gone I didn’t really get to know u Peter but I guess I really can’t now

      • Daniel would hang out with highland park gang though…when he was supposably from cp. He’s just a. Hood hopper pussy

      • Daniel is a hood hopper …he’d claim cp but would kick it with highland park sooooo yeah

  23. I can’t believe my cousin is gone so soon n I can’t believe it I’m never gonna forget u n if I do well ill meet h up there Junior I miss u but I know ur still living ur life after death n if not u live through our family.I love u Junior I regret not knowing u that much I think ur really cool n u must have been a very awesome brother to have.I bet u were an angel before and after death Junior we’ll all miss u.I know I will I can’t believe that ur not here but I know u r in spirt so it’s not goodbye to u it’s see you later. Peter Morales Jr. R.I.P aka Rest In Paradise.

  24. District Attorney’s called me this morning, Daniel Aguilar has been sentenced to 22 years and 8 months in prison.

    Some things you can never forget, you’ll just have to live with them.

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