Police seaching for suspected car thief in Silver Lake*

LAPD police helicopter over Echo Park.Police tonight are searching for a suspected teenage car thief near Bellevue Park in Silver Lake. The suspect got out of the stolen car, possibly a Honda, and “took off running,”  said Rampart Division Sgt. Melvin Gamble. Police units on the ground and an LAPD helicopter overheard are involved in the search.

* Update: After more than two hours, police called off the search without finding the suspect, reports Patch.


  1. Baja Silverlake!

  2. The helicopter is shaking my house its so low.

  3. The police say they are searching another area and then bringing in infra red cameras. This is all for a kid who stole a car. Is this worth it?? I have my mother in law trying to get home and she cant get access to the house. Its been going on for 2 hrs. How can they justify this?? Its ridiculous.


      Are you kidding me?!! Now you don’t want the cops to do their jobs because it’s slightly inconvenient to your mother in law?!!!

      Would you please think about the person who had their car stolen and the hours of inconvenience they will have because of this moron who COMMITTED A CRIME?

      I just cant believe how self centered the people are in this neighborhood!

  4. Going on two hours of helicopter over my neighborhood…time to give it up, guys

  5. Choppers been here for 2plus hours. I also keep hearing gun shots or are they left over fireworks?

  6. They just called off the helicopter and let all of us get back to our normal lives. After spending 2 hrs holding our neighborhood hostage for a teenager who stole a car.
    The LAPD have no consideration for the local community. The street closures and helicopter would be justified if there was a serial killer on the loose. BUt a kid stealing a car !

  7. A *little* hard to sleep with a search light shining in your windows every two minutes and change…hope they caught him.

  8. Yes, it was hours they buzzed around, and right over my apartment the whole time. I figured it was at least a matter of someone had been murdered and two others were hostage. But it was just a car thief!?

    That was an enormous expense and devotion of police manpower — for a car thief? I wonder what murders and robberies and other more serious offenses went unanswered while they devoted so much resources to this for so long!? He, we want you to catch car thieves — but be sensible about the effort involved!

    Clearly, we don’t need the 1,000 extra police hires for which Villaraigosa has been gutting everything else in the budget (including ambulance service!) and raising fines, fees and taxes at every turn to pay for! It is clear the police already have more people, resources and money than they know what to do with.

  9. The helo search was going on for a long time. I’m reassured that LAPD is on this! Stop the “little” things and the big things follow. As far as they will say, the suspicion was car theft, but there is always something more.

  10. well, auto theft is just about the biggest reported crime hereabouts
    sometimes the cops catch the thieves, this time it didn’t work out
    hope the morning light has chased the grumples away

  11. I’m with Mama and Wes, but to placate all the armchair tactical commanders out there I vote going forward that we implement a pilot program in which anyone disturbed and or otherwise negatively impacted dictates what nighttime crimes in progress can be pursued, for how long and with what number of officers and equipment.

    For examples:
    Carjacking/GTA: 14 minutes, 4 officers (ground and air)
    Robbery/Burglary: 16 minutes, 4 officers (all ground)
    Hate crime: 18 minutes, 4 officers (all ground)
    Murder: 32 minutes, 6 officers (air only)
    Vandalism: 68 minutes, 8 officers (ground and air)
    Jaywalking: 124 minutes, 12 officers (ground and air)
    Dog off-leash: 175 minutes, 16 officers (ground and air)
    Littering: Unlimited time frame, full tactical alert

    Sure it’ll result in our streets running rampant with major crime but at least we can do the far more important thing and minimize the amount of bother the fleeing criminals cause residents as the police DO THEIR JOB trying to apprehend them.

  12. I am all for LAPD to do their job and get this a hole off my neighborhood……

  13. For all those whining about ‘just a car thief’ on the loose:
    Next time, when the cops call it off early ’cause they can’t find an ‘insignificant thief’; and that little thief was actually hiding out on your property (and successfully evaded capture thanks to neighborhood requests to ‘not pursue when inconvenient to residents’), please don’t call 911/LAPD for help when that ‘little thief’ decides he/she happens to fancy some of your valuable he/she just eyed when hiding out on your property. And perhaps even decides, heck, there’s even nicer stuff inside your house visible through the window the ‘little thief’ was hiding out next to.

    Yeah, please don’t bother the LAPD, you don’t want to inconvenience your neighbors with more heli’s, perimeters, stand-off’s, no please don’t. It’s just a common thief.

    • YAY fleaman. They don’t want to be bothered, but the tune would change if their property was disturbed/stolen. How many times will people around Silver Lake b*tch about helicopters? You live in L.A., people. A city. Where are they from that they don’t get it comes with the territory?

      • Not to mention, if the whiners got their way, all the car thief’s in the greater s. cal area will know where to steal cars from, Silverlake! And when that happens to ‘their’ car, they’d be bitching and whining about it here, lol.

  14. From the complaints I hear in this forum, sounds right at home in brentwood or pac palisades, jesus people Do your home work you live in a low income part of town, I know your pay west side prices but this is not the west side wake up or move back to the west side.

  15. Just so you folks out there can put a little closure to this 1, we picked the guy up the next day. Turns our he also had a burglary warrant and extensive history of arrests for breaking into houses. But guess what, we don’t even want a thank you. But you can definitely be assured, we will keep doing the job you don’t want to. In the meantime, use your heads and think before you type or talk.

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