Silver Lake street goes Hollywood

Photos by Christian Siguenza

Movie fans spread out chairs and blankets across a polka-dot painted street in Silver Lake tonight to watch the first in a series of outdoor movies at the new Sunset Triangle Plaza. As traffic rushed by on Sunset Boulevard,   “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”  flickered on a large screen set on a section of Griffith Park Boulevard that was closed off to traffic earlier this year and decorated with a field of green polka dots.  The “traffic noise did not interfere with the movie –the speakers were loud enough,” said photographer Christian Siguenza. “Folks did not seemed bothered.”

The  Silver Lake Picture Show will feature a crowd-pleasing Hollywood movie and a short indie film every other Wednesday night through early October.


  1. If you can’t walk or ride a bike, please don’t come. Parking is horrible and we just don’t need more vehicles competing for nonexistent space. Thanks for understanding.

    • Then please don’t come to my neighborhood either……

    • Ironic then that the first movie screened was “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?”

      If we still had something like the Red Car, this comment wouldn’t exist.

      • We do. Metro buses carry far more people far greater distances at far greater speeds than the red car ever did. I think many people just aren’t aware of how good LA buses are.

    • Yes, that is an offensive comment — you are making anyone who doesn’t ride a bicycle an outcast, an undesirable. As eastsidearts said, then don;t come to my neighborhood! And don’t use my streets.

      You know, not everyone lives a block away, and not everyone is 20 years old and healthy as can be — some are older and not up to a hefty walk, some are loaded down with babies and children, and other just don’t want to walk home alone on streets in the dark after it ends at 10:30 p.m. or so!

      Parking should be considered long before such a plan as this is made! Just because people don’t ride a bicycle is no reason to make the outcasts!

      • Mark,
        As much as we love the attention to our neighborhood, I would like to challenge your logic. Although the earth does revolve around your need to watch a movie in a different neighborhood, outdoors, how does your need outweigh the need of that same family having (with children…yadda, yadda yadda) having to park blocks from their home? Let’s be real, please, come enjoy the movie, but can you and your oxygen tank park a few blocks away and be considerate of the true residents and take real parking concerns into consideration?

        • As the streets are public, both are of equal concern.

        • t-bone, read it again. I DO live here, right down the block. But this is NOT for bicyclers only! I care about other people, too, not just myself. I would walk. But plenty of people have plenty of reasons to drive, and to tell drivers they are unwelcome is out of line.

          And this is a big problem with the bicycle Nazis around here — they don’t seem to care about anyone else, its all about them. Well, no it isn’t. I, for one, consider other people.

      • Wait, what? You can ride a bus like everyone else! The 2 and the 4 and the 704 all stop right within a block or two. Not every one in this city is rich enough to own a car – we shouldn’t plan everything just for those rich enough to burn gas for this.

    • Most of these bicycle Nazis don’t work at a job where people care about their appearance.

    • Predictable.

    • How about YOU donate your clunker to KPCC and ride YOUR biketard fixie everywhere from now on? Oh and please give pedestrians right of way.

    • And people wonder why cyclists are successfully earning themselves a reputation as entitled douchebags.

  2. the previous comment gives me douche chills.

  3. Fucking lame.

  4. As someone who LIVES in Silver Lake, please come! The more the merrier. Take public transit if you can, otherwise- come early and hang at Casbah or Intelligentsia beforehand.

    I think these movie nights are an awesome way to bring the community together. 🙂

  5. it was nice, laid back event. thanks Silver Lake Picture Show.

  6. I think it’s fantastic the neighborhood is putting on these events! Keep it up!

  7. In the prolific words of the late Rodney King ,


    I mean really , grow up ! Cyclists with or without spandex ball huggers on fixies or not , non cyclists , bus riders ,pedestrians , segway users , razor scooter riders , skateboarders , roller skate/bladers, electric scooter riders , wheelchair pushers , whatever . Im sure everyone is mature enough to mind each others space.
    Quit bitching you bunch of crybabies.

  8. I had such a good time last night! It felt so nice laying on the warm pavement and seeing the Goodyear Blimp and downtown high-rises in the distance.

    Oh, and I’m kind of sick of every blog comment roll turning into an endless argument over the same petty things. Traffic and parking suck. That’s part of life. Parking shouldn’t be provided–it’s up to the drivers to figure it out should they so desire. When parking becomes unmanageable and utterly irritating, you either don’t drive (as a movie goer), or you move somewhere that gives you a parking space or easier parking (as a resident). We’re all entitled to our own private space, but not our own public space.

  9. Dear Eastsider,
    Your comment section is full of hate. How do you feel about this?

  10. I often suspect that the comments sections may be infiltrated by provacateurs working with The Eastsider itself. More controversy=more readers to keep the ad rates up. I’m just saying.

    • Eastsider does a pretty good job of letting the site heat up then cool down. As soon as its gets insanely angry by posting stories that cause predictable reactions by the readers he will pull it back to stories about flowers, birds or something benign that illicit zero comments. Why post stories that you know will give zero comments? In order for the site to survive you need to keep the cpms up. But I think he has learned that if you keep that hate running for too long the overall impressions go down. So what does this mean? Does Eastsider emotionally manipulates its readers using an ebb and flow of stories that create discussions that end up in name calling and general hate? Then cool them down with filler posts? Or is it just coincidence?

      If this comment doesn’t get taken down I gotta give the guy some respect. Because it can’t be easy to let people talk about your business practices in your own forum.

      • The individual that calls itself “kitten face” is an agent provocateur.

      • Huh all the Eastsider did was post about and show a couple photos which indicate it was pretty well received. There is nothing inherently negative about this story. Basically all your saying is the Eastsider is good at its joba variety of posts thats called balance. And If your posting a variety of news then some posts are bound to elicit a more heated response jesus people here will complain about ANYTHING

      • Life ebbs and flows moron . Like news . Except in your world where you love to insight people with your usual flow of rampant verbal abuse .
        Seriously , you are annoying .
        Start your own blog and you can name it Kitten Face Moves back to Simi Valley .

  11. Oh Voodoo, I think you are so wrong….
    First of all, the Eastsider posts so many positive, supportive articles that expand our understanding of the areas it covers, updates information if advised of any inaccuracies (and always with appreciation and an apology), provides a forum for so many events and organizations and if that weren’t enough, does so with great photos both timely (specific coverage) and general (scenes from our areas).
    Let’s face it, there are topics that will always draw immediate flash comments, bike riding/not using a car/parking/etc are some of them. People attach their egos to specific interests and feel they either need to attack those who speak against them or defend their own opinions. I doubt that Jesus would even consider inlisting the assistance of such people to post comments just to drive up his readership numbers.
    To be honest, the sort of controversy you’re talking about (people ‘hating’ on each other for their viewpoints) does not show our communities at their best and might actually deter some businesses from wanting to advertise here.
    But since the general tone of the Eastsider and the usual more positive comments from readers show a very different community, one which advertisers would want to seek out.
    If you’re a regular reader of the Eastsider for sometime then I’m sorry you’ve not looked beyond the hoopla and seen the day-to-day good coverage and constructive comments that can be found here.

    • Gabriele, i think you are so naive. I will state that this site is a business foremost and needs to function as one to survive. My statement had nothing to do with positive coverage or constructive comments and I stand by it. But, my theory is only that, and its my own opinion. I also have a personal reason for wanting to believe it because based on the majority of comments i read here, I have such a difficult time accepting that I live among so many miserable, negative, whiny bunch of locals who can find a dark cloud in ANYTHING and seem to want to bitch solely because they can. Unfortunately, I should perhaps start accepting that most of these voices are real.

  12. Jeff W said parking sucks in the area, I am sure it does after the plaza killed a dozen spots for those who live there. Can he not have an opinion? He didn’t say down with the film fest or anything, for gods sake.

  13. Well at least we aren’t talking about how useless the triangle is. Its actually being used as it was intended a public meeting place that brings the community closer together. BRAVO!

  14. Who Framed Roger Rabbit is an awesome movie.

  15. Thanks for all the love and understanding.

  16. 3rd generation immediate local

    Good lord! Most of you are not from here. You invade our neighborhoods and our lifestyles. Augment our existances, tell us how to live and then moan amongst yourselves. Really quite discouraging to see what you do with utopia. Remember we didn’t move to your “home- towns”, you moved here. Triangle park, you’ve got to be kidding. I know all of you are gonna jump all over me for my comments but remember to most of us, all of you are just a bunch of hipsters. See you at the fair kids.

  17. Wow folks!
    We all need to cut down on oil, gas, pollution, traffic, noise and such.

    If you have to drive please feel free to use Living Room’s parking lot. We close at 7:00, and have 7 spots. LA Confidential is this weeks movie. See y’all there.

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