Work resumes on failed Angeleno Heights condo project

Construction workers have returned to the site of the former Brownstone Lofts on the eastern edge of Angeleno Heights as new owners prepare to finish the project this fall. But instead of condos, the new owners,  Lion Real Estate Group, plans to rent out the 55 units in the three-story brick building as apartments. Earlier this week, a construction crane swung over the site of a 65-space parking garage that will rise next to the 1920s building as Lion Real Estate pumps about $14 million to finish construction, perhaps as soon  as September, according to company owner Mory Barak. “It brings together an old world  brick  building …  and new modern amenities on the inside,” he said of the project, now called the Bellevue Lofts L.A.

Barak’s firm, which specializes in buying and turning around troubled properties, purchased the building earlier this year after the previous owner filed for bankruptcy in September 2013.  The bankruptcy filing and halt of construction was part of an ongoing saga that saw numerous delays and a legal struggle between the previous owner and tenants in the Angeleno Heights building.

The previous owner had been asking as much as a million dollars for penthouse units with views of the downtown skyline–as well as the adjacent Hollywood Freeway.  When completed,  units will be rented instead of being sold as condominiums. “We think it’s a better time for rentals,” said Barak, whose firm owns more than 30 apartment complexes across the West Coast.

Apartments in Bellevue Lofts L.A. are expected to become available in October. Rents, however, have yet to be established.


  1. oh god who would live here. smog choked and loud 101 lulling you to sleep every night in an overrated neighborhood.

    • But it will be worth so much more because they plan to call it “lofts” instead of “apartment units.” It will be so much better to live there because it is called “lofts.” How hip.

  2. New construction or remodel? With new construction, you can at least set the price (no rent control).

    • You don’t understand LA’s rent control. It doesn’t matter to the price they charge. Even under rent control, they can charge a new tenant however much they want, no limit on how high they can charge.

      Still, no matter what they do inside, it is not “new construction” anyway! That is referring to a new building, not new insides.

  3. This is so sad. All those people evicted from their homes for a bubble-fueled fantasy, and it’s just going to be rentals again… rentals that won’t be affordable by the kind of folks who used to live there.

  4. It’s about time this Los Angeles treasure was restored to its former glory. What a fantastic improvement for the neighborhood.

  5. If interested in spooky events, google Marion Parker. I used to make up stories about this building and tell the kids at CCAC. Little did I know about the past of this building. Seems like everything fails. Maybe there is some truth to my stories.

  6. “by the kind of folks who used to live there.”

    Um. Yeah. You mean the quasi-homeless squatter types, or folks who did nothing but stand and watch all the crime/drug deals/drive-bys that once over-rid this block while I overpaid for the privilege of having 9-1-1 on speed dial and got to know my Rampart officers by first name across the street? Quality people all of them. Pissing on the stairwells. Gathering en masse outside and starting fires in the building. Good folks. Let’s bring them back and let them live 20 to a one bedroom for like, 600.00 a month. That was a good business plan.

    And Glo, Marion Parker was real. That building’s lore is cursed as the day is long.

    • epgirl, I have a commenter crush on you. Thank you for standing up and saying this.

      • Oh, good. Thanks Henry. I thought I was being too harsh but – when something is absolute truth, I’m gonna go for it. And what I said up there was no exaggeration.

    • I would like to respond to you and all of my new neighbors I have lived in angeleno heights all 33 of my years and I can tell you from a unique perspective what is going on in “our ” neighborhood. I have been down the Ave., up in the hills, in the alleys, pioneer market, hell pioneer chicken, and Patras. So with my experience in this once unique corner of los angeles i can truly say I’m sad to see whats become of the once familar streets. Echo Park & Angeleno Heights have always had a split personality but now it seems our new inhabitants dont’t truly embrace what makes this place so appealing its the very thing I read you ranting about. You live in central L.A. minutes from DTLA proper THIS IS NOT THE SUBURBS its the city, there are no gates here, association fees, etc.. If you dont like it here leave or were you so thrilled about slumming it near downtown that all your blog reading about EP and the call to your renting agency seem too easy. So here you are now and oh my it’s really not what all your friends said it was like, gangs, homeless, graffiti wow in L.A. who would have thought. REALLY . I believe living in a big city with such divirsity can only enrich your experiences day to day. Relax, talk to people you otherwise would not you’ll come to find that ‘quality people’ have alot to offer.
      And please when commenting about gangs and drugs who do you think are the gangs biggest clients nowadays hmmmmmm
      I know and I think you do to

      I can go on all day

      • I’m so sick of that rhetoric masking as logic.

        Why do people assume that anyone choosing to not live in the suburbs is:
        a) a poseur
        b) a high-falutin’ liberal bourgeois NIMBY
        c) yet another kind of racist or otherwise ignorant so and so

        (I too could go on and on)

        What makes living outside of the suburbs an excuse for disrespectful, primitive behavior? We live in the 20th century. We are not barbarians. We are not cavemen. They died out a long time ago for good reason, duh.
        But to say that living minutes from downtown anywhere invites lawlessness is a horrible, lame excuse for what is essentially just very bad human behavior. And the suburbs are hardly immune from said bad behavior. Please.

        Now that that’s off my chest, I too agree, we do have an influx of some very obnoxious, entitled yoots who have NO sense of street smarts about themselves in our lovely, split personality hood I would just as soon see migrate anywhere else.

        • I too wish society could realize that the harm done to our community hurts us all. As a father of two I would love to see all that is negative in the world disappear, but unfortunately the reality is it won’t. So instead of complaining about it change yourself then you can hopefully impact the lives of people around you. When I said take time to talk to people you otherwise wouldn’t it was to help everyone understand who we live with in our society. Beginning with me to you I understand your position and I know we are on the same page be it on opposite corners but still same page.

  7. A million bucks for a view of the freeway? Idiots.
    Glad to see the new owners realize that was a fallacy and affordable apartments are the much better choice for that area.

  8. I presume they’ve scrapped the ridiculous pool?

  9. I’ve lived across from this building for 7 years and watched its changes (slow, slow changes). Scary transient looking people for a while and then new windows three times, four to five different contractors that I have seen or talked to, storage containers blocking parking for months, tractors causing dust to cover the streets. I can’t wait for this to be done, so there’s some peace to that place. And hopefully some cool, quiet new neighbors.

  10. They weren’t evicted – their contract ended.
    A rental is not “your home”. It is temporary lodging space.
    It becomes “your home” when you buy it.

  11. Off Topic, And Still Wrong

    AHP —

    I’m not sure why you’re bringing up Barlow hospital here, unless you’re being paid per post to astro-turf support for Barlow, but!

    The City and People of Los Angeles should DEFINITELY NOT Allow Barlow to develop potential green space and destroy the history of Los Angeles.

    Barlow’s inept leadership, financial mismanagement and inability to fundraise over the past 20 years has lead them to an existential crisis entirely of their own making.

    This land is zoned agricultural. The only reason Barlow was built on this land was because it was located outside the city with clean air and green space.

    Barlow not only betrays the community in their greed to develop the land, but betrays itself and its legacy with this a last ditch attempt at gross exploitation of the land.

    That land is potential green space, a community center, a museum, all of which would be more in keeping with the history of Barlow, as a place that the community of Los Angeles built through its donations over the past century and which provided for and worked together with the community.

  12. I think there’s nothing wrong with rebuilding it so long its more intact than before.

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