Bulletin Board: Northeast L.A. homeless advocates seek support

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Submitted by Rebecca Prine

My name is Rebecca Prine and I am the director of Recycled Resources for the Homeless, a small nonprofit agency located Highland Park. We are staffed entirely by volunteers and operate a zero percent profit margin. Our organization works to improve the lives of those chronically homeless in North East Los Angeles. We outreach and engage those homeless in Cypress Park, Glassell Park, Highland Park, Eagle Rock, and El Sereno. Currently we are trying to educate people about the need for homeless services in our neighborhood as there is no homeless access service center located in North East Los Angeles.

I am trying to reach anyone that may be interested in supporting our mission as well as educate people through newspapers, discussions, or meetings about the homeless population in our area and the need for services. If you could please take a moment and look at our website it will give you a better idea of what we do and who we are.

We host outreach events once a month to check on those homeless in this area, offer food clothing and hygiene products as well as bus tokens and maps to access services needed to improve their current situations.


  1. Have you tried reaching out to LA Dream Center? They do wonderful things for the homeless over in the skid row area in Downtown LA. I think they would be able to assist you with food, clothing or some guidance on how to get more help. My sister works in the food bank and she may be able to direct you to the proper channels. Email to foodbank@dreamcenter.org.

  2. I would not suggest making contributions to this organization. My organization offered our facility to use as a soup kitchen in Highland Park and Ms. Prine’s response was…silence. She only wants things her way, i.e. donations. Her “outreach” events consist of underwear and socks giveaways to people encamped at our Veterans Memorial Square and who many times refuse placement in rehab centers. When she is called out by the community for her actions, Ms. Prine’s reaction is to get homeless persons and upity Mount Washington Homeowners Association members to write letters to the editor of Highland Park Patch to say that our elected officials and veterans in HP are threatening and uncaring of our homeless. A person true to finding a solution to the problem of homelessness in Northeast LA would be willing to at least consider all ideas and donations. This is not the organization to do that.

    • if her mission is not in line with your agencies mission, then I think she is doing the right thing by not forging ahead with a collaboration. if she just wants to hand out hygiene items, then that is her and her agencies business. maybe not a recipe for a sustainable solution, but not something that should raise the ire of the community, or require them “call her out” for her actions. I don’t like the Salvation Army’s homophobic, christian stance; but that’s how they run their business. I don’t have to support it.

  3. NE Veteran is “Commander” David Bloom of the Highland Park VFW, whose threats against the homeless in a local traffic circle are documented here: http://highlandpark-ca.patch.com/articles/letter-to-the-editor-park-efforts-criminalize-homeless#photo-11053341

    People won’t go to soup kitchens and be lectured, and “Commander” Bloom has shown a “zero tolerance” policy toward the homeless, including homeless veterans. This is also documented in the letter above. Further, Rebecca Prine is a licensed psychiatric social worker, and has a track record of success with this very difficult-to-reach group.

    Finally, I simply note that the quality of Commander Bloom’s argument is such that has not had the courage to post here under his own name here, or at all on the Patch article.

    Rob Schraff
    Uppity Northeast L.A. Resident for more than 30 years

    • thank you. it all makes sense to me now: “my way or the highway.” hate that approach. there are many different types of homeless people and so there need to be many different approaches to assisting them.

  4. Thanks for those who support us, not me personally, but the mission of Recycled Resources. Offering a location to make soup is not a solution after you have displaced and judged people. When people do not have safe place to lay their head or a bathroom or a shower due to the above individuals action to remove those homeless from ‘his piece’ of land I see no reason to collaborate and ask for further assistance, especially from someone so ignorant of the chronically homeless mentally ill population. As for me wanting things my way, I want things that will benefit and improve the lives of those homeless in our neighborhoods period.. not relocate them , judge them, or further victimize them. I have been working with Council Members Huizar’s office and other homeless advocates in this community and we are beginning to solicit support in order to combat homeless stereotypes and misconceptions like those displayed above. Thanks Rob.

  5. I live in North Orange County and every month I come and participate in the Recycled Resources outreach. I have been doing this for over a year. One may question how we are helping with the homeless situation in the area. Those individuals, if interested, should come and participate in an outreach. It’s not about just giving a lunch, clean socks and toiletries. It’s about finding out who these people and what some of their needs are. Those of you who would like to cast stones on this organization ought to take the time to talk to some of the homeless in the streets. Some are ready to reach out for help, some don’t know where to go and others need time to build trust with those outside the homeless community. I have visited some of the same individuals month to month. Some just need to know that someone cares. There are some that Rebecca follows up with and helps them start the process of getting help. It takes time.
    I choose to help because I want to do what I can for those less fortunate. I am not there to judge whether they should seek treatment for their mental health issues or addictions. Maybe, by taking the time to talk to them while I provide a lunch and offer some clean clothes, I can help them see that there are options available. What is sad is that many resources are out of their reach. They have to relocate, they have to wait, and they may just get frustrated with the process. Recycled Resources is actively searching for solutions to help the homeless in the area. Offering facilities for a soup kitchen is no different than providing them a lunch. The problem with the soup kitchen is they have to get there. Recycled Resources outreaches go to the homeless.
    There are no simple solutions to resolving the homeless situation. What needs to happen is people need to put their judgments away and support those individuals and organizations that are making an effort to increase awareness of the issues of the homeless. Fencing off areas where they congregate and shuffling them to other cities is not a solution. Individuals need to decide to be part of the solution rather than part of the problem. Let’s put the politics away and make a decision to help human beings less fortunate than those of us who have the time to be on our computers and debate this issue.
    I support Rebecca’s efforts and the mission of Recycled Resources and encourage those of you in the community to join us for an outreach. You might just learn something.

  6. Are you serious? There is no way in hell would I give you a dime to help the chronically homeless! Most of them have chosen alcohol and drugs which has led them and keeps them in there situation! I have given a homeless guy 5 bucks in the past, and since it was Saturday, I decided to watch and see what happened. It was that white guy on Glendale at Berkley. Anyway, after he begged for money for upward of a hour, he walked straight to the AM/PM and bought a tall boy of steel reserve…… I guys the cops I had talked to from northeast division were exactly right. They said that was probably going to happen from thier experience. I did doubt them, but now I got to let them know I am sorry! In tough times here for the middle class, I suggest keep what you earn for you and your family! Homeless outreach is a scam

    • Outreach and support is not about money! I guess you didn’t read my post! How narrow-minded. There are plenty of homeless whose alcohol or drug issues stem from mental illness, which is not a choice!

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