Gov. Brown takes an Echo Park burrito break*

Photo via Gil Duran/Twitter

Yes, that was Gov. Jerry Brown standing in front of the Burrito King at Sunset Boulevard and Alvarado Street on Wednesday afternoon. The governor’s press secretary, Gil Duran, posted the above photo on his Twitter feed and noted that the Echo Park burrito stand, which was the first of what became a small chain of Burrito King restaurants, had been Brown’s “favorite since 1967.”  The same stand was featured in a 1977 Dutch documentary that included rock music performer Warren Zevon singing the praises of the Burrito King.

What is in the brown paper bag the governor is holding? Is it a machaca burrito?

* Update:  That governor did indeed order a machaca burrito, said Duran via email.  “He lived in the area in the late sixties, on Laguna Avenue in Echo Park and on Lucile in Silver Lake.”


  1. Oh YAY! THE GOVERNOR EATS BURRITOS!!! He must be just a regular chum just like you and me!

  2. Don’t you hate it when you get burrito grease on your Brioni suit.

    • When I lived just above MacArthur Park, that Burrito King was my go-to place for quesadillas and burritos. Your snarky comment about getting grease on a Brioni suit? I wore khakis at my most formal, and learned quickly to hold Burrito King quesadillas and burritos away from my body and vertically so the grease, which left a permanent stain on any clothing, dripped onto the sidewalk. Learned just as quickly not to eat in the car: that grease defeated Armor-All.

  3. Doesn’t Tom Waits mention this Burrito King in one of his songs?

  4. Is JR claiming Echo Park doesn’t still have the same?

  5. Don’t forget Gram Parsons

  6. Can’t a guy get a burrito without everyone hocking him?

  7. I wish people would just say “cool.”

  8. Ironically, it’s really what I thought.

  9. Whatever you think of Jerry Brown he’s certainly not the Brioni type.

    Fitting that he hung out in the neighborhood in the ’60’s with all the cool Folkers of the day like Warren Zevon, Jackson Brown, and of course Linda Ronstadt.

  10. Hey Jerry, where’s mine???

  11. If any of you happened to listen to Jerry Brown’s talk show on KPFA in the 1990s, you’ll know he’s actually very interesting, curious, and well-informed.

  12. Harvey the Rabbit

    Then leave California. Problem solved for you.

  13. I take the JB burrito please…

  14. Jerry is having a Rabbit burrito get em governor…

  15. Silver Lake resident

    Why didn’t he go to Taco Zone instead?

  16. Come on, Governor. El Flamin’ Taco. Get with the program.

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