Police continue to search for suspect in Echo Park killing

Hillside memorial for Ivan Pedroza

The family and friends of Ivan Pedroza gathered last week for funeral services for the 33-year-old Silver Lake resident and former Marshall High student who was shot to death near an Echo Park homeless encampment late last month. Two weeks after he was shot,  the shooter remains at large and police continue to look for a man, nicknamed “Chucky,” who is described as a person of interest, said Rampart Division homicide detective Julian Pere. Pere declined to provide details about the shooting and investigation but said Chucky is believed to be in Southern California.  Anyone with information about the case is asked to contact Pere at (213) 484-3638 or at 27434@lapd.lacity.org.

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  1. With the suspect identified by a nickname, it’s not a long leap to conclude that there are people who can describe him. As such, I can only hope a composite sketch will be produced and released?

  2. thuey know he s a clown from big top and all the folks who know shit be puffed up and in plain sight!!

  3. thanks for the article, and I know one day whoever did it will get caught and pay for what they did, I hope he rotts in hell

  4. btw, im sure the suspect has been arrested before and Rampart knows him, he’s just on the run, sooner or later he will be caught

  5. 33 years old and still in high school?

  6. People need to know how to read its a Former High School student meaning previous/He used to go he graduated from High School..Hello..Anyhow The Suspected killer is hiding n running for a reason Maybe Crash units officer perez knows who the suspect is …wow they have a name but no one in custody amazing
    I think I should join LAPD maybe I can show the Passion of a cop n find a way to b granted warrants for houses who belong to low lifes from big top (PEE-WEE. HERMAN)..FIND CLOSURE FOR FRIENDS BUT MOST OF ALL HIS FAMILY..MUCH LUV..



    • Yes, Mayberry. That is what a civilized society does. They “snitch” on the violent criminals because the they need to be separated from the rest…

      What kind of skewed universe to you live in where you don’t get that very basic concept?

      • i so agree with the comment above. And i have lived here most my life= I cant stand all the hipster hatred when its latino on latino crime thats got good people scared to go to parks and walk the streets of echo park once again. it seems a short lived span of time that showed our neighborhood in a peaceful and prosperous light with homeowner and business owners enjoying all too momentary spotlight being given to the neighborhood of echo park and yielding tremendous PRIDE. So whats up with all the deadbeat and absent Latino parents of the gang-banging, illiterate assholes teaming EP streets,??? your babys growing up to reek terror once again??? Mothers and Fathers you know what a freaking homie looks and dresses and talks like!!!!! (like little characters of the lowest life form and even lower IQs same as years gone by) If you love your kids and your neighbors, how the hell do you let your demons out the door acting and lookjng the fools the are????? I think its a real shame when the sacrifice so many have made to come to this country seeking a better life, and bust there butts just to have their clueless offspring turn around and piss in there face. never knowing what the word sacrifice means and too ignorant to even conceive of its meaning,.. do we really need a crack EPIDEMIC TO VISIT ONCE AGAIN so normal law abiding god fearing working jerks can sleep at night once more???? Do you even care about your kids? you know those the 30 year old sons who sit at home dealing drugs while you turna a blind eye and get that overtime???
        no more moral discussions? no more church… I wonder are these people literally blind and just too ignorant to realize that a little less dollar store bling got of slaving at the job and a few more eyes on the kids teaming the street with no regard for any human life and even less for there own??? RETARDS… giving the gift of life has irresponsibility. and if you cant handle it use a contraceptive.

    • ★your a coward just like chucky★ And we will catch you ★sincerely,lapd/lasd★

  9. Chales his own peeps the Mb’s hating on his people cuz they want that
    Scrap caught.kGacho.Looker Man

  10. There was a lot of police activity in that area this afternoon. Wonder if it was related.

  11. I heard they caught this foo at the olive motel..either way 2 tweekers ofF the streets

  12. No love for knuckle heads…..

  13. MBs Ain’t hating on nothing get that right”LOOK@ME”Your probably one of the ones snitching!!! And just a little message to all you civilized society membrrs all this gangbanging will never stop so cry and wine all you want on the easider but gangbanging is here to stay WS MAYBERRY ST LOCOS CYS

  14. Who r u ? Ivan grew up in the neighborhood. Most of the Cys knew him!

  15. Get a clue or buy a clue clueless! Property values go up and down , people move in and out but one thing that remains around here is us……
    How about you thank me for providing “free” neighborhood security since the early 80’s. If you live in MB aint nobody breaking in to your house or car on our watch! So a simple “Thank You” will suffice.

    • C, Here is the clue I just bought! i think you’ll appreciate it too!!!

      -I pay taxes which pay the police to watch my house.-

      I’d prefer to stick with that system… it yields fewer innocent dead bodies in the neighborhood than your “free security”.

      So thanks, but no thanks!

  16. Law Enforcement has been n will always b here MB CisYS like yogie(Robert,Funes),Speedy (Aaron Castaneda) stay in ur nest LAPD is on ur hiding butts taggers..whoa!.. too much info right stay quiet u no goods…oh yea u guys did post on here urself doesn’t take a detective to figure that one out..Snitch who..Sorry Ivan these r ur fake friends known as homies..Look@Me now Capital L..
    Do ur Thing Wes..LAPD..Hook all these low life kids..

  17. @ Clueless and Look@Me – BITE ME!!! 🙂

  18. @clueless – Ok now I am perturbed…………. not
    Step up your vocab then come talk to me, little homie.

    • Hardly a “homie”. I’ll reserve that distinction for my dissident children neighbors who elect to spray illegible markings on private property in effect “pissing on a territory” which laughably couldn’t be farther from “their territory”. Nah, homie I’m not.

      Okay, you’ve got 19 more guesses… try harder next time stupid!

      By the way, nice use of a punchline circa 1988! Who are you Steve Urkel?


  19. free my boy chucky frm that BTLS HOOD!! fuck LAPD..alvarado to glendale ..beverly to sunset

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