Police investigate report of shots fired in Echo Park

Police closed off Echo Park Avenue near Echo Park Lake this afternoon after residents reported hearing multiple gunshots and seeing two vehicles speed away from the scene. Officers had taped off Echo Park Avenue at Park Avenue at about 4:30 p.m. as they began to investigate the incident.   No injured persons were seen in the immediate area but residents who live nearby found bullet casings on the street.

Private security officer Ed Aguero and an Echo Park resident were talking on the sidewalk about half a block north from where the bullet casings were found when they heard several shots and then watched as a sedan followed by a large SUV race north on Echo Park Avenue. “I told him to ‘Get down,'” Aguero said.

Residents said they heard anywhere from between three to five shots.


  1. What gives, this happens weekly around ep and Baxter and I never even see a cop ha’!

  2. HSL: do shootings still happen up in that area of EP? Seems like its very quiet up there nowadays…

  3. Regular folks get caught with traffic cameras all the time, how come these p*****s cannot be caught on camera while heading back to their dirt hole neighborhoods?

  4. I live right by that intersection and heard about 3 shots– at first had no idea what they were but figured they were gunshots. I looked out my front window which faces EP Ave and didn’t see anything, but had no idea the shots were fired right there.

  5. This area can not be gentrified fast enough….

    • Yeah, more boutiques, bearded musicians and vegan eateries are going to keep out the gang element that has been in these neighborhoods for decades. The skinny jeans must have them really scared..

      • Silverlake used to be rough when I lived there. all of the artsy types (myself included) moved in, more stores opened, more events happened and more people from outside of Silverlake discovered the charm of the neighborhood. Those people started to move in, bring in businesses that they wanted, and rents went up. the original people of the neighborhood (latino working class, gay men, and artsy types) got priced out (or bought out) and Silverlake is what you see today. This is happening in EP too, so I imagine at some distant point in the future, this type of occurrence will be a rarity (rather than business as usual). The skinny jeans are the trend setters, and the general population follows soon afterwards.

        • I was born and raised in Silverlake but no longer live there and I know first hand what has happened there as my family was priced out of there thirty years ago. Yes, the Skinny Jeans are the trend and the future and they have money to spend, but that neighborhood is an amusement park now and no longer a neighborhood. It is “SilverlakeLand” with the neighboring “Echo Park Land”.
          The new residents in these areas want to create this kind of Bohemian Xanadu but the gang element in places like Echo Park or Highland Park will always have some kind of presence.

          • i think that in the end, money will usurp any sort of power the remaining gangs have in EP. either people with money will lobby hard enough that the police will clamp down, or the rents will be raised too high, or they will buy the houses that the gang members own. as the neighborhood becomes too inhospitable for gang activity, there will be less reason for gangs to stay here and the real estate market will start to look very appealing. at which point the few remaining houses that gang members own will be sold.

            you may be right: i could be totally wrong, and EP might always have a few token gang members trying to relive the glory days. but it’s happened time and time again in far more violent/crime ridden neighborhoods than EP. if I were a betting man, I would go with my scenario.

        • Michelle you bettr wake up ese.. the homies will never leave EP !!
          we own the block gringo No matter what we cant leave were here por vida. so watch ur back . and dont walk down echo park alone at night. and to the rest of you vatos .. if u dont wana get shot ! yall fools better sqaut. que no.. hahha them Lames sound tuff but when u see the lokos in the buick regal. u turn the other way .. haha thass our block iss always gun b our hood. dont like it GET THE FUK OUTTA HERE.. !! how we guna get price out when we own the mutha fukr.. hahaha prra .prra prraaaa. POR VIDA ..SUERENOS 13

          • Dear Eastsider,

            Now that “sunny” is posting threats, don’t you think it is time to turn his email / IP address over to LT Wes? I think “sunny” at the very least deserves to have the police know where he lives for “monitoring” purposes…

          • thought you were from Silverlake?

  6. Does anyone else feel angry and disgusted? I mean the vast majority of people in this neighborhood know how to live with each other without violence and criminal behavior.

  7. Retards Like sunny need to stop watching movies like mi vida loca times up
    Moron u guys ain’t Rambo or scarface you’ll all die @ the end live ur lives right
    Not being able to walk anywhere just cause u claim a street the city owns n runs
    Wut a stupid choice have respect luv thy neighbours have peace n live in peace
    *All races can make a difference together*


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