Power outgage hits Echo Park*

Photo by Erik Trujillo

About 1,400 homes and businesses in Echo Park and other nearby neighborhoods were left without power this afternoon, according to the Department of Water and POwer. Traffic officers were spotted at some intersections, including at Sunset Boulevard and Lemoyne Street (pictured above),  after signal lights went out. “Our crews will restore power as quickly as possible,” said the agency on its Twitter feed at about 12 p..m.

The power went out for about two hours at Masa of Echo Park, leaving the restaurant unable to serve lunch customers. “We had emergency lights in the kitchen but we could not make anything,” said owner Rhonda Reynolds.

* Update: Power was restored to all customers after 10 p.m., said DWP.

* Update @ 3 p.m.: The number of DWP customers without service had dropped to 370 as crews worked to repair an underground cable, said DWP spokeswoman.


  1. I am one in and apt complex counted in the 370. Four hours later we still have no power. I’m wondering how 1000 homes are back online while we are still without power and soon to be in the dark. There are many elderly people in my neighborhood who are suffering without power. Hopefully not too many people will lose food they cannot afford to replace.

  2. Runinoutabattery

    I just spoke with a dwp rep and she said the out(r)age is expected to last 2-3 more hours.

  3. Any updates now? Im at work now and my wife said we still have no power.we’re at Alvarado and Sunset Junction.

  4. Runinoutabattery

    I just got a call from HAL-2000 at DwP and he informed me that additional time will be required for us to have power and that he is sorry.

  5. Runinoutabattery

    You are welcome! I gathered all the candles I could find in front of a mirror and have a battery radio for ent. Plenty of light to read or write by. I just got a 10% warning on my phone and will shut er down for now. Will check back in at 9:30.

  6. Runinoutabattery

    Well no power at 9:30. The scotch is gone, the dogs have stopped barking and the coyotes have ceased to howl. I’m at the end of my last birthday candle. There are heavy footsteps on the stair. The zombies are upon us! Code blue!

  7. Still at work, live on Lemoye near the park, any word if the power is still down on that street?

  8. This reminds me that I should really prepare for a zombie doomsday as this is exactly how it starts 🙂

    I’m on montrose and still no power

  9. The power is back!

  10. Strike that, call off the apocolypse. Power, order and Netflix streaming have been restored. Now maybe the powers that be can work on my asymmetrical skin patch and my chronic halitosis.

  11. I am too tired to tell you all about TAIX tonight.I will remember it vividly.

  12. Our power went off at ~11:50 am and came on again at around 9:55 pm. When the power finally came back on, you could hear people cheering in the nearby apartments. I was happy to be able to blow out the candles, open the fridge, and access the internet again!

    Any idea of what caused the outage?

  13. Magnets

  14. we were without power for almost 10 hours….reminded me of the old days before computers and when we had to use alternative lighting and creative entertainment..sorta fun…for a little while. On the upside it wasn’t stinkin’ hot.

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