Storefront Report: Beers and sausages await at new Atwater gastropub

Photo courtesy Links n Hops

After being mired in city red tape for several months,  Atwater Village businessman Andy Hasroun was finally able to open the doors of Link-n-Hops, a gastropub located next door to his 55 Degree Wine shop. Today, Links-n-Hops  holds a grand opening starting at noon inside a former H&R Block office that now features a giant wall photo of the nearby Hyperion-Glendale Bridge.  In addition to an international selection of 24 beers on tap, customers at the Glendale Boulevard bar and restaurant will also be able to select from some unique sausages,  including Smoked Crocodile Andoullie and Smoked Ostrich with Pistachio.


  1. They already have this restaurant downtown. LA is so odd with the mimic eating.

    • So , we’re only supposed to go downtown for a Beer and Sausage ?
      There are also 100’s of Mexican Restaurants, and Pizza joints and Coffee shops , and Thai food , and chinese food places , all over the city .
      Is your food rule only one type of restaurant per city ?
      You must lead a boring non variety life.
      Good luck with that .

  2. Yes. One restaurant serving a menu concept is more than sufficient to serve all of Los Angeles.

  3. Wow! how original to copy Wurstkuche in Downtown

    • Oh Johnny M, then don’t go there! I know it’s hard to be original slinging shit at what other people are doing while sitting at home…… but try to say something nice!

    • “you can’t copy me ”
      What ? Is this kindergarten ?
      Ok in that case , They all copied the Red Lion . Pre -Hipster takeover.

    • Big Sausage Lover

      Wurstkuche, yes I’ve tried many times to eat here but it appears the city does not want outsiders to park in this neighborhood.

  4. I have to say the links were a let down , so I can understand some of the comments here .But the beer is good and you can get a pizza next door and they wont mind so it works perfect!

  5. This place is great! And it’s been open for awhile so not sure how today is the grand opening.

  6. I find it funny that on one hand people like the ‘neighborhood’ concept and so “Atwater Village”, “this-village, that-village” and so on spring up in addition to the oldtimers like Eagle Rock, Highland Park, etc…..but since people who like neighborhoods tend to not travel elsewhere to get a particular style of cooking/regional food, why shouldn’t there be various places devoted to sausages?
    I don’t like in Atwater Village but I’m there a couple times a week and I would definitely be more likely to try this new place than I would be to head into downtown for similar foods.

    Which is why I like to read about new places with different offerings. And the parking is certainly much easier in Atwater…

  7. Los Angeles’ beer and sausage needs cannot be satisfied by Wurstkuche and the Red Lion alone. I’m happy this has opened.

  8. I thought the links were better then that other sausage and beer place downtown. Great to have this place nearby!

  9. Masteroftheobvious

    Smoked pork and cheese, fries and la chouffe…I can also get a glass of wine there too And i can walk there from my house…awesome!!!!!

  10. Does anyone here remember Lowenbrau Keller on Beverly? That was a cool German restaurant. The place was full of German memorabilia – beer steins hanging from the walls and all sorts of other weird stuff – and there was even a suit of armor near the bathrooms. Older German waitresses. Concrete lions out in front, guarding the entrance, and a big wooden door. I miss that place.

    • Is it not still there??? I think it changed hands but still the atifacts remain?

      • Hi – I haven’t been inside since they closed and reopened as a nightclub named Medusa Lounge (see link below). I was going to check it out a couple of years ago but I was put off by their $10 cover charge. I should take a peek inside, at least; I’m curious to see what it looks like now.


  11. i love link ‘n hops! thanks, andy!

  12. Passable food, way overpriced. Too bad.

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