DEA on the scene at Silver Lake pot shop*

A team of DEA agents and LAPD officers this morning sealed off a Fountain Avenue medical marijuana dispensary on the border of Silver Lake and Los Feliz. Drug Enforcement Agency could be seen packing items into large boxes front of the of the Fountain of Well Being, a pot shop located in a cottage at 3835 Fountain Avenue. Agents on the scene declined to answer questions. The Eastsider has contacted the DEA’s Public Information Office in Los Angeles for details.

* Update: A DEA spokeswoman said agents were serving a federal search warrant at the Fountain of Well Being as part of an action against numerous marijuana stores. Those actions ranged from the serving of search warrants, the filing of asset forfeiture lawsuits in federal court and mailing of warning letters to people associated with the stores, according to a Department of Justice statement. The owners of three Eagle Rock buildings with  pot shops could lose those properties to the government under the forfeiture lawsuits.

“The federal actions involve all known marijuana stores in the Eagle Rock and downtown areas of Los Angeles, as well as the single store known to be operating in Huntington Park,” according to the press release.


  1. Drug Enforcement Agency could be scene packing it

    hahhahahaha really????????? good job!!!

  2. Now the Feds have the names of all those customers. That’s why isn’t not a good idea to stop buying from your local neighborhood dealer, as tempting as pot lollipops may be!

  3. Have to wonder why they got singled out. Generally, it has to be for something pretty egregious.

    I recognize it in that pic — that is right at the curve, exactly at the spot where the street name changes from Hyperion Avenue to Fountain Avenue, north side of the street.

    I wonder if its very close proximity to King Middle School had anything to do with it being singled out. But with schools pretty much everywhere, and put dispensaries also pretty much everywhere, it is hardly unique that one is near a school, any more than it is unique that store selling liquor is near a school (and there is one doing that even closer to King).

  4. Neighborhood Pothead

    As someone who chooses to go to some of these shops every so often, I can say that that place was super sketchy and unfriendly. I went in once and turned around. I doubt they were even operating properly under LA’s guidelines.

  5. Our tax dollars at work. Ugh.

  6. original owners of fwb sold the spot a few years ago – knowing that the distance from the school was an issue
    people who took over are farmers from up north is what i heard
    over the top spot is what it’s turned into

    the landlords know the risks they’re taking by allowing the dispensaries to operate. last ditch effort on the cities part to shut these spots down

    it’s a sad thing. especially since one of those eagle rock dispensaries in question is among the most compassionate dispensaries in los angeles county.

    there’s more to this than we’re being told – that much i have gathered to be fact
    but what are the reasons? let the conspiracy theories begin

  7. charles herman-wurmfeld

    we must end this drug war. the drug wars cost money we no longer have, and commands police action (and prisons) we can no longer afford. the sane way out as many people see it is to declare a peace: legalize and tax these plant medicines.

    • Couldn’t agree more Charlie

    • Precisely. All the drug war serves to do is enrich our country’s bloated military-industrial-prison complex, as well as the Mexican drug cartels who — when it comes to keeping modern-day prohibition in effect — are essentially allies of our federal government.

  8. Man this place been up in biz since 98 I remember seeing people go in n out when I was heading in n out of school they must’ve made millions .I don’t want to see kids trade their skittles for a kush lollipop take them down or b very strict with them n tax them big if it will help the California economy..There’s no way California is close to broke,people pay for parking,tickets n other services.If so Marijuana maybe the solution …


    • Huera,

      If you “take them all down” as you suggest, do you think people will stop consuming pot? Of course not. Shutting down dispensaries will only drive the demand back to the underground.

      These dispensaries should be taxed at the same rate as alcohol. The tax revenue could pay for regulation.

      But to think that the dispensaries are the problem… well that’s just flawed.

  10. “could be scene packing items into large boxes”-Does anybody proof these articles?

  11. You’re welcome! Thanks for fixing it.

  12. As a medically documented chronic pain survivor I cringe at the thought I will me on schedule 2 narcotics. I have been approached to sell my script meds which i dont do
    As a patient what happens to me. But let me let you know this place should never have opened to close to King etc. I went to ck.it out didnt like the vibe an left So i think the government would rather i take morphine two types of it instead of medical cannibus . with a documented 20 yr pain medical history
    I can see how the medical community sold US out to the pill company’s
    Guess what even Kaiser with the right doctor will give you a removal recommendation for medical cannibus.an with these issues its hard to catch a break.

  13. Pot is safer than Vicodin. Vicodin can slow the heart rate (a known side affect) and if too much, the heart stops and you’re dead. Over 20,000 people die ever year from accidental prescription “overdose,” according to stats. Medical pot needs to remain legal and accessible.

  14. This is a tragedy. I use medicinal pot to help w/sleeping, and my RSI pain on both wrist, and arms. I don’t have medical insurance, and I can’t get any prescription for pain killers. Honestly, I don’t want pain killers, or sleep pills, because I don’t like their side effects. This isn’t the solution at ALL, and many patients are going to effected by this.

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