Eastside co stars in skate video

QUIK from Colin Kennedy on Vimeo.

A five-minute video created by filmmaker and skater Colin Kennedy features skateboarder Austyn Gillette as he glides, bounces and rolls down the sidewalks and streets of Los Angeles. In the background, there are glimpses and scenes that are familiar to many Eastside residents, from the auto parts shops along Mission Road in Boyle Heights; Griffin Avenue as it crosses the railroad tracks in Lincoln Heights, the empty lot where Silver Lake’s Coffee Table restaurant once stood; the bridges crossing the 110 Freeway near Elysian Park and a popular skateboarding spot on Baxter Street in Echo Park.

While Kennedy, who shot the QUIK  video while driving a gold-colored, Toyota Sierra minivan, captured footage across Los Angeles, he focused the video on Eastside scenery.

In an interview a blog published by Quicksilver, which help produce the film in partnership with The Berrics, explains why:

To be honest, we only filmed on the east side of Los Angeles, nothing in the film was shot west of Western Ave.  Nothing against the rest of LA, but I wanted to show the LA that I live in and the neighborhoods that I pass through every day.  When you see LA on TV or in a movie, more often than not, they’re focused on Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Venice Beach, or the Valley.  I feel like that side of LA has been overexposed so I chose to omit those neighborhoods entirely.  There’s something about the East Side that has an unpolished aesthetic that I really like.

The only hitch in during the filming was when Kennedy received a $300 traffic ticket for making an illegal left turn.

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  1. Loved it.

    • For a minute, I fantasized that because this was a “video” the tagged walls, broken sidewalks, and general “trash strewn crapitude” were props… but no, just another display of what an S***hole our city has become.

  2. Oh Man!

    ANOTHER skate video?!

    Those are so rare! And then one that shows a skater on the Eastside?!

    For reals?!

    Uber cool!!!

  3. Nobody likes hipsters

    So this is what passes as an “article” on this site these days. Man this place has gone downhill.

    It’s a really well shot video, but come on. They’ve been filming the Eastside in skate videos since the 90’s. This is hardly groundbreaking material here.

    And this guy says they didn’t go west of Western Ave. He was in K town, MacArthur Park, and Downtown. He clearly doesn’t know what the Eastside is or where it starts.

  4. Colin Kennedy is a nice guy who lives in the area, this video is great, stop complaining and enjoy the skating.

  5. Nine Double Oh 2 Sixxxer

    This is awesome, I loved watching it.
    The pacing, sound fx and skating are great!
    It serves as a notable and modern addition documenting the East side, regardless of how original the concept is.
    Interesting selection of local celebs in the ‘thanks’ section too.

  6. Awesome vid!! Guy was tearing it up!

  7. I know this will probably fall on deaf ears, but here it goes anyway. Silver Lake, Echo Park and anything east of Western Ave. is not the “eastside” of Los Angeles. The eastside of Los Angeles is east of the Los Angeles River. Call the area east of Western Ave. the Historic west side, West Central Los Angeles or the east side of the Westside but it is not “thee” eastside.

  8. LOVED IT! Great pacing and motion and a different type of skate vid. Not all tricks just fast skating.

    This is like the Drive of skate movies!!!

  9. Cool video. Great skating. How embarrassing for L.A. that a lot of the background looks like a third world slum.

  10. I’m not embarrassed. LA is beautiful in this video. Awesome, thanks for your work Colin Kennedy & Austyn Gillette. And Eastsider.

  11. Great video. Austyn is a rad street skater! And that IS LA.

  12. I enjoyed the video. It does capture how amazingly ugly LA is. Somehow it becomes more tolerable by watching grace and talent moving through the detritus of our “fine” city.

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