Silver Lake Homes with fins and $700,000 price tags up for sale soon

Silver Lake’s most recent small-lot developmentBuzz Court, a cluster of six homes built on a former Rowena Avenue parking lot – is preparing to make its debut.  The two-story homes are pretty close to each other, neighboring buildings and a busy street. In order to give the occupants some privacy, the builders, Heyday Partnership, sheathed the building in narrow, vertical fins. Kevin Wronske, one of the two brothers behind Heyday, explained the purpose of the fins on his company website:

1. They soften the buildings edges so the massing feels lighter (especially in the evening when the project should have a wonderful glow).
2. With the front unit five feet from the street they filter the private interior from the public sidewalk and street.
3. They screen views across the driveway from one unit to another.
4. They create a three dimensional facade on an otherwise flat building surface.

Now, the question is will those fins attract fans willing to pay prices starting in the mid $700,000 range for these homes. A grand opening is scheduled for early next month.


  1. A few years down the line when it comes time to repaint, these fins sure will be fun to deal with.

    • I’m guessing that when the owners repaint, they’ll have to slip some sort of tarp or cardboard between the fins and the rest of the structure and then use a sprayer.

  2. Judging by the photos it resembles a prison cell.

  3. This thing is a monstrosity. Yes, looks like a prison. I don’t even see windows! And being the small lot subdivision, the units themselves will be the size of a prison cell. This at best is just a bunker.

    This is VERY wrong that the city is allowing such crap to be built. And I blame our Councilman Garcetti for this — he has led the way on this kind of crap. He’s never seen a horrible, overly dense development he is not in favor of.

  4. This is in LaBonge’s district..not Garcetti’s…… you’ll have to hate him for another reason.

  5. Explanation #1 from Heyday’s site is an admission that the massing is out of control. Explanation #4 is an admission that the massing is flat and simplistic. In fact, the 4-point rationale for the fins is a list of all the missed opportunities on this project to do proper site planning and to arrange the units to provide privacy. The fins could have been an interesting motif, but they are not a band-aid to fix the fundamental issues this project has.

  6. The photos aren’t very good, but from the street I don’t find the design that bad. As for the massing, well, a couple apartment buildings nearby look bigger and bulkier. And at 1600-1900 square feet, they’re not small inside — just built on a narrower and more vertical plan. From a sales perspective, I’d assume their obstacles is being right on Rowena, with all its traffic and noise.

  7. Well, it sure doesn’t say “home” to me, but to each his own. It looks like it’d be more suitable in an industrial district. I don’t get the “fins” description. Seems more like balcony railings stuck to the walls. Not appreciating this at all

  8. The other issue is is the restaurant next to it…. Loud Late Night Patio and jacked up parking on Auburn and Rowena from people trying to avoid the valet parking. Not worth the money, the ugly, the noise, the road construction that has been going on Rowena for years….

    I live on Auburn and non of it is welcome. We have another new complex with 6″ of front space happening in 2700 block of Auburn. Good times.

  9. I live on Waverly and have watched this place’s construction. I thought the fins were some sort of intermediate stage and the place was unfinished. Apparently not.

  10. Those fins are ugly as sh*t. Seriously. Nothing against Heyday, I wasn’t against this development, but this is a very ugly, “industrial” looking exterior. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder…

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