LAPD keeping quiet about Echo Park police action

Photo from Echo Park resident

An LAPD helicopter hovered over Echo Park for more than a half hour as it shined a spotlight on homes. Police squad cars lined up in an alley off Echo Park Avenue. More police were later spotted at the Walgreens store on Echo Park Avenue and Sunset Boulevard. So, what were so many police officers doing last night in Echo Park? An officer at the Northeast Division station said last night that she had no information about all the police activity, began after 10 p.m. In fact, she said she was not aware of any police presence in Echo Park. The Eastsider has contacted other Northeast Division officers this morning about the incident.

The Echo Park resident who sent in photos said squad cars were parked in driveways off of Echo Park Avenue near Paul Terrace while more squad cars, officers and detectives were seen in an alley east of Echo Park Avenue.


  1. there were also 2 undercover cops sitting in an unmarked car ILLEGALLY parked on Lucretia at about 9:15pm. I mean, if you’re going to be undercover, don’t stand out by parking ILLEGALLY. Just sayin.

  2. I’m tired of this! The LAPD always says this! Every other night there are copters and spotlights in my neighborhood waking everyone up and the LAPD always sat they have “no information “?! Its supposed to be public information, especially when burglary and car theft is at an all time high in our area!!!

  3. Stop whining. There are some problem elements in the neighborhood that need dealing with. Would you prefer they were out writing parking tickets?

  4. It’s called training .They won’t give info if its training n from my sources that’s exactly wut it was .New officers being exposed to a new area new post to get them familiar with area.A lot of felons out on parole in that area maybe LAPD is intimidating them,letting them know their presence..I don’t mind police activity rather than criminal activity..

  5. Happened right beneath the bedroom window overlooking alley. Window were all open with the weather still so warm at 10:00 pm. Closed and locked the windows once I saw the squad cars everywhere, …and every dog in the area was barking to beat the band. Our dog slept throuogh the whole thing. Hope they got the bad guys out of the area.

  6. Nice and quiet as usual up in Montecito Heights…..

  7. Northeast might not know what was going on there because those police last night were not from northeast. They were 6th division and not 11th division. Why was another division “training” in another neighborhood? and training does not allow for LAPD to park on private property without permission of the resident. This was my home and they did not have permission. they just told me to go back inside and that everything was okay.

  8. @EP resident
    really? Come one now you cant be that naive LAPD does whatever they want this aint new

  9. It’s a false choice that either you must either, on the one hand, put up with frequent (and in this case unexplained) deployments of noisy helicopters at night and officers on the ground that sometimes intrude on private property and keep people in/out of their homes in our neighborhood — or on the other hand expect, because police can’t do their jobs, to suffer the consequences of criminals that will run amok.

    This is supposed to be a democracy, not a society in which the way authority is exercised is not to be questioned. If this wasn’t Northeast Division, but rather officers from some other part of the city, it was still a failure that they couldn’t give any answers to The Eastsider. Northeast should know what’s going on in their own Division and be able to handle questions from the press and public, or refer them to someone who can.

    Some of us just want some information as to what is going on in our own neighborhood, and what justifies such a heavy police presence on a night like Thursday’s. Or statistics to help us decide on the cost (both monetary and quality-of-life) / benefits of helicopter deployments on such nights as well as in their frequent flyovers throughout the day above our neighborhood.

  10. Not bothered. The police do a pretty good job in this neighbourhood and id rather they were training for something more serious than writing stop sign tickets and setting up DUI checkpoints.

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