Los Feliz council wants to get out the vote with discounts

In their bid to boost voter turnout in next month’s election, the neighborhood council representing Los Feliz is not only appealing to residents’ sense of civic duty and pride but also their love for discount and deals.   Those who cast a ballot in the Oct. 6 Greater Griffith Park Neighborhood Council Election will be entitled to discounts-including 20% off restaurant meals-from some participating merchants under a deal between the neighborhood council and the Los Feliz Improvement Business District. Meanwhile, merchants will display posters promoting the election.

“This year we’re doing something new,” said Robert Menz, the GGPNC’s Business Interests Representative in a statement. “Numerous local businesses are offering discounts, freebies and incentives to any customer with a ‘Los Feliz Votes’ Sticker on Election Day. And you can only get a sticker by voting.”

The goal is to get at least 2012 people to vote during this year’s election, which would top the 1,500 ballots cast in the 2010 election. A list of participating businesses will be posted on the council website and a list will be available at the polling place on election day. Click here for election day information.


  1. Kudos to the GGPNC for working hard to get out the vote! If only the Los Feliz Village Business Improvement District would adopt similar measures to get out the vote in their own elections! The percentage of LFVBID members who actually vote is appallingly low–and essentially equates to the same number as their board sitters– they simply nominate themselves and vote themselves in. The cronies on the LFVBID board are truly masters of voter suppression. Their typical MO is to rush out the voter materials at the last second, with a ridiculously short fuse– to ensure that as few votes are returned as possible, protecting the seats of the long-time boardsitters. Of course their own votes never seem to get lost in the shuffle.

    • As the GGPNC Business Interests Rep I’ve worked side by side with the LFVBID over the past few years, and I would like to attest to their great efforts in recruiting new Board members to the BID. There seems to be a prejudice against the BID from years past, but I’ve personally witnessed the efforts of the current BID Board, including paper hand-outs to each business, mass emails, FB posts, announcements at mixers….to increase voters and candiadates for their Board. Yes the results are lacking, but it’s not through lack of effort by several BID Board members. The BID is losing one of their hardest workers next year, and I hope another business owner can step in and fill her shoes. I can only speak for the current BID Board, as I’ve only been involved for a few years, but they are a hard working, selfless group that I enjoy working with.

  2. I’m a member of the LFBID. Once upon a time the same kind of charges were being thrown at the GGPNC. I know, I was leveling them (amongst others). But I’ve learned it’s really hard to run a volunteer organization and get things done to the level of expertise you want (or people expect), because you have to motivate folks with something other than a profit motive, and we’re ALL busy people. In Los Feliz, the civic groups are all starting to pull together and it’s working. One elections begets another, and another.

  3. One of the many reasons Los Feliz is the best neighborhood in the City of Los Angeles! Props to those working on turning out voters both for BID and NC elections- from a background in political campaigns, I know it’s a major feat!

  4. “The BID is losing one of their hardest workers next year, and I hope another business owner can step in and fill her shoes.”

    Indeed it would be refreshing to have some actual business owners in Los Feliz step in, as opposed to the junta of real estate agents now controlling the board.

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