Man involved in police chase is a suspect in Echo Park killing

Tuesday’s police chase as it headed west on Temple Street at Burlington Avenue past the Silver Lake Medical Center.

The man who led police on a chase Tuesday night that ended in a shootout west of downtown is suspected of being responsible for the  fatal July 30  shooting of Ivan Pedroza in Echo Park.  Police said 24-year-old Ian Schlesinger of North Hollywood, who was hospitalized after being shot by officers, is suspected of fatally shooting 33-year-old Pedroza near a homeless encampment off Bellevue Avenue and Alvarado Street.

“He was booked on a warrant for Mr. Pedroza’s murder, and also charged with attempt murder of a police officer after last night’s occurrence,” said Lt. Wes Buhrmester with the Rampart Division.  “He is being held at LA County Jail, with bail set at $2 million.”

Tuesday’s pursuit through city streets began in Echo Park near Sunset Boulevard and Rosemont Avenue after police identified the white car Schlesinger was driving as having been carjacked.

L.A Now reports that Schlesinger’s brother, Jack Schlesinger,  was shot and killed by police in September 2010 during an armed confrontation with officers following an Echo Park traffic stop.

Police did not provide a reason as to why Ian Schlesinger allegedly killed Pedroza, a Silver Lake resident and an alumnus of Marshall High school.


  1. The chase didn’t end “west” of downtown. It ended IN downtown.

  2. My prayers for Ian and his family, i love you, always. And i will be here for you always.

  3. A couple of extra bullets would have killed the animal and saved $$$$$$ on sentencing and incarcerating this mental patient.

    • You are a danger, every bit as much as Ian. You should think about your attitudes.

    • You think he should have been intentionally killed? Yes, you really are dangerous. You have NO IDSEA whatsoever why they are accusing him of that killing, yet you want him dead before he can even respond?!

      Hey, maybe he isn’t the one who did that killing, maybe they are accusing the wrong guy! That’s why we have trials. That;s why we have a justice system.

      And that’s why you are so dangerous — because you would kill people just because of an accusation that isn’t even accompanied by one iota of information about why they think he is the culprit. That is just plain murder — you are advocating murder. And that makes you as bad and as dangerous as Ian is SUPPOSED to be.

      I say supposed because all we do know so far is that he took a slow ride around town rather than stop for the police. We don’t know he ever did anything other than that. Gee, even as for the ALLEGED shootout at the end, I did not see that on the news coverage, did you — they didn’t show the actual shooting. All I know is that he is ACCUSED of it. But will we learn later that maybe his gun was never even fired?! Gee, will we learn he didn’t even have a gun? Who knows — until a trial. Oh, I have to think he at lest had the gun — but I don’t know about whether he fired it.

      But even if he is found guilty of all of which he is accused, its not like he would be let free — so how can you be so blood-thirsty?!

  4. I wonder what hellish upbringing those brothers must have had to both end up like this.

    • That was my first thought as well.


      • It’s not judging to wonder about someone’s upbringing which preceded such a violent act. Armed standoffs with police in crowded intersections generally are not carried out by healthy minded people.

        Speaking from experience, people are capable of making choices. Bad upbringing or not – we choose our paths. I come from a family of mostly dead people who chose to go out in some sad ways due to a hellish upbringing and yet – here I am. Sane and peaceful, with not a single criminal act to my name. With a clear understanding of right and wrong and how to get along in life without you know, stealing cars or shooting at police and daring them to kill me.

        And what Ian is in fact guilty of is pretty clear here. So pardon my concern to wonder what brought him to this place. And actually, he is still alive so you can speak of him in the present tense and be there for him instead of just remembering him. Jennifer G, you get to be the society that helps this felon who ‘just wants to do what is right’.

        • Great post epgirl.

        • you can sit here and try to pick apart what i say. you can try to make yourself look semi-intelligent. i really do not care what you think or say to me or about me. why would you sit here and analyze my comment. instead of trying to make this about you and about me, get off your high horse and realize how lame you look pielcing my feelings, my thoughts and telling me how i should think & feel. who do you think you are already giving the guilty verdict. were you there? cuz if thats the case, then it could have very well been you . as far as i know we live in America. ya know, “you are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law” so unless you have some kind of magical piece of evidence to support your “theories” then you should keep your self righteous bs to yourself. as far as i know this section is for anyone who would like to comment on our thoughts about what the article above me says. not comment about other peoples comments. hello……..i know i am not the only one that is wondering why you are focusing on me rather than the loss of lives. And when im putting an s at the end of lives is because i am speaking about more than one individual. yes, by Godz grace Ian is alive, but by no means will any of us come out winning. and the felon i was talking about was ME, not ian. But i will gaurentee I am not the only FELON who feels and knows where i am coming from. Now im going to focus back on whats really important, and it has nothing to do with you and your feeble, ignorant way of thinking. ShortDDD%$makavelizreturn. Have a good night.

      • Sorry but you are wrong. This society has gotten away from “judging” and that is our problem.
        Maybe if this animal’s parents were “judged” and shamed, he would not have turned out to be the animal he is.

        It’s time to start judging and shaming people for their behavior and choices. We were a better society when we did!

      • Jennifer G, “shouting” online (typing in all caps) doesn’t make your point come across any clearer, it makes you appear crazy.

        • i am crazy, boo hoo, u hurt my feelings. Again another feeble looking just as dumb as the one before. i do not care what u think of me. understand.

      • God Jennifer reading your words brings a tear to my face. I’m glad to see not everyone is so ignorant. He is not innocent but then again that doesn’t give anyone a right to judge. I wish everyone would just stop stop with your ugly comments and respect the pain of other. Like Jennifer G said this is a pain that has hurt us for the loss of these 3 young man. I love you brother Jack Schlesinger, and Ian Schlesinger. You guys made bad choices but you both where sweet hearts and good guys. You guys just got caught up in a mess that you couldn’t get out of. Hey but I love you guys and my prayers to you guys.

  5. The sheriff dept would have killed him with two shots that’s for sure he’s a piece of trash coward n those who support him have problems themselves .Now he’s in the county hospital crying like a girl wut a big puss ,Ivan has lots of friends in jail I feel sorry for his punk ass..Death penalty would b the right move for this trash ..Time to take out the trash…People think race came into play the reason he wasn’t fatally shot
    Let him suffer that’s the best way..R.I.P. Ivan justice for u my friend..

    • Interestingly, it makes you wonder what kind of person Ivan was if he had “lots of friends in jail,” as you proclaim.

      • HEY DON’T GET IVAN TWISTED… IF YOU DONT KNOW HIM DONT SPEAK ON HIM… IVAN HAS LOTS OF FRIENDS PERIOD, WHETHER THEY ARE IN JAIL OR NOT.. Ian “Chucky” just got out the ending of April from doing 4 yrs in prison.. Interestingly, it DOESN’T make me wonder what kind of person Ian is after doing 4 years.. u would think the idiot would look at life differently.. I DONT FEEL BAD FOR IAN’S FAMILY, why should I when he wasnt thinking about them when he KILLED Ivan.. Or when he tried to re-inact his brothers shoot out… if he cared about his family then he wouldnt put them through it again.. Chucky wanted to go sooo bad that he was going to do a suicide by cop. IVAN wasnt given a chance that coward took him away from his mom, stepdad, sisters, brothers, cousins, from his kids, Chucky was once my friend of 5 years until he took my son’s dad (Ivan) away from him. It makes me wonder…

        • I tend not to hang around criminals or people who are likely to end up in prison.

        • how many baby’s mama’s did ivan have, im confused. lets see, sarah, yesca, stormee, bernadette, sophie, brenda, penelope……….how many kids growing up that didnt ever know their daddy. I thought in this day and age with AIDS killing a whole lotta people, oh and not to mention how many other diseases is out there. That using a condem ever crossed any of these minds. looks like there are quite a few people guilty of killing someone. ecspecially with this sloppy mess.

          • WESTSIDE 1,

            what the hell are you talking about… How did AIDS get involved in this.. sounds like you have some jealously issues towards Ivan… You wanna speak on him as though you know him. Your just another hater trying to throw dirt on my friend…
            According to Ivan, he only had two babymama’s.. lets see, stormee- only good for haircuts-didn’t get pregnant around the time she was around, bernadette-died of overdose she didnt have kids, Sophie the psycho that killed her dog-she doesn’t have kids, Brenda just a name you made up and Penelope sounds familiar maybe only gives good haircuts (like ivan would say).
            I don’t want to even mention the other girl who claims he is the father just so she could convince herself that she even knows who is the father.. but ivan isn’t the father of her two kids.. Simply because if he was how can she play part on this whole thing.. one heartless bitch
            I ran into sarah the other day with ivan’s son and he looks just like him..
            saw her at the funeral too. Along with his two older boys.. funny how those were the only 3 kids that went to his funeral and according to someone, they are the only 3 he claimed shortly before he was gone..
            My heart goes out for his family, true friends, and his 3 boys

  6. FYI, the police do not shoot at suspects to kill. The police shoot at suspects in an attempt to stop thier deadly actions. Now its time for our courts to decide what happens to the suspect in this incident.

  7. Ian is more of a pee-on dummy how’d u figure You’ll beat the cops glad ur caught n alive time to suffer I bet u wish u were dead well my buddy wished to b alive n he’s not so screw u punk ..Another one of those columbine dummys off the streets too bad the tax payers r the ones paying his housing n rotten sandwiches..May Ian Rott

  8. Well Jennifer now we know who was hating on Ivan when he passed away lifes a twist ain’t it we pray for him as we pray for ivan .Now ian not ivan don’t get it twisted can brag he’s like 50cent all shot up I heard meth n drugs kept him up n going relax scarface was movie n he died @ the end..may justice b served..Where’s Rodney king when we need him”Can’t we all just just get along”..

  9. Actually when approached by a suspect with a gun It’s shoot to kill but we call it shoot to stop the suspect..It’s two to the body one to the head training videos..murder suspect with AK definitely shoot to kill…

  10. It’s only fair a life for a life god is good .great job LAPD..not to mention attempted murder on peace officers more than 10 hope the judge views the pedestrians n officers in danger on this matter oh n a carjacking n armed with an assault Riffle wow he’s done .justice will b served I’m sure .Everyone has attitudes It’s the actions that Hurt the most.Big thanx to the Eastsider who keeps us posted.

  11. Is he that “chucky” person?

    • why u be frontin on chuckee u jus some white girl who dont no nuthin. an dont be tryin to carrect me on my gramma or punkchuashun go tell ma teacha at the LA unified!

      • who says im white and why would me being white matter. you are ugly, ugly , ignorant, nothings. again were u there when this fable you are talking about happened. were any of you there? hmmmmm, u are looking pretty guilty, how do we not know u did it? I have never spoke of ivan in other fashion then “respectful”. a lot of you seem to hate “chucky”. If any of you were friends with him in the past, then you would still be his friend now. I dont know how this tradedgy happened and neither do anyone else. But do I speak bad things of ivans family, friends. NO. if any of you truthfully were Ian’s friends…………..well enough, i am letting you get me bickering over this hatred back in forth BS. when i need to be taking my azz to work , and stop stooping down to your level. you almost got me though. ur good. ShawdeeeeeeTupaczparttuuuuuu. &%#&*()_+

        • i guess the main difference in opinion here is that none of us went to school with him and none of us are involved in gang culture; so you can understand how we are happy to have a violent criminal off the streets. I feel sympathy that people end up in his position (no one imagines that their kid will grow up this way), and I don’t believe that it is entirely his fault that his life was this way; I’m sure there were factors beyond his control while growing up . that said, I am glad that he is off the street.

  12. Affirmative…chucky is apprehended ..it would b awesome if the Eastsider would not edit postings

  13. Cali Transplant inTEXAS

    Too bad Ian didn’t do it in Texas cuz he would be dead before his next birthday… Death Penalty and all! Why are people making excuses for this punk? We all had it hard growing up in Echo Park & East LA but we’re not all shooting & murdering people!!! Too bad LAPD didn’t fin

  14. Why is it that comments about the Ivan Pedroza case written by his friends sound like they were written by people who are illiterate? How hard is it to use commas and periods to differentiate clauses and complete thoughts?

  15. Alright, so this guy who was shot and caught by police killed a guy named Ivan, i don’t know what the reason was but i’m seeing comments saying Ivan has a lot of friends in jail so i’m guessing Ivan isn’t innocent either?
    No disrespect to the dead, or his family

  16. Cali Transplant inTEXAS

    Too bad LAPD didn’t finish the job! Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad this coward, punk is gonna be in jail for a long time. I hope someone in the slammer does justice for Ivan!

  17. Who doesn’t have friends in jails lol..even celebs r in jail freakin retards there is many people with different walks of life if ur lucky u know both decent n bad u just never know …Murder is murder deal with it that’s the kind of trash the murderer is …commas n periods r for u to figure where they go..lol..if ur bored figure it out bet ur time will past faster…

    • Ah yes… another brilliant example of our future in LA. YAY!

    • Haley, you must have a totally different life than anyone that I know. NO, I don’t have any friends in jail. And the people I know don’t have friends in jail either.

      • But you know Ian, right? He just finished doing 4 years in PRISON NOT JAIL.. Now doing the rest of his life there for murder. Take that stick out your ass and stop acting like your shit don’t stink because you really don’t know someone until there shit gets publicized.
        And if you don’t know Ian, then why the hell are you even commenting and taking in offense what we say..

    • I don’t have friends in jail, nor do I know any one in jail. It’s called being around respectable people who are actually contributing to society.

  18. virtuethecat, i am illiterate, i would say borderline retarded, but help me figure this one out. a man has been murdered, his life taken from him. the man that has killed this other man has been captured after almost a shootout with lapd. after all this you want to know why ivans friends sound like thier illiterate…………u should really use your head for more than a hat rack.. pathetic u r

  19. That’s correct I agree there’s people doing time falsely accused that don’t mean they r bad people . I bet Ian’s people r the ones trying to defend him, I don’t blame u but running from the law n having a weapon just doesn’t help.goodluck

  20. james u r like a steel trap , nothing gets by you, you figured that out all by yourself. the secret is out ..if u know alot of people in jail, youre probably not that innocent!!! ohh no this is on the internet , now everyone is gonna know this, way to go james u have now broke the first commandment of the criminal. hahaha too funny james, this i hope wasnt quoted by einstein..

  21. I was able to witness the shootout from my loft ,the guy with the gun is plain stupid he ran for a reason then he has the nerve to shoot in a crowded intersection.Runs like a killer ,has a gun like a killer, shoots at police like a killer ,might b a killer but I guess we have others who think otherwise.no more white excuses we just don’t want to see it that way because we as white people r looked at as nice n innocent well I have news for ya we have lots of bad people as well .deal with it I’m sure I’ll make some fans after this.

  22. Self explanatory read the article,view the video.

  23. Apparently there are two “James” who now post on this blog; I’ve been posting under the name James for a few years, but it seems someone else is also using the name. For the record, the James who posted on this story is not me (the James whose messages are always witty, erudite, and grammatically-flawless).

    • Shwew! Thanks for that explaination, James! For a while I was worried that you had multiple personalities with a dusting of retardism

      • I’m wondering if the moderator can prohibit a person from using the same name as someone else, though with a common name like James, maybe that’s not realistic.

        • Change yours to James the Erudite, or something, so we worry that you went off the deep end.

          • that should be “won’t” worry

          • I think I’ll refrain from posting for a while, or I’ll find out how to have my name lit up in blue so that nobody else can impersonate me or hijack my user name. I realize that none of my comments are that important, but it bothers me that someone might impersonate me – especially if their posts have spelling or grammatical errors. (Spoken like a true English teacher.)

          • They hate on the playa n carol wasn’t ur mother in prison for prostitution n ur father for drug possession (dope fiend)don’t lie keep it real, n how many baby daddy’s do u have n how many r still around thank u b real..The killer has been caught period deal with it suicide by cop malfunction.public records show Ian had a pretty bad criminal history research.free o.j.lol I hope this site stops modifying postings..

  24. Ivan was not a perfect Man, he came from a hard working , honest and caring Family. His last years he did things which no one would be proud of. Family friends and old school mates tried geting him of the streets. Whatever he did or owed he did not deserve getting shot in the back! Thank you LAPD for a valiant job and keeping the deaths toll to none. May Ivan rest in peace …

  25. Apparently there are now three “James” now posting on this blog… two not quite as erudite as the other!

  26. u guys talk a lot of trash and probably deservedly so, but in the end these two guys were out of their heads… both firing on the po-po w AK’s… pretty gnarly!

  27. Very well said Rob ..

  28. Ivan was by no means innoccent off wrong doing. Butt who is? But he.was a guy with a heart off gold n an awesome sense of humor… Loved him!! I am elated that this lame is in custody but there r a couple others that should b there with him. Well omly 1 can b with Chuckie, the other would ha e 2 stay in Lynwood… Ohhh snap!! Did i say dat?????

  29. In all my years never have I seen a discussion thread so asinine.
    Haters hating on haters, redundant ramblers, narkers & everything in between.

  30. Redundant as it well may be, sometimes it is necessary, I’m sorry to say.

  31. rip jack i miss u more everyday home boy its a shame that history had to repeat itself

    • I agree miss my brother so bad. My family misses him more every day. I miss his smile hugs and silly sence of humor. We where scared that the same story will repeat it self and unfortunately it did.

  32. That’s wut I call a jack ass move.Don’t test law enforcement they r well trained.

  33. Jack Davis Schlesinger was my neighbor R.I.P.Blanco aka Chunks n brother Ian aka chucky..Wut gangs n drugs lead to…

  34. the wicked shall be punish according to law

  35. Those of us who knew Ivan will always have good memories of him because he was a good person with a great heart regardless of anyones opinion. Honestly, it just doesn’t matter what anyone says because a fact is a fact and the ones who knew him know what it is. We would’ve never and didn’t ever witness him making a stupid move like putting other people in danger with a retard plan to shoot out and run away from cops like if he would’ve really been successful. Ian is a coward and was caught on video the loser was exposed on video. No way out of that one. Once you have been caught you’re caught and thanks to his brilliant plan it will make it a lot easier on the jury to believe that he is guilty. I love the way Ian set himself up. I bet he was thinking he was going to kill more people and then shoot himself but now he is wounded and alive to suffer all the consequences. He may be alive but his soul is already dead and those who protect him there is no way you can help him because if you could’ve he would not be in that situation. Lets be realistic once again you can’t help someone who doesn’t want to help themselves and that is already rotting on the inside. No matter how much Ian’s people pretended to love him it didn’t mean anything to him because he is selfish. Jennifer , I highly suggest you move on with yours because i don’t think lifers can get conjugal visits. I’m sure you’ll find another love that’s if you can manage to stay out of prison yourself. Don’t speak about no one knows what its like to be in the shoes of a felon because we all make our choices honey. Just like i have made my choices you have made yours no one put a gun to your head. Maybe next time before you make a retard move you can think about the consequences because everything comes to light. You are not slick chic. Good day everyone now that the coward has been caught it really brings a smile to my face.

  36. Regardless if you cared for the man or not. People please have respect for the dead. Family is left behind to grieve . What if this was you and your family grieving PLEASE IN THE NAME OF WHAT YOU HOLD DEAR TO YOU. RESPECT THE DEAD.KARMA HAS A WAY OF COMING BACK TO YOU.

  37. All my respect is for Ivan and because i have love for him and his family is why i speak my mind. There is no disrespect there now for this murderer who left mine greiving and those who support him I have no respect. You’re right Karma has a way of coming back to everyone and justice will be made here on earth or in hell if he doesn’t repent. This is the kind of forgiveness only God can provide because as a human its hard to forgive.

  38. Jennifer.G. ur resident should b CRDF..

  39. We( all of Ivan’s friends & family) are just happy that the accused murderer has been apprehended. For those of you trying to make judgement calls on petty things like grammar or making up names for baby mamas, take a look at the car chase footage. If he’s running from the police and pulls out an AK, what does this tell you?! No one is perfect, NO ONE. We all have trials & choices, learn from them. Career criminals don’t make good boyfriends, husbands, fathers or friends. Back to Ivan, it’s obvious he was loved by so many. All our prayers did not go in vain. He’s missed and he didn’t deserve to be killed.

  40. awesome4suretotally

    haircuts!!! – awesome!! what’s the status of the trial??
    Steven t. thank-you for summing it up in such a way. it’s the one time i could crack a smile over this great loss of life and legendary character …And goes with out saying neighbors,we all have flaws , that is why no one but god should take a playa out the game!~RIP IVAN

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