Silver Lake stairway ruin for sale

The hillside lots of the Eastside are dotted with cracked and broken stairways that seem to go no where,  reminders of  bungalow courts and apartment houses that were demolished long ago.  One of such concrete relic painted a faded shade of green curls its way up an empty Silver Lake hillside  on Riverside Drive east of Fletcher Drive,  twisting around gnarled trees and climbing up  through dried grass and piles of trash.  After about five flights of crooked steps covered with leaves and foam cups, the stairway ends near Silver Lake Court, an unpaved street on what was once the path of a Red Car trolley. It’s not clear what this stairway once  lead to but now the lot on which it is built is up for sale.

Agent Violet Schmid with Rodeo Reality said that the stairway is located on one of four, contiguous lots that recently went up for sale for $575,000 (the Redfin listing shows prices for individual lots). Two other nearby lots are also for sale.

What’s to become of the stairway if the lots change hands? Since this stairways is not on public property, it’s up to the owner to decide what to do.


  1. I drive by this every day and always wondered…!

  2. That google street view is one of the prettiest I’ve seen.

    • That must have been the same time of year that Hugo Reid came to the area and named it Ivanhoe because the green hills reminded him of his home in Scotland. More trivia – many of the street names in the area are from the works of his favorite author, Sir Walter Scott: Ivanhoe, Herkheimer, St. George, Rowena, Waverly, Auburn, Rokeby, Kenilworth, Farwell, Monon, etc are all places or characters in various Scott novels.

  3. Those stairs have always made me curious as to what that property looked like developed long ago. Neat little relic.

  4. I did not know that. Thx! I love those street names, especially St. George since i moved to LA after living in an area called St. George on Staten Island. There’s also a Silver Lake section of Staten Island, but that’s where any similarities end lol.

    Foe the record, i like LA much better =)

    I seriously want to go up those chairs and check out the Red Car path today. Anyone knowif it’s ok to do so? Don’t wanna get shot by some dude sitting on his porch pro-tectun’ his prop’ty!

  5. A fascinating and mysterious spot. It’s nicer looking there in the winter and spring when the grass is green:


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