Sponsored Post: Hop to the Frogtown Artwalk this Saturday

The artists of Los Angeles’s Elysian Valley, known affectionately as Frogtown, will host the 7th annual Frogtown Artwalk, a celebration of creativity and talent flourishing in the industrial buildings and working class neighborhood along the LA River. The event, in which artists, artisans and architects open their studio doors to the public, has become an annual destination event for thousands of L.A. art fans. The Frogtown Artwalk will be held on Saturday, Sept. 22 from 4 p.m. – 9 p.m.

This year’s expanded Frogtown Artwalk will feature a series of mobile gallery “pods”, in which artists from other parts of Los Angeles competed to show their work. The temporary galleries will line Frogtown’s main street, Blake Avenue. “I See Hawks in LA”, the highly acclaimed alternative country band will be perform at the studios of RAC DesignBuild, one of Frogtown’s resident architecture firms. Newly installed lights along the Los Angeles River bicycle and pedestrian path will allow visitors to wander the area, and enjoy a summer evening on the river, where years ago frogs rose up and invaded the local streets, giving Frogtown its unique name.

 More than thirty artists and craftsmen will open their studios and lofts for this year’s self-guided tour and art celebration. Well-known landscape painter Mary-Austin Klein has been a regular participant of the FROGTOWN ARTWALK for the past six years and will be showing again this year. At Tracy Stone’s TAS Gallery, Randy Stauffer and Diane Kohne will present new work in an exhibit entitled “Lost and Found.” Artisan woodworker Emette Rivera of reMADE Studios, will feature handcrafted furniture. Craftsman Pat Byland will feature a line of hand-made musical instruments called “cajongos.” Allen Anderson of Grain Surfboards will be showing hollow hand-made wooden surfboards.

Among the artists who have discovered Frogtown is Bill Lagattuta, former LA television anchorman, and an accomplished painter and photographer whose studio is a former marble cutting warehouse steps at the river’s edge. The drawings of Paloma Marquez from the mountains of Argentina and Samma Negus, a nun living in the local area for over 30 years, along with rock photography by Kristy Sparow, custom guitars by Gabriel Currie of Echo Park Guitars , and woodwork by Joel Morin will all be at the Starchariot Studio.

The Elysian Valley Arts Collective (http://www.evartscollective.com) has sponsored a juried art show for kids, with the honorees exhibited at the 7th annual event.

Frogtown is easy to reach, and there is plenty of free parking. The boundaries of Elysian Valley (Frogtown) are the 2 Freeway to the north, the 110 Freeway to the south, the Los Angeles River to the east, and the 5 freeway to the west. For more information go to www.frogtownarts.com.