Fire engulfs Echo Park office building*

Fire crews battled a large blaze tonight that broke out in a small office building next to the 101 Freeway in Echo Park. Flames and a thick column of dark smoke shot through the roof  of the commercial building at the corner of Belmont Avenue and Palo Alto Street at the Union Street onramp.    It took about 125 firefighters nearly two hours to extinguish the fire, which began at about 10 p.m.

The cause of the fire has yet to be determined but  L.A. Now reports that may have begun in some vegetation outside of the building.

Onlookers crowded on to nearby streets and a pedestrian bridge over the freeway to watch the flames as southbound traffic continue to flow past the burning building.

* Update at 11:37 p.m.:  All of the firefighters who were examined for injuries are fine and returned to the firefight, reports LAFD.

Car Title Loans was one of the tenants of the building.

Fire as seen from Echo Park Avenue. Photo by Jennifer Blair

Onlookers from a freeway pedestrian bridge.

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  1. Is that the cool-looking DWP substation?

    • no… it seems to be the check-cashing place right next to the freeway, across the street from that.

    • Don’t you know how to read? the header says commercial building. and if you read the story it gives you the cross streets that you can be googled…

      why do you even comment at all? so anoying…

      • Sorry I ruined your evening.

      • Oi, James, calm down.

        • God you guys, way to make James waste .3 seconds of his life to read your “annoying” comments. He is a very very busy man as you can see.

          • dood please stfu… Sarah it wasnt towards you it was towards the 2nd pointless comment samarkand. and this other fool, well what ever.

            I mean if your gonna post something about the issue let it be about just that. but if you know its all over the news and hear the directions then you would know the area where DWP is right? the DWP building is on 2nd st… come on

          • wow you know what I totally feel awful… Sorry about that, I just googled and seen that their is a DWP building right across the st.

            bey arent we glad this isnt in person…LOL my bad peoples

            I apologize for my rude behavior

      • Do me a favor, “James,” and find another name (or iteration of “James”) so that readers won’t confuse your posts with mine. For the record, I never misspell words such as “annoying” or tell people to “stfu.” Since the name “James” is already taken by someone with solid literacy skills (yours truly), can you do me a favor and choose another moniker?

        (I think this is a losing battle on my part.)

  2. I hope no one is hurt.

  3. 1625 Palo Alto Street near Belmont Avenue, this fire is massive, supposedly firefighters are injured. more and more firetrucks arriving.

  4. I’m watching it, keep up the good work, theeastsiderla.com, you guys are so great with delivering news! We appreciate it!

  5. I can see this from my apartment balcony. It looks pretty massive. Fire looks like its getting worse. Hoping people in the area are packing up to leave for the night.

  6. It’s the auto title loan office building next to the onramp.

  7. So sad. If I’m not mistaken there are a number of small businesses.

  8. Thanks Eastsider for reporting, I’ve been wondering what all the Helicopters were for. I knew you’d have some info.

  9. Thanks for being on the scene – really appreciate the coverage.

  10. An auto title loan company? I smell some kind of fraud…

  11. Is this the reason the helicopter is hovering over echo park and Scott for the past 2 hours

    • um I would think so wouldn’t you? oh wait what gave you that idea? was it after you read this post? aren’t we all glad you can read…

      dont think to hard…

  12. This was my fathers building:( saddest day to watch it all burn down…. This building had a couple of different kinds of business…. It was in echo pack at 1625 palo alto between union n Glendale…..

    • I’m sorry Toni, losing anything like that in a fire is heartbreaking. I hope your family is able to recover and replace everything you lost. Very sad.

  13. @James: “…I apologize for my rude behavior.”

    Hat’s off!

  14. This so sad – the building housed the reprographics company we have used for years; Quality Digital. They provided excellent service, and the location was so handy – right on the way to the downtown building department. We have our fingers crossed that they can rebuild and be back in operation soon!

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