Lost: Cat named Bootsy goes missing on a Silver Lake Street

Submitted by S. Diliana

Silver Lakers and Echo Parkers: My friend Melissa‘s small Siamese cat Bootsy is missing. Last seen September 30th around the 1220 block of North Hoover street when she got out of the house and did not come back. She is very friendly, she meows a lot and she throws up everything she eats. If you see this cat please contact Melissa ASAP at 323/309-3698. Thank you!

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  1. It’s been proven that keeping your cats indoors does a great job of keeping them safe. Why anyone lets their cats out I don’t know. Do we let our dogs out to roam at will? Babies?

    • Hey Tyson. She is not an outdoor cat. She pushed the screen out of an open window and jumped out and ran off.
      -Melissa (the owner)

    • One of my neighbors in my building refused to keep her cat indoors because she thought it was “natural” for pet cats to roam around outside. I completely disagree, especially in the city where there are multiple threats around. I keep my cat inside.

      • Hi Tyson and virtuethecat. I kept her indoors at all times. She escaped. Since she was never outside, she probably got scared and ran. I don’t agree with letting cats outdoors either.

        • Sorry to hear you lost her then. Good luck finding her!

        • Melissa – may you find her safe. Siamese can be so friendly, maybe someone has her? Have you made signs?

          • epgirl – made a ton of flyers and put them all over- those are falling down now (the heat melted the duct tape). spent last night making gian obnoxious fluorescent poster board ones. those are going up with a staple gun tonight. (sorry neighborhood, I will make you junky looking for a little bit. desperate times, see…)

        • Hi melissa, I didn’t mean for my comment to sound like I was attacking you. I’m just generally frustrated about seeing so many “outdoor” cats that owners let outside. My indoor cat escaped once too, through a loose screen on our window and was outside for a day, but luckily she got scared and just stayed in a box in our backyard until I lured her back in with food. I hope you find your cat and I’ll keep an eye out.

  2. If she is looking for a new cat, the local friendly backyard stray just had kittens. Ones a pretty Calico/orange-white-black, 3-4 weeks old.. Adopt one! Otherwise they all will have very short sad lives…

  3. That stray needs to be spayed. Contact me please. I’m with an organization that will pay for it

  4. I think I saw a pack of wolves sharing a Bootsy sandwich when I got home around 1:30 am this morning.

    Melissa needs to adopt on of those strays, because I’m sure Bootsy is in cat snack heaven right about now.

    • seriously? what is the matter with you? this woman obviously cares a great deal about the cat and you make a joke like that for no reason? you should look into getting some help.

    • Actually, not so. The coyotes think you, DJ BB, are the best and fattest & cattiest thing they have ever seen, and have been fasting, the more to enjoy you when you make your way into their jaws.

    • ‘DJ Hipster Trapped in his Box’ (eastsider comment thread), insulting and insinuating without cause since, well, since everyone has grown tired of his very first post here….

      Surprisingly, DJ Hipster in a Box didn’t actually use the work ‘Hipster’ in his post….hmmmm, perhaps my annoying response posts have finally worn DJ down a bit….

    • Its ok everybody. There are people that do this on comment sections just to make you mad. They’re called trolls, and this, sadly, is how they seek attention. Don’t bother with them.

  5. Hi Melissa-
    Upon moving to Silver Lake from East Hollywood, “Brando” (Though neutered,he lived up to his name.I tried making him indoor, but he simply peefused.) decided to leave for two weeks. Same for the ’94 quake. One time,I discovered him on day three under the crawlspace of a house across the street,having either forgotten how he got in, or someone closing the entrance to it after he got in.Whenever he went missing,I found the best time to look was late at night -I usually found him sheepishly coming from some backyard,never from the street. Bootsy,being an indoor cat is perhaps hiding,hopefully.Good Luck.

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