New trees to take root at Echo Park Lake

Flatbed truck delivers palm trees to Echo Park Lake. Photo by Martin Cox

One of the first batches of new trees to be planted at Echo Park Lake arrived last week as part of an $85-million project to rebuild the lake and portions of the surrounding park.  The Washingtonia robustas, or Mexican Fan Palms, that arrived on a flat bed truck are among the 91 new trees to be planted around the lake, where a forest of swaying palm trees has long been one of the park’s landmark features.   “They are replacements for trees of the same species that had to be removed from the park because they were no longer healthy and/or viable,” said Department of Public Works spokeswoman Michelle Vargas in an email. “Though these are not native to California, these types of trees are being maintained at Echo Park to preserve its character and history.”

Vargas said some of the new trees-which will replace the 57 that were removed-will also include native palm trees called Washingtonia filifera.


  1. I’m glad to hear about the robustas — from what I understand they actually do better — are more moisture resistant — than the “native” filifferas. Bringing up all the ambiguity in “What’s a native?” Because they grow in the desert canyons east of here are the filiferas more “native” than the robustas, which I understand grow closer to the coast but in Baja? Neither would have “naturally” grown around Echo Park but both are welcome additions.

  2. Those Filiferas are like weeds, they pop up anywhere and develop so fast. I removed so many of them in my back yard…So I would say, yes, they are native trees.

  3. Oh ya. The lake. Will be nice when that never ending project is finished. It really is missed. Glad to see there really going for it behind those fences.

  4. Its not that the trees were not healthy or viable, they were removed because the crews could not work around them…oh wait but with the exception of 2 trees that were worked around on the glendale side right up against the lake edge.

    If they could do it for 2 trees they could have done it for the other trees close to the edge around the island and the old pump house area.

    Michelle Vargas Is a effing LIAR!!! and to the eastsider if your gonna report the news at least get your facts right!!!

    you remind me of fox news…

  5. wow. 85 million dollars.

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