Police find gunman but Highland Park loses sleep *

LAPD police helicopter over Echo Park.A man who made threats with a gun was in custody after a lengthy police search in Highland Park early this morning.  Lt. Carlos Solano with the Northeast Division did not have many details about the incident, saying only that no shooting was involved and the search was over before 6 a.m.   The search was accompanied by a police helicopter that hovered overhead near Figueroa Street and Avenue 50 for what one resident said “seemed like hours-can’t sleep.”

* Update: A member of the Northeast Division’s Crime Analysis Unit, in a comment to this post, said the incident began after the suspect pointed a handgun at three persons during a neighbor dispute in the 100 block of South Avenue 55.  “Police were called, suspect fled — but returned. Officers setup a perimeter and ultimately arrested him for Assault with a Deadly Weapon.”


  1. Ugh. What a night. The LAPD owes me a coffee this morning.

    The search might have ended at 6am, but the helicopters kept on until I left for work at 7, and there were quite a few police cars milling about on Fig. Thanks so much for posting information on it — I kept looking at the NELAPD twitter and FB to see if they would post what was going on, but nothing.

  2. How about all the cops on Piedmont and avenue 61 yesterday at around 9 PM? Not sure if it’s getting better or worst!

  3. According to the officers who made the arrest, a neighbor dispute in the 100 S. block of Avenue 55 escalated when the suspect pulled a handgun and pointed it at three persons. Police were called, suspect fled — but returned. Officers setup a perimeter and ultimately arrested him for Assault with a Deadly Weapon.

    Had the Crime Analysis – War Room been open at the time, the info would have gone up on Twitter @NortheastArea. (We’ve been “spoken to” about tweeting off-duty, FLSA violations, etc.) We set up @NortheastWC to enable the Watch Commander to post timely info 24/7. Very few Watch Commanders feel comfortable with social media technology at this point, however.

    We realize there are some tired folks in Highland Park today. Those Morning Watch officers, on duty since 6:30pm, are still writing the arrest report, booking evidence, etc. They’re warriors and will be back to protect and serve tonight.

  4. The way the system is going this nutt will b out in 6 months or less, if not even out on bail already.This no good obviously didn’t care who saw him brandishing a deadly weapon .Stay safe people ,look out for each other,make it safe not only for u but for ur kids n kids of the future..

  5. This is one of the reasons why I and many others, have moved out of highland park. I tried to improve the neighborhood on Ave 64. and surrounding areas from drugs, theft, and vandalism. Needless to say, I was threatened, harrassed, and forced to move by racist property owners and tenants that know this is happening and do nothing about it. I wish everyone the best of luck in highland park. Be safe.

  6. Can anyone give me good reason why police helicopters fly in circles? If you were trying to spot a target or suspect on the ground wouldn’t you want to hover over the general area and move slowly. Stronger optics (like a telephoto lens) would allow the helicopter police to fly higher, thus reducing the annoying chop-chop because sound from the blades goes down by the square of the height off the ground. Or instead of a helicopter with 2 cops in it, how about a silent drone/quadcopter equipped with infrared cameras and a mobile wifi connection, thus we can eliminate the other annoyance of 5000 W spot-light in our bedrooms. These options are certainly not as “romantic” as maneuvering commando style around in circles over and over and over.

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