Silver Lake coyote takes a snooze

Who can resist a cushy outdoor seat on a lazy Sunday afternoon? Not this coyote who wandered into the Silver Lake  backyard of Alexa Brinkschulte and settled in for a snooze. “It didn’t seem shy and stayed around for about 30 minutes and proceeded to actually take a nap,” said Brinkschulte, who lives near Waverly Terrace near Farwell Avenue.   “According to the neighbors, it’s not the first time it’s been around. It might be good to alert dog/cat owners to its presence in the area.”


  1. Mt. Washington coyotes ate a lot of the neighborhood’s sweetheart feral cats and scruffy street dogs around here. Now we see very little of either of these animal demographics so YES warn pet owners nearby!

  2. The coyotes outside of my bed room keep me from snoozing

  3. Oh my gosh! that is so brazen!

  4. brazen???
    i think you moved into their hood.

  5. Self entitled coyote. Moves to the neighborhood and treats it like his own private bedroom. Go back to the westside!

  6. Sleeping on the job!

  7. I tried helping a dog the other night that was being attacked by two coyotes by the Barlow Hospital. I chased them down with my car and tried to get the dog to jump in, but he took off up a steep hill. I was able to keep the two coyotes down the street from him for a minute or two, blocking them with my vehicle. I hope that was enough time for the poor dog to find safety.

  8. Can wait till we open open open all of the Reservoir for all humans to enjoy and which is our right to green space and push the rest of the Coyotes into our Neighborhoods.

  9. I think he’s beautiful! Thanks, Alexa.

  10. Adorable much? Yessss! I wanna feed him my chihuahua.

  11. He looks pretty skinny. But my dog would be a lot skinnier if she had to catch what she eats.

  12. Looks like he’s taking … wait for it … a cat nap.

    (Not sure if that even makes sense.)

  13. Everyone…..relax. This is Cody the Coyote. Yes, he has a name. He’s slender. He’s not eating dogs.

    However, he does steal dog toys from the neighborhood. Sometimes he brings those toys to this area and plays with them. He’s been coming around for months now….just lounging.

    That’s actually my bandmate – Deborah’s – back yard. Alexa lives in the unit above.

    For more pictures or info on Cody….find us!

  14. Coyotes have eaten 3 of the cats from the cat posse that is in my alley…

    I wish they would go away… my entire neighborhood is losing ferals as well as pet cats and dogs.


    (I am at Berkeley and Benton)

    • I’m sure the songbird population is quite happy with the coyote’s presence considering feral cats are hugely damaging to them.

      I’m actually baffled as to why someone would be pleased by a feral cat population. Yea! Random cats coming by my house and spraying it with such a pleasing odor. C.c

  15. What do you want them to eat? In-N-Out?

    Indoor cats live 3x longer than outdoor cats. Feral cats are feral cats. Call animal control or try to round them up yourself and take them to the SPCA if you’re so bummed they’re a real part of the food chain in these parts. Ecology is what it is. I realize you “wish they would go away,” but… seriously? You’ll have to literally kill them if you want to stop them from eating creatures that are simply a part of their diet.

    : (

  16. What idiot needs to be ‘warned’ that coyotes might eat their pets? I laugh every time somebody posts this ridiculous statement. If you are so stupid to not realize that Los Angeles is swarming with coyotes that WILL eat your precious kitty or doggie, then I fear for your pet’s safety in general.

  17. Coyotes prefer upholstered benches.

  18. -Living in Silver Lake.
    -Super skinny.
    -Sleeping during the day.
    Obviously a hipster coyote.

  19. Learn to live with their presence or move to Downtown. Soon enough you’d appreciate coyote’s compared to the festering street animals you’ll find on every Downtown street corner.

  20. Ha! We have one who naps on top of our garage while searching for unsuspecting kitties and unleashed Chihuahuas.

  21. I wouldn’t have the heart to do this, but I think the best thing to do might have been to blast the coyote with water from a garden hose. If that coyote feels so comfortable around humans, then ultimately the animal-control folks will have a case to trap and euthanize him/her. It seems to me that the animal-control people only intervene when wild animals get too comfortable around us, so it’s for the animals’ own good – and ours – that they stay a little frightened of humans.

  22. I do wish that people who move here from other areas realize their pet is not “street smart” (As seen on a missing cat poster.) and can therefore “handle itself” (Is it armed or something?-“Ohh,when you’re a Jet!…”). Does it also know to look both ways before crossing the street?
    Wile E. Coyote ,after giving up on roadrunners, has possibly developed some sort of cloaking technology. Even if you haven’t seen them they’re, everywhere. Also, don’t forget that birds of prey have rebounded as well, since DDT levels have been dramatically reduced. You’ll know they’ve been by for a meal if all that remains is li’l kitty’s or poochie’s head. If kitty wants to sunbathe,buy a large cage for the yard and have him or her under your supervision. It works for my Mom,of course she’s English,in her seventies,and ain’t getting any grandchildren.

  23. Wish it would stop lounging around and start eating some of the barking dogs in the neighborhood. Do dog owners in Silverlake give a crap about anybody else?

  24. I have been seeing coyotes all over my neighborhood (Apex and Ewing) lately. I hear animal attacks about once a week. Last week my best friends dog was taken from her front fenced yard (Echo Park Blvd) AND I saw two coyotes in my back yard with my neighbor’s pet. I went out there banging pots and pans and they just stared at me. Were not afraid at all. It has gotten so bad that I am afraid that someone is going to be attacked. It seriously is only a matter of time before they attack a small child and it wouldn’t be the first time. They are everywhere and desperate. I feel bad for the coyotes— it’s not there fault that they have been pushed out from their natural habitat, but if I had to chose between them or a human life, hands down I know what my answer would be.

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