T.V. camera crews to join football players for East L.A. Classic

Anyone who has wanted to watch a live version of the East L.A. Classic – the annual match up between the Garfield and Roosevelt high school football teams – has had to do so in person.  Even a tape-delayed broadcast of the game produced by the City of Los Angeles was eliminated a few years ago because of budget cuts.  Next week, however, the 78th East L.A. Classic between the Roosevelt Roughriders of Boyle Heights and the Garfield Bulldogs of East Los Angeles will be broadcast live on Time Warner Cable-the first live broadcast in more than 20 years.  Not everyone, however, has been thrilled with the idea of watching the East L.A. Classic on T.V.

A camera crew will join the high school football team and fans at East L.A. College on Friday, Oct. 26 as part of expanded coverage of high school school athletics by Time Warner Cable Deportes, a new Spanish-language regional sports channel.  The channel telecast last week’s Lincoln High vs. Marshall High came and is now preparing for next week’s contest between Garfield vs. Roosevelt.

“As one of the most high-profile sporting events in all of Los Angeles, Time Warner Cable Deportes’ telecast of this important local football rivalry will include a one-hour pre-game show, all of the half-time activity happening with local fans and families, as well as a complete post game wrap-up,” according to a Time Warner announcement issued last week.

Javier Cid,  the head football coach at Roosevelt, said the last live, TV broadcast of the game took place in the late 1980s or early 1990s by one of the local Spanish-language networks.  While Cid said he welcomes a live broadcast of the game, some others have expressed their reservations, he said.

“The administration and some people that are involved in the game are afraid that if you broadcast live the attendance will go down,” said Cid, who has been the head coach for seven years.  “I don’t believe that will be the case it. It will just make it a lot easier for people to watch the game who cant make it to the” stadium.

“I think it’s about time that this game had its due because it’s one of the best game around without a doubt.”


  1. A live telecast will definitely not hinder the attendance, every year there are hundreds, if not , thousands that are turned away simply because they cannot get out there early enough to buy a ticket. Parents, Grand parents, and others can now plan to see it on television without the rush of game day. More coverage, more viewers win win situation.

  2. Any info on the ticket purchasing process? I just moved into Boyle Heights and would love to be there for this game.

  3. Tickets will be available at participating schools on Monday October 22nd. Tickets will also be available at the door on game day – with big lines! Get there early. 🙂


  4. I am a graduate of Roosevelt, I stopped going to the games because I couldn’t get there in time to purchase tickets. It will be great to see it on TV, howeverbI understand if you do not have TWC, you will not be able to watch it.

  5. The East L.A. Classic, is a game where anything can happen and the best team will not always win but the the team that plays the best , will be the victor. Many years ago Roosevelt was 0-7 and Garfield was 7-0 and what happened, Roosevelt beats Garfield 7-0. Anything can happen.
    Good Luck Rough Riders.
    Former Roosevelt Assistant Coach Dickie Guillen (Rough Rider for life).

  6. Garfield Class of 1993

    Very excited for this year’s Classic game. We definitely need this win to make playoffs. GOOOOOO Garfield Bulldogs!!!

  7. im still going regardless of the game beaing on tv

  8. GHS BULLDOG C.O. 2003

    Not many people carry time warner cable, especially those of us who have moved away from east l.a. FYI. Coach dickie guillen ‘rough rider for life’???? Remember you coached our bulldog o-line, where’s your rough rider pride in that ? Once a bulldog, always a bulldog, HOME GROWN IN EAST L.A!!!!!!!

  9. RHS Rider Class of 92

    Coach Guillen was a line coach when I was there for the “Year of the Upset” or the upsetting year… in any case, he may have been slumming it (at Garfield) for a while but, he IS a Rider for life as am I. These games are always great, being there as a fan comes a close second to being there on the field though. I guess the close third will now be to watch the MIGHTY RIDERS stomp the bulldogs on T.V. !!!
    GO RIDERS!!!…

  10. Sucks i kant attend this year due to my pregnancy sucks even more i dont have time warner cable

  11. RHS Rider Class of 13

    It sucked I was glad to hear that Time Warner Cable would be doing this but I didn’t expect it to be covered or recorded through the Garfield side. That was the down side that they only showed things that had to do with Garfield I expected more.

  12. GO Bulldogs Baby!

    Well the bragging rights have been great up to this point and it will happen again 2013-2014 again, 1st play of the game Bulldogs “AIRED IT OUT.” Should have been a shut out with at least 21 points, GHS was a little conservative. Had a blast last year watching the game and coming back to East Los to be around my old friends…..

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