Daily Archives: November 18, 2012

East L.A. festival mixes bicycling, safety & fun

A kid-friendly lesson in bike safety./Photo by By C.J. Salgado By C.J. Salgado It wasn’t just the park ducks that were out and about  on Saturday enjoying the drizzly weather at the East Los Angeles Civic Center. Local families, too, came out for the East L.A. Safe Connections Festival, which featured Metro’s proposal to make walking and bicycling to neighborhood ... Read More »

Confused coyote in Elysian Heights

Rebecca Dessertine was making an early morning run to Ralphs today when she came across a coyote at the intersection of Cerro Gordo Street and Vestal Avenue.  Dessertine said the coyote seemed a bit perplexed as to what street to follow: What struck me was s/he at first started going South on Vestal then thought better of it and headed ... Read More »