Echo Park Craftsman building prepares to make another move

It’s been nearly two years since a century-old Craftsman-style apartment house was moved three blocks in the middle of the night to make way for a new apartment building across from Echo Park Lake.  After  sitting all this time on blocks at a temporary location at the corner of  Echo Park and Park avenues, it looks like the two-story building will once again hit the road and end up about one-third of a mile away from its original location. But the owners of the Echo Park building need to overcome a legal roadblock first.

The owner of the building are seeking to move it to an empty lot in Angeleno Heights at the corner of  West Kensington Road and Echo Park Terrace, according to a City Council motion.  However,  the city’s Bureau’s of Engineering is asking that a five-foot wide strip of the property along Echo Park Terrace be given up for sidewalk and street improvements, a request that would  make the relocation “infeasible,” says the motion introduced by Councilman Ed Reyes.   The motion requests that the Planning Department and Bureau of Engineering waive the demand for the five-foot strip of property.

The motion has been referred to the City Council Planning and Land Use Committee for review.

The structure was the only building that was saved after a demolition crew cleared several lots in preparation for the construction of a new senior retirement apartment complex at the corner of Glendale Boulevard and Park Avenue . The Foursquare Foundation,  which owns the property agreed, to move the apartment house and store it temporarily following talks with the city and the Echo Park Historical Society.*

* The Eastsider is a board member of the Echo Park Historical Society


  1. the damn thing is not historical! they took pains to mov it, thinking it was, but it’s not, and it’s an eyesore, and should just be broken down & demolished. not moved somewhere else!

  2. agreed… very strange that it’s more cost effective to keep moving/storing it…

  3. Dictionary says:

    “his·tor·i·cal (h-stôr-kl, -str-) adj.
    a. Of or relating to the character of history.
    b. Based on or concerned with events in history.
    c. Used in the past: historical costumes; historical weapons.
    2. Important or famous in history. See Usage Note at historic.
    3. Diachronic.”

    It may or may not be historically important or significant, but I think we can agree it was “used in the past”.

  4. I agree with you all. Just what the neighborhood needs, another eyesore. As if that giant hole in the ground construction site across the street from it isn’t enough. If it’s such an important and historical building, why has it sat on the corner of Park and Echo Park for 2 years, untouched?

    • It seems that the reason it has not been moved is because the city land use rules are preventing it from being installed at the proposed site in Angeleno Heights.

  5. We live directly across the street from it, and it’s awful. At least it’ll be gone by the time the lake reopens.

  6. I live right in front of this eyesore and I’ve been wondering what they were doing to do about it. The house been sitting there, getting tagged and filled with trash, the windows broken, etc. When it gets moved, is the Foundation actually going to restore the house, or leave it looking like that?

  7. What’s amazing is… it’s so hard to get permits to build new property on a lot like the one it’s been sitting on, yet somehow, the city allows that eyesore to park there forever!

  8. Please move this eyesore out of Echo Park!

  9. Daft comments!
    All craftsman buildings should be protected and preserved.
    Compared to all that contemporary, cheap, bland, cramped, denigrating,
    utilitarian, shoe box, etc CRAP “architecture” spoiling LA-
    those are hand crafted & dignified and contribute elegance to the neighborhood.
    And connect us to the generations before us.

    • I don’t think anyone is denigrating Craftsman style houses. I love the way old houses look, and vastly prefer them to new stuff being built. They’re angry about how the Foursquare Foundation just let that particular house languish for several years and now are just planning on moving it to another location. Will they even bother restoring it?

      • The House is actually being moved by an individual who’s plan is to restore it to a 4 plex in the Angeleno Heights HPOZ. The 4 Sq Foundation agreed to “store” the home at their vacant lot at the corner of Echo Park and Park Ave’s until a suitable lot could be found to move it to for restoration purposes. That lot has now been found and the EPIA and EP Historical Society have both supported the waiver of the
        street dedication requested by BOE. The actual preservation plan for streets in the HPOZ support this waiver…..


  10. Does anyone remember what happened to the building that previously stood on this lot?


  11. I don’t understand why people are being so negative. I’m glad they want to save the Craftsman apartment building. Looking forward to seeing it be restored. Hope they get the waiver.

    • I would love to see it restored! But it’s been sitting on that plot of land for 2 years getting tagged and windows broken, so there’s a lot of work to do. But if the church just keeps moving it from one spot to another without doing any actual restoration work, that’s a shame.

  12. @James – yep. Remember that for weeks it was leaning against the next door building. Can’t imagine what the occupants must have felt like …

  13. I love it. it’s beautiful. where is your vision? I even love it where it is. keep it! save it! restore it! I go by there every day. I don’t even know what other buildings are around it cause all i do is look at it.

  14. i looks like a spaceship.

  15. Yes move that house out so we can have a better look at that empty space that’s been there longer then that house.

  16. Video of Echo park craftsman makes a move is really interesting. It’s really challenging

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