Where’s that noise coming from?


  1. Who with the City of Los Angeles took a payout to allow this horrific loud obnoxious event to take place in an entirely open park, surrounded by homes & families forced to endure the thumping & shaking this loud ass music is causing?!

    Its 1am!! Shut it down!! Im in Mt Washington & can hear it all like its right outside my window.

    Sooo irritated!!

  2. HOLY CRAP thats loud

    Can hear that shit all the way over here on Mohawk. I had no idea what that was. I actually looked up dodger stadium to see if there was something there. Then I looked at the clock. WTF?

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  4. Boo hoo….stop complaining! If you want a nice quiet environment, then don’t live in a big city. Get a life

  5. Forget that noise… What about the six shots fired this morning around 4:30 am on the corner of Waterloo and Reservoir?

  6. @CHPsouthern responded on Twitter: Hardfest obtained a permit for this event from State Parks. Your issue is with them not CHP. If you have a complaint about an event at L.A. State Historic Park contact California State Parks at 310-574-2488. Do not call CHP.

  7. I saw them setting this up the other day and thought from the lights that it was a movie set, but then the size and scale of the tents made me think someone was building a warehouse, it was huge.

    I don’t think the park can be considered a concert venue. This was like placing Universal Amphitheater in there. A bit much.

    @Harry, you must be a great neighbor.

  8. Let the kids dance! WTF with these grumpy ol urban dwellers. What is this, Footloose? Didn’t we wind up in the big city to live a big city life? Did you all get fuddy duddy with age? Move to the 909 for peace and quiet.

  9. 4 more shots about 30 mins later.

  10. My daughter heard it in Silver Lake, said the bass was vibrating her bed!

  11. Yep, I knew when I saw all those dressed up little dildos heading into chinatown that there was a Dipshit Convention going on somewhere.

    • Spot on! I passed by the cornfield and through Chinatown on my bike at about 3 p.m. and there was a grown man in a dimestore batman costume wearing a Hello Kitty backpack following by another in a giant sombrero and sarape with a massive fake ‘stache hanging off his upper lip — and he was carrying a fake gun in one hand! WTFest!

    • I think you said there were real dicks in costume as fake dicks.

  12. Maybe some of those complaining about noise will now know how it feels. The members from Divine Saviour Catholic Church think it is alright to blast their amplified sound system into my home 6 times a day everyday. Now they are getting a taste of their own medicine. Hope you like it. Now you know how it feels.

    What goes around comes around.

  13. My roommates here at the Brewery say their friend who lives on Factory Place at 6th and Alameda could hear this racket last night.
    That’s 3 miles from the Brewery.

  14. Complain to the state park who allowed it. City of la tried to stop it by overcharging the promoter, didnt work, he paid all his fees.

  15. Shee-it. I heard it going past 1:00 (hadn’t fallen back yet) and I wanted to go join the fun! Wah-wah-wah, you crotchety folk need to move to the burbs.

    • Listen , this is BEYOND noise pollution ,. The incessant thump, thump thump , was maddening ! Especially since i live a ear shot from the venue , right over the hill where the sound was LOUD!
      Crotchety old folk ? Hardly , this belongs out in the desert , seriously , than you can cut loose in your fuzzy boots , glow sticks and ecstasy trip.
      The city has been hosting events for years , like at California Plaza , Lotus Festival , Echo Park Parade , Cultures Collide , the now defunct Sunset Junction , Dodger games, even marathons etc.. all with their own set of problems, but NONE going until way past midnight with a constant thump ,thump ,thump.
      We all take the bad with the good in L.A
      Your argument about moving to the “burbs” is lame .
      Echo Park , Since 1967 .

  16. Its funny how a bunch of people are acting like this isn’t the main city for entertainment in the world. That fest pisses me off but let all the kids on drugs have fun. Loud music is loud for a reason.

  17. I’m in echo park and didn’t hear anything. Perhaps I just didn’t care, but definitely wasn’t anything out of the ordinary.

    I think the people complaining about it are being unfair, as if you were at some event that you enjoyed you would be okay with the noise, but since it’s something you’re not into, it’s all of a sudden bad and stupid and the people attending it are dipshits.

    You live in a cultural epicenter of the world, events of all sorts happen all the time, sometimes they’re loud and might not be optimal for you, but it’s not for you, so just deal with it and move on. Like someone said, if you want it to be quiet all the time, move to where things aren’t happening like the burbs. Just because you spend way too much money on rent doesn’t mean you have the right to take away other peoples fun.

    And just to be clear, i wouldn’t be caught dead at hard la or whatever it was, i care not for the music or scene, but they should be able to have their fun like everyone else, it’s America baby.

  18. That’s insane too close to the county jail, inmates were probably digging it. This rave was so big its was even posted on Craigslist. Get used to it I heard there’s more to come 🙁

  19. Okay, the email I sent the other night got me a telephone apology from a man with CA state.
    He said the speakers were re-oriented to make less sound and it had the opposite effect.
    He also said something to the effect there weren’t any more concerts coming up anytime soon… I’m not down on concerts, I’ve heard the other ones at the Cornfield and this one was ten times louder.

  20. I kind of wish I had gone. Next year.

  21. I live way over in Montecito Heights and it was thumping loud here too.

    I liked it, it felt like we were in a vibrant fun city (which we are) and I don’t even like rave music all that much.

    Cool lights lighting up the sky too.

  22. Who’s in charge of measuring the decibel levels, ensuring that the festival rocked all the fuzzy lil boots, but within legal noise perameters??

    If the position doesn’t exist, can I have the job so I can get paid off by the promoters like the many city officials did who signed off on the event?

  23. Complains are exaggerated . I got home at 1:30 and didnt hear anything out of the ordinary . I live on Solano, the street right above the park. Maybe the concert was already over. I have to agree, its Saturday, its music, we live in the middle of a urban city. Deal with it. Im much more concerned with all the excessive police chopper activity this year at all times of the night. Feels like downtown/eastside is being used as a training ground without any concern for the general population.

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