Man injured in Echo Park shooting

Police are investigating the shooting of a man tonight while he sat in his car on an Echo Park street, with residents reported hearing multiple gun shots ring out. The shooting took place at about 7: 25 p.m. near Mohawk and Berkeley, said an officer with the Northeast Division. The man was shot in the right buttocks and is expected to survive, according to early reports. No further information is available at this time.

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  1. Gang violence is suspected.

  2. Huge increase in tag this week as well. Bet that has something to do with it.

  3. Yup, Cheeseburger is correct; since late October tagging has become epidemic in my corner of EP, from Allesandro and Riverside to Fletcher and Glendale; yesterday when I was at Ralph’s at the latter address the wall outside the shuttered Round Table Pizza had been marred overnight by bright red swaths of spray paint. Graffiti is blooming everywhere there is a blank space and it’s not the renegade “artists”, it’s gang tagging, particularly from the Frogtown bangers.

  4. I wonder if he jumped up and said “oooouh some-theng bit maey!” like Forrest Gump!

    “The army says that’s a million dollar wound but they must keep that money cause I aint seen a dime!”

  5. How can you just take these reports and regurgitate them without even thinking? You simply have to question all.

    How could he possibly been “sitting” in a car, yet be shot in the “right buttocks?” There is something very wrong about this story, and you should have asked into it before publishing! What was he really doing in that car that his ass got shot? He certainly wasn’t just sitting there.

    • One scenario: 1st shot fired, shatters a window. person in car leans over thus exposing the right buttock.

      Another scenario: 1st shot fired, dude moons the shooter…

      • Look at the next post — this is what questioning the police can reveal! According to Echoparker, it wasn’t some lone guy sitting in a car who got shot. It was a running gun battle!

        This is why you don’t just regurgitate whatever lame crap you are told — that’s what a puppet does! Certainly if it doesn’t even add up on its face, you better ask a lot of questions and explain. And even if it does add up on its face, asking questions can turn up many disparities in the story or further significant information, rather than just regurgitating bulls—.

  6. eastsider missed the part about the full on gun battle that took place in the street, with about thirty rounds fired covering the entire block. shooting took place in several different locations. stray bullets flew everywhere, damaging local property. gun battles this year have been frequent this year in this same location, as well as all sorts of other crimes. the police know all about the location, but the shootings just keep coming. everyone uses berkeley ave. to cut through echo park, and this is becoming a serious public safety issue. a gun battle covering an entire residential block? in the same exact location that it has happened over and over? police investigation? it doesn’t take an investigation to realize that the public is in serious danger from repeated gunfire incidents in the same spot, a spot which half of LA uses as a main traffic artery. nothing is being done about it. it’s been going on and on. everyone knows what is going on…but it is apparently taking a while for the investigation to figure it out. investigation? weird. scary.

  7. Notorious BIG was shot in the ass even though he was sitting in a car. Bullets can penetrate car doors.

  8. We have to tell an adult that a bullet can penetrate a thin piece of metal?

  9. I live literally up the street from where it happened. The shooter unloaded probably a whole clip… couldn’t tell you how many but I easily heard more 6 shots in rapid succession. Either the shooter was a loosey shot or the person was in a car.

    The house that seemed to be involved always has tons of people hanging out in front. Earlier that day, there definitely appeared to be a domestic spat of sorts. Maybe an angry spouse came back and wanted to start something? Who knows.

  10. We need more gentrification, Obvious we haven’t had enough because this type of crap is still happening. My policy is see something, React. I don’t even waste my time calling the cops. Pretty pointless when it takes them 1 hour and 25 minutes to respond to most calls, or no response at all. I have been in the hood for a long time, coming up on 20 years. These past couple years have been the worst in my opinion. I do everything I can to protect my property and the properties of my surrounding neighbors. I can’t be the only one who cares.. See something, say something. If I see strangers messing with cars around my place I step up and say something. When I see people sitting in a car on my block I make sure they know I am around and watching them. Pretty aggressive but it works out well. I don’t look the other way. That kind of reaction let’s them know people are watching.

    • cheeseburger,
      come to our neighborhood. we need people like you. too many people over here think that being cool with the criminals is hip. gentrification ain’t helpin. last night after the shooting, i walked down the block to see what was going on after the smoke had cleared and the ambulance left, and even the police were hanging out with the people who live at the gangster house, they were all lined up waiting to give their story and help out. all of the upstanding citzens were hiding in their houses scared. i don’t blame them in some ways. i’m scared too. i mean it was at 7:30 pm, people out walking their dogs and being outside like normal. bullets everywhere. all over a whole block. i’m still freaked out. help! last night was too much. it was crazy. help.

  11. looks like there was another shooting at EP and Baxter just now. took someone off in an ambulance, street closed off and lots of police.

  12. I used to drive through Mohawk there and does that one house with the thwo walls on the sidewalk (Mohawk and Mayberry) still get tagged up. I swear They’d clean it up and the next day some fresh gang style graffiti was up.. it was becoming like that foot clinic sign on sunset, no graffiti meant a good day, graffiti on house meant bad day.

    • every night is a good night around here if you are a tagger. it’s a joke. only upstanding people get busted for stuff like making a left turn around here. criminals run the show, and the good people are good for getting revenue off of. this ain’t right.

      • oh damn i forget about those cycle cops always posted on Glendale and Berkeley..they should be posted by that house if you ask me. You’re right, they only make money after good citizens making let turns and waste time prosecuting Graff Artists and sidewalk chalkers instead of gangsters.

  13. We need a hero.

  14. Between this post and the one on the Baxter shooting, I’ve seen a few people commenting “the police know the house,” and “why don’t they do anything?” I used to think the same thing about the bungalow court next to my building. How couldn’t the police know they were dealing drugs, that they were the source of all the shootings, etc.? After all, the police were at the bungalow court every other week! Everyone in the neighborhood knew.

    But then one day, I went to the Northeast Division to complain how this problem was being mismanaged and guess what? They really didn’t know. When I listed all the complaints we had made over the course of a year, it turned out they had all been responded to by different officers. No one was connecting the dots because everything was being handled by different people and with budget cuts, no one (or no computer) was looking for a pattern.

    The next day, I got a phone call from my Senior Lead Officer, who asked to come out to meet with me and my neighbors. A handful of us met with him and he gave us a ton of great tips, including how to get a new streetlight put in so the prostitutes would stop servicing clients at our corner. We had a few more meetings with him over the course of the next year, we took a lot of his suggestions and, slowly, things did get better. We were a squeaky wheel and we got what we needed, including extra patrols.

    I’m not saying this is the solution for everywhere, but it worked for us and, at this point, I don’t think the neighbors in these areas have anything to lose by reaching out to the police and making sure that they really do know what everyone in the neighborhood knows…

  15. Its been going on for a long long long time. Moved here in ’85 and all the Chingo-Chango-chacha overpriced coffeejoints filled up with skinny trustafarians wearing silly hats sittin round chitchatting are not gonna change the way the hood works. This time it seems to be a flare-up between the locals, EXP, and some new kids around, the Crazies or Locos or some such foollishness. Few years back it was Avenues from Glassell Park came down, shot up a few EXP, and on and on it goes.These kids are in a war, they consider each other ‘enemies’ and think nothing of dying for the homies. I hate that they shot up Baxter/EP,right near the damn preschool! Tho maybe shootin up the Fix slackers might be a good start…jk! I wish mortal harm to no clueless hipster..

  16. Hello my name is Tyler, I’m the victim that was shot last night at Berkeley and Mohawk. I wasn’t the only one in the car, it was my wife and my 10 month year old son. He had just left my cousins birthday party and walked out onto the street where my car was parked. While I was putting my son in his car seat, I noticed a Hispanic male in a grey sweater walking around us just starting, walking up and down sidewalk. As my son was put in the car seat I told my wife to get in the car and I walked over to the drivers side to get in, before I got in the car I saw a black sedan car rolling up on us on the side of us. 5 or 6 people were in the car and as they passed us they were driving very slow and were all looking at us shouting something. They passed us then did a U-turn, right then I knew something was wrong, I jumped in the car, turned on the engine, put the gear to drive, and then looked at my drivers side window to see a man pulled up in a car right at rosa from me putting a gun directly at me! I doved to the right side near the passenger seat To take cover and slammed on the gas pedal. I drove a couple feet but hit a car in front of me and my car stalled and engine shut down. I heard multiple shots from all directions. One of those bullets came from the back almost hitting my son and wife, but hit me in the right buttocks. The shots stopped after about 10 to 15 shots and my wife took my son and jumped out of vehicle and ran to neighbors house. I finally got the car to start And I drove off real fast called the police on my cell phone and turned around to drive back to the house that me and my wife were at, and fell on the ground bleeding, I was screaming for help. The police and fire dept arrived in seconds

  17. Wow, Tyler- Sorry doesn’t exactly cover it, but I am glad you weren’t killed, nor your wife and child. I can’t imagine what you were thinking. Things have to change around EP.

  18. I lived in that apartment building on Allesandro next to Bedrock Studios for 3 1/2 years. 2005-2009. We heard gunfire CONSTANTLY. Sometimes 3pm, sometimes 11pm. Sometimes 3 nights in a row. I would say on average it would be 3-10 times a month. It was always coming from up Berkley. One time they were in front of my building having a gun fight and I heard two men run into our backyard after. People are right when they say sometimes cops don’t respond for 60-90 minutes or sometimes not at all.

    It is the same house. It’s always been. My boyfriend, who is often mistaken for hispanic, was walking our dog up Berkley where this shooting happened and a car pulled up next to him real slow and went “Psst-psst.” He looked at them, they went up the street and made a hard u-turn, same as how this guy describes. He ran his ass back into the house so fast. He was like “I don’t know who they are looking for, but I think they had me confused with someone else.”

  19. Why can’t all these moron gang bangers line up like they did in revolutionary times and just all blow each others brains out simultaneously once and for all. I volunteer to hose down the mess after they finish. A man can dream can’t he…

  20. seems like sources to our news are not very well imformed and need to step up … people get hurt from bad interpertations and what people think and say …i really hope people know the eastsider is just another source of media in our lives.Nobody really knows what happen but Tyler and wife that were the source of the scene…the man that posted up as Tyler , maybe isnt him at all … theres so much we can really know and by the looks of it the author can only say there was shottings at so and so place man was hit … was it gang related? many say no many say yes … who really knows but the man himself …everybody can put up a front … its nothing new people …people who moved down to Echo Park …seems like you didnt take in mind what the neighboorhoods history … many latinos have left but there heart is still in Echo park wheater they be gang members our just the family that lived down the street …(im not saying that all gangmember are latinos because there not specially if u open that book of gang members in echo park , including the crasys in the other side of the mountain and diamond st in angelino heights im sure you would fine all sorts of backgrounds)… after all you still see the same familys who moved down to the sides of pico union shopping at the guadalupana super market … because like many of us we can never outgrow were we come from, or what we have been thought to believe and do things .” we just dont know any better”

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