Silver Lake nightclub draws complaints as well as fans

Only a year after nightclub owner Steve Edelson took over Los Globos, the Sunset Boulevard club has been turned into Silver Lake’s new nighttime hot spot, with hundreds packing the dance floors and bars inside the two-story building.  But Los Globos is not so popular with many neighbors, many of whom have complained about rowdy and noisy patrons, the disappearance of street parking and long-lines of club goers waiting outside homes and apartments on Vendome Street. On Thursday night,  a committee of the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council has invited residents as well as club management to a special meeting devoted to complaints about the nightclub.

The meeting is being held as the Los Angeles Police Commission reviews some of the Los Globos permits.  A neighborhood council member said the biggest complaint about the club is the noise it generates.  The club has taken measures to sound proof the building, but the frequent opening and closing of doors sends blasts of dance and techno music shooting into nearby homes, north and south of Sunset Boulevard.

Many of the same issues and complaints were raised about a year ago at a previous neighborhood council meeting but the complaints have continued to come in, said the council member.

Thursday’s meeting will begin at 6:30 p.m. at the Citibank Community Room, 2450 Glendale Blvd.


  1. This aggression will not stand , man. Two words Silver Lake ” permit parking”. Residents near the junction have it . Get it together .

  2. Permit parking, lines on sunset only and a rotating door. problem solved. Next!

  3. How bout using that empty lot next door for a parking structure, problem solved!

  4. You live close to or on Sunset BLVD., one of the most famous streets in the world, what the hell do you expect? Every time anything new happens in the neighborhood, new restaurant, bar, club, 7-11, people get up in arms about everything, like they live in a small gated community. If you’re going to live in a place where shit happens, then you deal with it.

    How about all the crybabies stop being crybabies, problem solved!

    • Your crybaby response is weak. Do you not understand how it works in this country? When you buy property & pay taxes on that property, you become a stakeholder in the neighborhood and get to have a say in how it is run.

      • The only argument weaker than the one calling on all the negatively impacted resident “crybabies” to shut up is the one inviting all of them to move.

      • B Dude, YOU need to understand how it works. When you purchase a property in or proximate to an area zoned as commercial you need to live with it as bleed over is an anticipated consequence. If parking is an issue you need to lobby your city councilman to change the building code to require more/sufficient parking on change of title for commercially zoned improvements. So, who’s next?

  5. This was supposed to be the site of the Silver Lake Library. But after Echo Park got it’s second (the first is on Temple), the powers that be conferred with the powers that be and North Silver Lake got the library. Opportunity lost.

  6. How about all the tagging down the block on Vendome and Marathon Street? Or Marathon and Dillon? Or Bellevue and Silver Lake Blvd? I wish the Neighborhood Council + the LAPD would address these recent gang issues, tagging, Early Prisoner Release program at a meeting. What about the young father (not a gang member) who was shot less than a week ago at 7 p.m. on a Saturday evening, while his young wife, and toddler had to take flight?!

    Los Globos? That club has been there for 40 years. Bring back the BANDA musica.

  7. Dudes and dudesses! We as a community looked into permit parking and the city is not issuing any for another 5 years! The community is on top of it, I assure you! We are united and proud of the community that WE helped improved over the last 20 years, so much so that YOU want to come here. PLUS, the residents would have to pay $60 a month for permit parking in an area where there is low income section 8 housing and shelters for the homeless who are trying to clean up their lives and couldn’t pay anyway. So, no, problem NOT solved!

    Those who are not from around here that just want to come to our area to party could give a crap about the people who live here and it’s obvious. If Los Globos can accommodate their patrons with free or cheap parking, turn down the noise and stop lining people up in front of our houses at night, none (and I mena NONE) of this would be an issue. Geeez! We are an interracial community with artists and musicians and we love to have good venues, but this one has some issues.

    Would people who know absolutely nothing about how communities work, who don’t live on the adjoining streets, who haven’t invested their life savings here AND who have no compassion for others, stop making ignorant proclamations please???

    • $60 per month per residence just for permit parking? For what? A few stickers, signs and a meter maid? Man, if that is true then this club is the least of our worries! We need to be looking at the policies of this city.

  8. Why has no one connected the dots regarding the owner of this Club, didn’t he own Zen on Hyperian and had the same major drama in that Community.
    Also where is our Beloved Counselman Eric Garcetti on this neighborhood problem. The clubs owner and Eric are good buds, even having election for Mayor Fund raisers there.

  9. For the record: the Police Commission is now involved because of action from our office. Incidentally, the current issue of LA Magazine states that the club owner believes that our office has launched a “war” on him. This is not the case. We have, however, taken neighbor complaints seriously and have engaged city departments to enforce the law.
    Thank you.

  10. If you guys remember, Silver Lake, was selected as the hippest neighborhood in America, by Forbes Magazine. Gentrification is a two way street, it requires a choice between the old Silver Lake which was prone to gang violence and the new Silver Lake which attracts new businesses (such as bars, music venues, and restaurants) and younger residents. Its no different than what is happening downtown, except that new bars and businesses are welcomed rather than feared.

  11. Attention: Yusef Robb
    The constituents’ of CD 13 are well aware of Mr. Garcetti’s lack of concerns regarding us. Its is well documented in the actions of his field Deputies and other in his staff.

  12. Ok Yusef Robb, CD 13, glad to hear your on board regarding this issues.
    Nice to see and hear Mr. Garcetti office staff and their concerns voiced at the meetings. OOPS I’m wrong NO one from your office was there.

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