Sooner or later every empty space in Los Angeles becomes a parking lot

Case in point is the former Echo Fuels, aka Magic Gas, the Echo Park gas station that closed without warning  in September and has remained vacant.  Since then, the gas station at the corner of Echo Park and Morton avenue has become a convenient parking lot for customers of  the coffee house, shops and salon across the street.  At one point on Sunday, about a dozen cars were parked at the station, with everyone taking care not to block each others vehicle.

It’s not clear when the gas station will ever reopen. A sale of a lien against the property was apparently called off, and rumors of  credit card fraud continue to float on the neighborhood news group.  Motorists better enjoy the free spaces for now until new owners take over or a valet shows up and starts charging for parking.


  1. If the coffee shops are not leasing the lot and cars are parking there illegally, parking enforcement should ticket everyone.

  2. I would love for this to be turned into an actual parking lot. I’d pay a reasonable fee for off-street parking.

  3. I was wondering about that! And yes, why not turn it into an actual parking lot? Its needed badly since so many buildings in the area don’t offer parking to the residents.

  4. Pilgrims take over everything in NELA! BTW, vacant and paved doesn’t mean free to park!

    • Yes it does.

    • Echo Park is not NELA, it’s not East LA and it’s not the Eastside. It’s just regular LA. And I’m pretty sure vacant and paved DOES mean free to park. As long as parked cars aren’t blocking anything they should be fine. What’s the problem? Besides your mistake of calling it NELA, of course.

      • LA,
        You are making the common mistake that people are using downtown LA as the marker to which areas are named. No, Echo Park is not east-of-downtown LA. But it is known as part of “the east side”. We are not saying “east-LA” we are saying “east-side”. See the difference?

    • Mr. Local! I support you. Thank you for alienating those who wish to live in peace. By pilgrims I know you mean white men with buckles on their hat’s and shoes. I agree, they should be charged in a hefty way for their mayflower parking. Pilgrims are lovers of Indians, or at least they were on thanksgiving. I am glad you give no thanks! Carry on your solid work for the ‘hood’.

  5. Would buy it, but very hard to permit anything fun that used to be a gas station… lots of soil toxicity issues from my experience.

  6. That’s right…I am a Grinch…cause if it was a liquor store, there would be a whole lot of complaining about using that parking, but because it is a coffee shop, it’s okay…

    • Nobody knows what you are talking about.

      • i’m guessing the whole grinch thing is based on something personal (as opposed to environmental). good luck with that though.

    • omg that is a great idea. turn it into a liquor store!

    • Not Another Neighbor

      They should re-open this gas station but with hours from 12 noon – 12 midnight also selling beer and wine. They would make bank at night because half the people dont want to walk to House of Spirits. The gas station runs itself during the mornings if its looked after properly.

      The problem with this location isnt the business… its been the people running the business for the past 3 years.

  7. Oooohhh Pilgrims. SLAM! Is this the new euphemism for whitey?

  8. No! New comers,not native to this area!

  9. I’ve always thought this would make a great spot for a dog park (assuming they can detox the land so it’s safe).

  10. I have a projector… how about a sit in theater on saturday evenings. all people who are not Aholes allowed to attend?

  11. I wouldn’t be surprised if this place was a hub for credit fraud:

    A quick favor to those who do park in that lot frequently – If you’re going to use a lot, would it be to much to ask if somebody or a group of people would pick up and throw away the trash that’s building up in and around the gas station’s trash cans, please? Unless of course the its being saved for an art show at FIX Coffee – The Trash of Echo Fuels

  12. No respect for another persons property. You can see the bad upbringing these people have . I am going to call parking enforcement everyday, and the police. Hope those of you parking there have extra money to waste.

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