Wanted: Chef with boating experience to run new Echo Park Lake cafe

The city’s Recreation and Parks Department is poised to start looking for someone to operate a cafe at the newly renovated Echo Park Lake boathouse.  But, in this case, the ideal candidate would need to be ready to run more than just a kitchen. He or she would need to be captain of a fleet of pedal boats.  The department this afternoon will ask the Board of Recreation and Parks Commissioners  permission to  seek proposals to operate an Echo Park Pedal Boats and Cafe Concession in the 1,500-square foot boathouse, which was built 80-years ago. In addition to operating the cafe (sorry, no alcohol) and putting down a $35,00o deposit,  the new boathouse concessionaire would have to provide at least five pedal boats, a Jon boat “to aid the patrons on the water and retrieve pedal boats” as well as certified lifeguards.

The pedal boats disappeared from the lake in July 2009 as a money-saving measure. The boathouse, which now sports a newly equipped, restaurant-ready kitchen as well as bronze-paint job,  is expected to open after the $85 million clean up of Echo Park Lake is completed next year.



  1. The city expects at least $5,000/mo revenue with no alcohol sales and mandatory lifeguards??? They’ll get a concessionaire like the one at Malibu Pier who said “yeah fine”, never paid them a dime and sued them for millions of dollars of “improvements”.

  2. I’m confused. “…. putting down a $35,00o deposit, the new boathouse concessionaire would have to provide at least five pedal boats, a Jon boat “to aid the patrons on the water and retrieve pedal boats” as well as certified lifeguards.”

    The new chef has to play a 35K deposit AND provide 5 boats??? What kind of job is that? Does this need clarification?

    • Nevermind. I just referred to a dictionary to see about a “concessionaire”. I understand completely now. Although Marino’s comment is interesting.

      My hope is that everything about the lake renovation is simply perfect in every way.

  3. I know it would never happen, but it would be so nice to be able to sit on the patio next to the boathouse and drink a glass of wine.

  4. Why pay a 35K deposit AND pay all those taxes and fees to the health department for the honor of their harassment when all you have to do is set up a grill on the sidewalk?

    Who ever signs on with this headache better demand that all those illegal taco stands be shut down (at least surrounding the lake). Not to mention the food trucks that will line the block! EEESH!

  5. Central Park in NYC has a restaurant that serves alcohol on the lake. Question for the powers-that-be in L.A.: why can’t that happen here?

  6. Bundling the two completely unrelated businessess together seems to me like a great way to ensure neither service is performed particularly well.

  7. Youse guys who ask about imbibing — hell, see the lake bottom when drained? Prac covered with wine, liquor and beer bottles.

  8. Did anyone see the movie scissors? They had a nice cafe on the lake in that fantasy… AND they had some wine 🙂

  9. Can’t some people spend five minutes anywhere without needing a glass of booze? Get over your drunken selves. Who needs to have to rescue a bunch of winos in tipped over paddle boats?

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